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  1. K135Blitzkrieg

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    feeling complicate...... Just bought 30 days WG premium account since i play both tanks and ships.....and now both WoT and WoWS give 14 days premium...... Well i glad they give it though....Good work WG.
  2. K135Blitzkrieg

    A comeback guy need some advice, please help!!!

    IJN DD seem like even least viable in current meta i guess. And seem like WG keep release mediocre IJN pre for some reason. Current Yuudachi look so pitiful that i feel bad for her, they decided to buff her torp to become 1.9 detect range but probably not enough. I would like to see her become gunship, since we don't have any IJN gunship with 12.7cm gun yet (Harekaze doesn't count cause she use Murica gun). I like how Yuugumo and Shima gun performance, sadly not enough in their tier, tier 7 probably sweat spot for IJN 12.7 gun to shine.
  3. K135Blitzkrieg

    A comeback guy need some advice, please help!!!

    Just read some review and seem like Yukikaze is another meh ship for brave spirits. but i can't just trust my luck there days, not even on most luckiest ship in games Also Yuudachi review is not very positive, ..... And the ship in smoked image, is she look like ......Bukky?, Ayanami finally here ?
  4. K135Blitzkrieg

    A comeback guy need some advice, please help!!!

    Thanks you sir, never expect to get that much detail answer Literally, i leave when their testing new CV (which i also take part in), and yet never expect it turn out even more problematic than before (they even remove my Taihou like wut ???) I guess i should just back to op farming then. Still can't decided which pre ship to buy, AL Yukikaze look like limited ship, but i already have Harekaze, also her 8km range torp worry me a bit since there still a lot of radar around
  5. Just comeback after leave the game for 5 month or so..... The try couple battle and first medal i get is detonation on my Musashi, the Leninium is sure OP. And ironically, WG give me 30% discount after that match Anyway, just some question. please answer any of them if you can, any opinion is helpful. Thanks. -What is current meta ?. So far i just being chasing by CV every time i play DD, even Kitakaze with full AA build cant stop that brutal fate ( even i shot down like 30 plane, not helpful much) -What is trait of every nation CV?, and how is those Soviet BB performance? -Is there any new operation?, is there any major change in the ol operations since december ? -i get a tier 8 US - Cleveland like ship for half month (sorry but can't remember how to type her name correctly), is she good? (i do.t want waste gold to unequip stuff just to test some rental ship) -I get 30% discount what should i buy ?, Yukikaze, Roma or Kaga ? i know they are 3 difference creature, i would like to prefer the ship in oder fun > Operation farming > competitive. Or i just buy random stuff and wait for "Poi"
  6. K135Blitzkrieg


    wow, just leave the game nearly a month and now WG release tier 9 pre "sheep" Read the WG's explain post and i don't feel convince at all. back because i hear IJN sheeps get some buff but this......................
  7. K135Blitzkrieg

    Finally, the unicum secret is revealed!

    Fail advertisement
  8. K135Blitzkrieg

    Will HSF ship Harekaze be sell in recent days?

    Maybe but after they reskin and renamed to avoid copyright issue. I hear she got new gun upgrade in the movie but not sure which gun, may be we can expect a new collab if HSF get new TV season or another movie
  9. K135Blitzkrieg


    Texas AA is actually is that fearsome She have strong AA but most of them is medium and short range, while dpm is ridiculous for tier 5, it lack of range (5km max) so it effective is quite limited (auto drop usually dont go that close anyway). Also, they are very vulnerable and easy get deleted by HE, so normally, don't expect too much from Texas AA Kongo and Konig actually better to deal with tier 4-5 CV since they can reach 6-7 km range (full spect)
  10. K135Blitzkrieg

    A Case for Pearl Harbour

    Yes, they should make Pearl Harbor OP for Axis powers and CVs But i suggest this time, we should be able to properly sink every ship there and destroy all repair facility, supply and oil storages in map, and most important don't give the command for Nagumo ever again.
  11. K135Blitzkrieg

    RN Normal Container OP

    Seem like the history repeat it self Only get Acasta so far, just as the time France BB release, get tier 5 and no more.
  12. K135Blitzkrieg

    Rank Season 11 Idea

    May be WG should change to, you will requite higher tier ship when reach higher rank, something like rank 23-17 tier 6 rank 16-12 tier 7 rank 11-7 tier 8 rank 6-2 tier 9 rank 1 tier 10 So ppl will need more port slot and save they ships for rank, more profit and also good fore newbie Also tier 7 and 9 have quite among of problematic ship, so i don't think WG will go with those tier again any time soon
  13. K135Blitzkrieg

    Operation zzzzzmo

    UF is actually good for grind DD and cruiser, it easy to get 150k + games as long as the team is not too unbalance or yolo unreasonably. By far it is one of most profit and fun to play, same with Narai. Still not play Dynamo since my experience with it last time is not very profit, I will try some run and see how it compare to Aegis
  14. K135Blitzkrieg

    WoW Default Vs WoW Steam

    I remember there is a way that help you use WG ID to login into Steam version. But you can't buy stuff on Steam since it will send to your Steam account not WG.
  15. K135Blitzkrieg

    Lets go - post your best ranked memes

    Wait is the new rank season already begin???, when ???