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  1. You mean the bundle that they are selling ? In my opinion, 2 that "worth" to get is France and British bundel -the France guy have have improve version of adrenaline rush, while that not much difference compare with the normal one, it quite useful for both of l cruiser and BB lines (probably one of most popular tier 2 skill?), Master Marksman is good if you want but not really matter. -The British captain is quite value no matter where you out him, his master marksman good for RNBB (since they turret traverse is Japan tier.......slow), Handyman and Smoke Screen Master quite good on CL line (and may be forup coming RN DD line) Other captain good but not really because they skill but because they are 10pt captain , those skill bouns is nice to have if you want
  2. Tips on avoiding radar detection ?- Resolved

    It hard to avoid radar in higher tier, because the the ship like Chapy and Desmeme or even Pan-asia DD have radar range nearly equal or lower they concealment so the time you spot them pretty much you will get in they radar range, that not mention in the begin of math radar ship just need to camp behind the island near cap base and good luck to deal with it, you cant even expect CV do something against those ship since most of them have ridiculous AA. So better that if you see the radar ship in game, watch where they go and better avoid them if you could, in worst case looking for the way to flee before cap and if you get radared, press Y run to the nearest cover (and pray).
  3. Isoroku vs Yamamoto.... who is better?

    I see did is how it done............ But agree Isoroku best cat, must buff. Make WG should make him become WoWs mascot, so we can attract more cute girl to play this fantasy warship game
  4. Remove IFHE from Commander skill

    The problem is HE penetration mechanic in this game is kinda weird, still no ideal why they use 1/6 of the shell's diameter for most ships, but 1/4 for British BB, German BB/CA. In case of German BB it make sense due they need to use secondary gun, German CA don't need it since they already have superior AP , but Brits's BB.......really? Mean while the ship that need it especially high tier ship with low caliber gun don't access that bonus. In case of Akizuki (or bull B Harekaze), it even worse since her will need both CE and IFHE to make her work probably in room 8+ (which like 70% of time). that make will need 14 skill captain and that a lot of investment .( i will not complain if i can pay to get 10+ skill captain, but sadly not) Well. at least IFHE as a skill still make more sense than CE for me.
  5. birthday giveaway

    Drakon is back, now just wait for shark back and Asia forum will fun and healthy again anyway, welcome back and happy birthday, may RNGesus bless your magazine
  6. KGV was T8?

    no deal what are you talking about but if i remembered right, KGV planned as tier 8, but a under super test progress there are to many complained about her under performance in tier 8, so WG kick her to tier 7 and now she is one of most "fun and engagement" ship to deal with. What is reason to her back to tier 8 anyway ?
  7. ^just give Iowa and Miso the mk-23 nuke shell and tomahawk missile, and put the fallout BGM tINo background . it would be perfect, may be we should also consider rename this game to "Apocalypse Now" to make it fitness
  8. Camoflague will destroy this game

    I can confirm WoWS is totally "realistic" since CBT I just want to says that the one who complain about DD should try to play DD themself or just git gud
  9. Submarines

    Except we can control 3-4 submarine at the same time, there is no reason to use them, WW2 submarine is pathetic slow and mostly useless again surface warship , except their managed to ambush them, but again with the game mechanic currently, it will take too much time for SS moving around and after they launch torpedo, it will gonna turn into free exp for any ship that have ASW equip since it just too slow to flee .
  10. Arpeggio ships should be improved

    Just make them have ability to put camo on and i good with it, i really need that 3% concealment buff on Takao
  11. why we need anti azure lane emblem??

    How about we get more creadit and exp for target AL ship while equip the anti-AL emblem
  12. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Akizuki= > Super Akizuiki => Uber Akizuki , she evolution, Will we need any stone, medal or any condition to make it happen ? So we will gonna get North Wind and Spring Cloud , they have much better AA, not really matter since CV is rare, more torpedo actually worth to hype, but why the heck i feel WG will give her has "Kappa" level of concealment, pls don't ? And that US camo is most Muria thing ever see in this year, it look weird but very legit
  13. Brace yourself, shipfu is coming !

    ppl just don't care about ASIA server, while many ppl just can't distinguish which is difference between ASIA vs China server, the rest don't even know ASIA server exist , so....... This time collaboration is kinda difference from previous collab Both of ARP and HSF have WG as sponsore, Girls und Panzer tanks model and other material was advised by WG , Warhammer and Valkyrie by SEGA also a part of ....WG club? Azur Lane has very little relevant with WG , so this is actually the first time WG collab with an other game company that they actually don't have any connect with , i guess
  14. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Think about it...............................so Harekaze DLC and Season pass confirm ?
  15. Maybe ill quit this game

    You have my respect m8 I glad to know someone in this forum still have older rig than mine (said by the one who still use 5 year old Vaio laptop) But indeed your problem seem like cause by your hard drives or CPU, i believe you can get a new 1TB HDD or 120gb SDD for under 50$ (still cheaper most tier 8 premium ship), hope it work