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    yeah, what i mean is currently Cruiser same range with BB if you tried BB first then the cruiser stay behind this will give you a high chance that you can eliminate enemy efficiently. it would be a different scenario if we know that BB got a longer range. we are afraid to charge those cruiser because of the BB behind and the destroyer near the cruiser. as of now game is mostly charging in and capping. this also give a disadvantage due to BB slow acceleration. transfering from CAP A to CAP D is pointless. so better dominate 2 cap then hold the middle cap. just an example. let cruiser destroyers do the advance with the carrier's bomber and torps.
  2. khytzai


    HE cause fire but the DMG is too low.. AP all the way with MAX damage..maybe on open beta the expenses will rise but for now if you use AP still you can earn decent credits
  3. khytzai


    oh sorry to say but that is not my point.. i was only giving an insight on a BB I was on carrier last week end test. so if you do feel that way. feel free mate
  4. khytzai


    from low tier to tier VII currently im on NAGATO. Damage description of gun is the same even when I checked on the Yamato. But the actual is different on the last gun I can do 17k average per salvo in Nagato. The maximum range is at 20 nautical miles I presume, this made BS/BB became a tank due to armor and could take heavy damage. Instead of cruiser and destroyer escorting BB/BS the game is the other way around. Cruiser and destroyer should support BB by not letting enemy cruiser or destroyer near him. and BB will provide Power support. example of 1 of my game. when battle ship enter a corner and then Destroyer and Cruiser wait for the enemy team target BB/BS then 1 or 2 cruiser assisting BB and destroyer will smoke or deploy torps then back again can dominate 1 side of the map. I just mention the radius of line of sight and could not compare to cruiser cause I havent reach a mid tier at cruiser or the destroyer. with the longer reload of BB, they should buff the range and BB can be easily killed by Destroyer and Cruiser if they get with in its radius due to fast reload mobility and torps. also for our scout; can we control our scout. for now scouts are useless if Destroyer, Cruiser and Battleship is the same maximum range. BB should have the advantage in range if his scout can spot enemy while the enemy BB don't deploy or lost its scout. I tried killing destroyer by getting near them with a clear shot rather than on a long range basis because they can easily change direction. dont worry in taking damage just face the torps BB can take 2 to 3 torps and minimize the damage if you face them rather than on your side if you can have 1 clear shot destroyer is gone in instance. but on cruiser they can take damage but their reload are more faster than BB so if they got the same range with BB they are more deadly and can also deploy torps. I hope to see a buff in BB's Range and the effective use of scout. so if anyone will clarify or comment please do so atleast we can contribute to this awesome game. compare to WOWP; WOWS is more promising... if others would like to see your trajectory of your ammo press "Z" but i wont recommend it because of terrains unless you master or on autopilot mode. when you stock at island better pray that enemy cannons and torps and bomber didnt see you.