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  1. Lichtbringer

    US DD's compared to RU

    I think USN DDs are better at Domination mode. They can repel enemy DDs competing for the cap with guns and CAs with smoke and torps.
  2. Lichtbringer

    US DD's compared to RU

    What do you mean by PENN? I suppose you don't mean penetration.
  3. Lichtbringer

    I wonder was there any reason that nerfing Lex

    They buffed the TBs on Lexi to be on par with Shokaku, and the DBs are now much better. So if Lexi keeps 2/1/1 Shokaku would have no reason to exist.
  4. Lichtbringer

    Radar for cruisers

    Why USSR DDs can run and gun while USN DDs can't? Due to the difference in maximum speed?
  5. Lichtbringer

    0.5.3 did not kill USN CVs

    So, Essex and Midway lost their 2nd torp bombers. At the same time with the 'torpedo acceleration' skill torpedo bombers got buffed by quite a bit. I was pretty sad when I saw this, but after a few game with the new Essex with 'crappy' 1/1/3 loadout and 'useless' dive bombers I found myself doing quite fine. The thing is, upgrading 500 lb bombs with 1000 lb ones means A LOT. It's now super easy to bite 20k off a battleship with one bomber squad. Also, armored decks, i.e. Taiho, Hakuryu and Midway are no longer resistant to those bombs. One squad will easily bite 10k right off. Of course, it's much less deadly against small ships like DDs and CAs. Without the second TB squad there is no more anvil attacks, and bombs rarely hit those small ships. But the patch also made CAs very effective against TBs, and be reminded that USN dive bombers suffer little accuracy loss under AA fire. I remember just carelessly aligning my drops and 3 DB squads took 25k off a Mogami in evasive maneuver. As for DDs, torpedo attacks on them have always been very risky anyway. Against large ships however, dive bombers are much easier to handle, much easier to land good drops, much more resistant to AA fire, and much harder to dodge. They kind of distract the enemy from dodging TB attacks as well, judging from experience. Besides they benefit from the air supremacy captain skill. Anyway, here's the screenshots from one particularly good game.
  6. Lichtbringer

    Yamato's penetration needs to be reduced

    http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/42807-could-bismarck-classs-ultra-high-velocity-armour-piercing-main-guns-penetrate-yamato-class/ I refer to the first reply of this topic. You can clearly see that in real life Yamato doesn't have much superior penetration than Iowa, and even worse penetration at long range. Caliber is not all that matters, and need I remind you that 16-inch Mark 7 guns use super heavy shells than other 16 inch guns?
  7. Lichtbringer

    Yamato's penetration needs to be reduced

    You sure failed 3D geometry..... 1st thing, in no world can Yamato be THAT long viewed at 19km distance. Last time I checked, it's about 300 meters long not 2000. 2nd, if you look at the bottom left corner you can see that the direction the cursor is pointing at is at about 30 degree angle with the ship, and the cursor is pointing 5 degrees to the right of the Yamato. So yeah probably not 20 degrees, but somewhere in the vicinity. You don't take an angled projection of a 3D angle and measure it on the 2D image, unless you have no sense of geometry at all.
  8. Lichtbringer

    Fubuki module upgrade

    In two cases I choose propulsion over rudder shift. 1. When the ship has gigantic turning radius. In this case whether you shift your rudder quickly doesn't matter because your primary method of evasive maneuver will be to change speed. E.g. Iowa, Montana 2. When the ship's rudder shift is already enough. In this case I never feel waiting for rudder to shift and making it shift faster doesn't really make much of a difference. I'd rather have the ship change speed faster as there's never been a case when I don't feel having to wait for my ship to gain/lose speed. E.g. All DDs
  9. Lichtbringer

    For Credits !

    I average 200k on my Murmansk with premium. Use tier 5/6 ships for farming. Repair cost is negligible while you still have decent income. Or you can use Essex or Midway to farm credits if you're really good and rock most of the time and rarely get sunk.
  10. Lichtbringer

    Update 5.1 is (edited) with all CV tier 9 10

    Yeah I don't even want to upgrade my fighters anymore.
  11. Lichtbringer

    Camouflage doesn't change concealment since update 5.1.1

    You have T5 captain skill?
  12. Lichtbringer


    Tell that to Omaha. That's real DD maneuverability.
  13. Lichtbringer


    I'd rather they sail with light speed in a straight line than turning 15° a sec.
  14. Lichtbringer

    Japanese aircraft carrier is too strong,,,,

    Fighter loadouts ruin this game, and the problem is mid-tier IJN CVs don't have other reasonable loadouts. If I get to choose between 3/1/1 and 0/3/2 on Ryujo I'll choose the latter without hesitation. But 1/2/2 on the other hand, not so much.