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  1. NZXRedBaron1985

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.0

    On the subject of the RN; why do the Victorian skins have "ROYAL NAVY" painted on the aft quarter?
  2. NZXRedBaron1985

    British Cruisers: Early Access

    Actually seems fairly reasonable, with an ok chance of getting at least one cruiser without having to spend doubloons. Not too shabby, at least to my eyes.
  3. NZXRedBaron1985

    Error Connecting to Server

    I've not been able to log on for at least two months.
  4. NZXRedBaron1985

    Sabaton Pays Tribute to Bismarck

    Anyone happen to have a Dramatis Personae for the music video? I mean, I'm fairly sure the British Admiral at the end of the 'war sequence' was Sir John Tovey, which would make at one of the RN Battleships HMS King George V; and I'm also willing to take a punt that the RN officer at the beginning was Captain John Leach, the CO of HMS Prince of Wales, but I'm not clear on who the German officer was supposed to be (likely either Captain Lindemann, or Admiral Lutjens), or who the German lookout with the compass was supposed to be (possibly Bernhard Hauser, the last survivor of the Bismarck?) Also, it has to be said that it would also be nice to know which of the actual ships from the Hunt for the Bismarck were modeled for this video; HMS King George V and HMS Prince of Wales are obvious, as is HMS Ark Royal, but the identity of the RN cruisers eludes me, aside from one of them likely being HMS Sheffield.
  5. NZXRedBaron1985

    Ship name proposal(s) - Just for funsies

    I feel it's only fair to point out that there technically was a Surrey-class of heavy cruisers; they were a pair of ships (allocated the names HMS Surrey and HMS Northumberland) based on a mixture of the York-class and the earlier County-class designs, that were approved and allocated funding for in the 1928-1929 Naval Estimates, but cancelled before being laid down. Details of them can apparently be found around about the place; https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/56110-a-detailed-look-at-surrey-design-y/ http://www.navypedia.org/ships/uk/brit_cr_surrey.htm https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/138046-british-heavy-cruiser-design-notes/ http://www.shipbucket.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5818
  6. NZXRedBaron1985

    Captains without ships

    Useful tip, but as I keep saying, I don't have any of the ARP ships.
  7. NZXRedBaron1985

    Captains without ships

    Oh, ok. So, would that mean, if I dropped ARP Kiri on one of my ships, she'll work just fine then, voice files and all?
  8. NZXRedBaron1985

    Captains without ships

    Well then, I really can't explain why I have Kirishima and Iona's mental models, but not their ships; that is, unless Iona is more of a 'can be put anywhere' Captain. Is there any way I can find out just why I have them? I mean, it should stand to reason that, if I have these two, I should have their ships as well, right?
  9. NZXRedBaron1985

    Captains without ships

    Oh man, I hope it isn't because I did have the ARP Kirishima at some point, but then sold it....
  10. NZXRedBaron1985

    Captains without ships

    I just tried that; the only ARP content I have is a 10-point captain (mental model) for the ARP version of Kirishima, and a 10-point Iona. When I tried the gears thing, the only ARP option it had was to enable or disable the unique camouflages and effects of the ARP ships.
  11. Over this past week, I came back to the game after having been away for nearly a year (new computer); and when I opened up my port, I had a surprise waiting for me: the Giulio Cesare, which was nice (on a side note, it's my highest tier ship). But I also had some high-point Japanese Captains, trained for the ARP ships that had not been there before, which leaves me somewhat baffled; are they meant to be in my port, and if they are meant to be there, then where is the ships for them?
  12. NZXRedBaron1985

    Premium ship suggestion HMNZS Achilles

    If I recall right, HMS Neptune was supposed to be reassigned to the RNZN, but before they could arrange the formal 'handing over' ceremony, she was sunk in the Med.
  13. NZXRedBaron1985

    Premium ship suggestion HMNZS Achilles

    Fun fact, the "Modified Leanders" originally were to serve in the RN as HMS Apollo, Amphion, and Phaeton; and indeed the first two Apollo and Amphion were part of the RN; they and the still under construction Phaeton were sold to the RAN, where they became HMAS Perth, Hobart and Sydney, respectively- Apollo in 1939, Amphion in 1938, and Phaeton in 1935. They were pretty different to the original Leanders too; two funnels, longer side armour, and split machinery for greater survivability.
  14. NZXRedBaron1985

    Premium ship suggestion HMNZS Achilles

    Well, to be more correct, HMS Achilles as she was originally commissioned as was a standard Leander-class; the modifications she received were mostly due to war damage, such as her X turret being damaged by Japanese air attack in January 1943.
  15. NZXRedBaron1985

    Proposed British BBs

    The specifics are rather interesting, if I remember them right; originally, under the terms of the treaty, all capital ships that were on the slips at that time were supposed to be cancelled and scrapped (some were allowed to be converted to be aircraft carriers though); the problem for Japan was that Mutsu had been in part paid for by donations from school-children. There was a lot of arguing over it, but eventually a compromise was made, where Japan had to pay the USA and the UK an amount that would allow the USN and RN to purchase a given number (two if I remember) of 16-in armed battleships each, and in turn would be allowed to finish constructing Mutsu.