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  1. IJN_Akashi

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    No fix on the MM, as usual, and.... ta-daaaa!~ 4 years have passed and no proper fix for it LOL
  2. IJN_Akashi


    Maya is a sister of Takao and Atago, you uncultured sailor. (2)
  3. All WG can do is to ban peeps like those, manually, and it takes time and LOTS of reports........ Don't expect for them to have an immediate fix for detecting bots and an automatic ban for them, heck they cannot even solve proper matchmaking.
  4. They cannot even fix the problem on their stupid stat-wise MM, how much more they can fix this bot problem lmao.
  5. IJN_Akashi

    Ranked sprint

    This sums up the retardation of this current sprint.... you're like one star away for getting Rank 1, all of a sudden, MM suddenly goes BSOD.
  6. IJN_Akashi


    Goddamn it man! Of all the shops you chose, WHY POTATO CORNER?! Now am hungry af.
  7. IJN_Akashi

    Premium Shop – An Extra Month of Savings

    I don't see any changes at all at the prem shop. Is this one way for WG to scam players? lol
  8. IJN_Akashi


    It should be a photo of a land filled with fries hahahaha
  9. IJN_Akashi

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    And here I thought WoWs is not taking the same road as WoT did.... it really did.....
  10. IJN_Akashi

    New Ranked Season

    Kamikaze R ftw
  11. IJN_Akashi

    Matchmaker still broken

    Photo says it all please fix this as so--- oh wait, WG never had a plan to fix MM ever....................cuz them lazy devs as usual....
  12. IJN_Akashi

    Why people kept ranting about RDF/RL?

    You mean the DD population....
  13. IJN_Akashi

    Sick MM, bruh

    It sums up everything
  14. The real important matter is that in PvP, "TEAMWORK" is necessary........why there are campers or those who go to the edge of the map are incompetents who just don't know how to use the ship, or it is their first time doing it, or they are just plain cowards........MM is balanced in setting each classes in every match, although it is still broken in matching up in tiers tho..... If this continues on, why not WG just make the DD class as "CL's" instead, since they are utterly useless in their jobs anymore in this upcoming patch...make the DD's gunboats, or same role as Cruisers now, since torping is obsolete in that time......