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  1. IJN_Akashi

    ranked is suffering

    bots, and sore losers just kept on doing Ranked. there is Randoms you plebs, why annoy at Ranked T_T
  2. I kinda got to Rank 1 on Bronze on Sprint 1, only on the qualifications the idiots have come... but this Sprint 2 tho, 6 games already and all are losses, its just their stupid MM doing people favors and others are just being straight put to trash.
  3. it only proves how incompetent they are, considering Ranked and Randoms are JUST THE SAME. only in Ranked you get more idiotic plebs on your team.
  4. meh no matter what time, as long as it is in ASIA, it is a plebfest.
  5. IJN_Akashi

    0.9.3 Bug Report Thread

    So uhh, is there any no fixes on this desync thingy? How long does the incompetence of these people can prolong until they can fix this?
  6. IJN_Akashi

    0.9.3 Bug Report Thread

    Armory unaccessible... I dunno if it is the game client, or I really regret integrating my standalone WoWs in this godforsaken WGC. EDIT: Client needs to be like, run in safe mode, re-tweak the damn graphics settings, and the Armory loads. Stupid bug.
  7. IJN_Akashi

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Got everything for free due to the marathon on the good ol' days of WoWs...... now am just expecting that my ARP Takao automatically has the red camo as an option for free 🙂
  8. IJN_Akashi

    Weekly Combat Missions – Happy New Year!

    Who the f are you guys kidding? 😕 goddamn scam
  9. IJN_Akashi

    Soo who is still staying in the SEA server?

    I'm part of a good clan as simple as that. Because everything else is why I loathe this bestserver.jpg, lots of retarded noobs.
  10. IJN_Akashi

    One reason why I prefer to stay in Asia is....

    I'm part of a good clan as simple as that. Because everything else is why I loathe this bestserver.jpg, lots of retarded noobs.
  11. IJN_Akashi

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    No fix on the MM, as usual, and.... ta-daaaa!~ 4 years have passed and no proper fix for it LOL
  12. IJN_Akashi


    Maya is a sister of Takao and Atago, you uncultured sailor. (2)
  13. All WG can do is to ban peeps like those, manually, and it takes time and LOTS of reports........ Don't expect for them to have an immediate fix for detecting bots and an automatic ban for them, heck they cannot even solve proper matchmaking.
  14. They cannot even fix the problem on their stupid stat-wise MM, how much more they can fix this bot problem lmao.
  15. IJN_Akashi

    Ranked sprint

    This sums up the retardation of this current sprint.... you're like one star away for getting Rank 1, all of a sudden, MM suddenly goes BSOD.