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  1. Rocdocta

    for those who just want to win and get exp

    Not sure if this is a serious post or a joke when the first line is "Too many people in this game are more concerned about having "fun" than about winning.". Dont forget at the end of the day its just a computer game. No matter how seriously you take it...its just a game that you dont get paid for. So you lose. No big deal. You get to play again and again and again. Even a loss still means that your exp is always better than what it was before. I am a bad player but am never short of silver or flags. So a really good player would be swimming in silver even with the few losses they get. Having different servers will never happen as the cost wont justify it. Do you really think the company goes "o no...some gamers are miffed that they are with players that just want to enjoy a game. Lets spend more money trying to cater to them..." Plus how else will baddies get better? I play to have fun. I like to win. But as you get older you realise its just a game. Whatever time you put into it is your decision.
  2. i have google drive but how do i share it on this forum with the size limit? cheers. Would love to get it sorted as its frustrating as hell.
  3. Hi guys i get this bug every 4th game. frustrating as hell. wrecked my ranked battles so i now dont even bother. screen shot as below. My ship is dead center sailing away.: python log wasnt included as it was too large.
  4. Rocdocta

    Ship detached from camera...

    This has happened alot in this latest patch. The game loads. i can steer and shoot etc. But the camera remains where i started and the ship moves away normally. This mainly happens with the Schohrs, Also i have been stuck at the new game loading screen till i quit WOWs.
  5. after the battle i notice that i am in battles with rank 17 guys as well. This cant be helping lower tiers get a win if lower skill players are with them still doing dumb things like suiciding dds
  6. dont get me wrong, my awesome 46% is not flash. But i have been playing ranked for the past 7 days and that says 53%. i am happy with 53% in ranked. if you understood the post it was "what rank is/feels beyond your grasp?" i did 14 to 11 in one day and thought the rest would be easy. BTW basic grinding cant get you to rank 1. You will just stay put.
  7. Now i like to see myself as average. But i just cant bust into rank 9. i got 3 out of 4 stars but then slid all the way back to rank 12 or 11. What everyones rank ceiling that they have found?
  8. This is so very true. If i am using US DDs and they only have IJN or RU DDs then i make a bee line for the cap. If its the opposite, i stay away. However i dont think clans will change random play much ala WoT. Random games still random player skill. Dont get me wrong, check my stats out, i am terribad, but i try to get better. Usually most people hang back when they should be applying pressure. Nothing worse than being in a warspite and taking it to the enemy and your team who outnumber the enemy have fled and left the cap and you to the enemy. I do think there is a reluctance on the asia server to close with the enemy and get personal.
  9. Rocdocta

    British cruisers are garbage

    This thread is the only thing that keeps me playing RN cruisers. Just got the Leander. The earlier ones i really hated. I like risky play but vs DDs my shells did little in any tier. i would hit with lots but not much damage done. Same thing vs BBs. No fire just lots of light structure damage. A fire is fire and forget. But adding more structure damage means more exposure to return fire. So far have just started the Leander and it seems better. The previous cruisers were terrible for my play style. Which is odd as my favourite ship is the Kiev.
  10. Rocdocta

    Battleships in ranked battles

    well i have taken your advice and act as a fast capper with the DDs. Have stopped using the IJN destroyers as i was being chased off cap by the US DDs. US ones seem better as they can torp and dont have painted on guns. The BBs...well i am sticking with the group but its just so hard trying to keep the enemy in the 10km range zone. May try cruisers instead. Thanks again for your advice on becoming a better captain (note that i still suck but not as much)
  11. Rocdocta

    Battleships in ranked battles

    Thanks guys, i will stick with the pack and not hang back with the BBs. I am trying to get the hang of US DDs as i mainly use IJN ones and see their guns as decoration. Ranked is a fair bit different than standard play. Will have to practice alot more in open play so my lack of skill doesnt cost other guys their stars.
  12. Having just discovered ranked battles, i have also discovered how much i suck at it and the game in general. I used to play wows a fair bit but in the last 4 months its only been about 20 games. I want to like battleships and expected that using my range and big guns that my role would be sit back and pound the enemy. However whenever i do this i get smacked around in chat and called a camper. Now should i try and close in with the main group and give up my massive range advantage? Or should i hang back and fire at max range? My win rate is low and i know that my suckage is high. To try and better myself i watch Mighty Jingles etc and other replays for ideas. my average tier is tier 5 and 6. Oh and while i am here, the role of destroyers? forward screen or flanking threat to their BBs etc? i like to flank and attack their CV and BB with them. Any advice?
  13. Rocdocta

    Shared kills, perhaps?

    Its a game, stop being OCD and just play it.
  14. Rocdocta

    Port and Starboard

    Thanks i will try and use this. Thought of one "we just left our port".
  15. Rocdocta

    General tips thread for brand new players

    What a great post. Thanks. I always wondered what the grey zone was when throwing torps around. Kind of guessed it after a while but good to get it confirmed.