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  1. I_401

    Carriers ruin the game

    I have solution that very simple. 1. Stop playing the game 2. Go Play CV classes. 3. GitGud and make yourself comfortable with CV. Its already in the game and no one can deny or ask WG to delete them. Its gonna be a waste of time and resources if they decided to delete the CV. Personally, I hate CV too. But then yeah, its already in the game, so?
  2. I_401

    Wows in Ultrawide

    Cries, I still using 720p Laptop
  3. Excuse me, I just want to ask. This is already 9 days after you posting this. Is that the Recruiter Team still need to check something? Please tell us when the result are out! So at least we can confirm if some of us chosen or not chosen to be a SuperTester! Thanks.
  4. I_401

    Ranked Sprint 1 vs 1

    Use RPF BB
  5. I_401


    I don't think WG is completely abandoned us. They still see us, the community and playerbase, but they just feel that they're better than us. They don't really need our feedback, and they only trust their system.
  6. Indeed, those system is kinda bad imo. But then WG will say, "A Hardcore player will get it with little effort"
  7. I_401

    State of Community vs wg

    I agree if WG problems is not about how expensive Puerto Rico is. But how WG lied, massive system change (Legendary Modules) etc. And we never see Moderators answering our questions, especially on this ASIA forums.
  8. I_401

    Farewell, I'm out.

    I usually didn't care about player quitting the game. But after this PR fiasco, Charity and NTC Legendary Module, it is very reasonable if old player quitting. Bye comrade. May MrConway always br with you.
  9. I_401

    Adding more FUEL to the fire eh?

    You want a sh*tstorm? WG will give you eventually.
  10. Well, even tho this buff is not much, but it's great. I love playing my German BB now (Especially Tirpitz and PEF). I don't like Graf Spee, because its just trash. Get Scharnhorst instead.
  11. Well, Git Gud then. Don't rely on your teammates too much. Or you can just simply not playing DD at all. Because DD could do nothing.
  12. I_401

    Sum Ting Wong

    Try Restart Game, or your PC? If that still happens, just reinstall your game
  13. I_401

    Upcoming Charity Stream Guide

    But As I remember, WG is giving all the money directly to the SaveTheChildren and (If) you choose a physical rewards WG will cover all the shipment fee. They already mention it on their website. Well it all depends on you to choose whether to donate directly or through WG and receive some rewards. If you rich enough you can buy 100.000 Doubloons rewards and make a minigames in your clan. Or, If you are the Commander of the clan, you can monopolized the doubloons.