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  1. Few questions about DD

    Indeed that if you want begin to play DD, USN is the best choice, since they have everything that other nation have, from firepower, gun handling, ok concealment, best smoke and good torpedo at tier 7+. Kriegsmarine line also good choice and very solid with hydro. IJN is currently kinda underpower since WG mess with them to much, i would recommended if you have some experience with how to torpedo and scouting since they have no brawling potential except for Akizuki and Yuugumo. VMF line is more supporting DD, it quite hard to play in my opinion. Not sure about PA line, but they have some very good ship that worth to try like tier 4 and tier 7.
  2. Should I buy the new year special Kaga?

    I'm not sure which RTS you was played but CV actually need more micro skill and then ability to reading the map ,since you need to control atleast 6 squadron at the same time, it quite tricky , but if you familiar with something like starcraft you probably will fine. About Kaga is she is very good ship for farming dmg when top tier, but be honestly she only better than Ranger, anything else is kinda meh. If you need CV for mission, just get Independent or RJ, their MM is good and still fun to play or just wait for Saipan (since it just OP) . CV tier 7 and above only worth if you truly enjoy CV gameplay (which probably not very fun extreme........)
  3. Lunar new year event

    While WoT get 1:35 conversion rate to free exp, some nice event and a lot of in game discount, we only get some grindy missions in WoWs ..... it kinda disappoint i guess
  4. In Loving Memory...

    Well i have nothing to complain about this but...... ..... Seriously, why John Doe anyway ?, if they want to replace, atleast choose a name or a nick name that can make ppl remember with someone or something famous, John Doe is kinda....meh , feel like just random names (not sure, may be it is famous person that i don' know, like this)
  5. Why those T9 BB are so rubbish

    Currently grinding Izumo, i hope i can keep my sanity long enough to get hull C and Yamato, it gun is the most unreliably thing i ever play after RNGneisenau, some time it hit perfectly some time it can even crash an unmoving broadside BB that 12-13 km away And even worse since meta now is full Mushi and Misou
  6. Fear not, this collaboration seem like will last for a year so we have plenty of time to buy all those stuff........(i will do that if the bundle not too overprice)
  7. CV Rework Ideas

    ^this. AA mechanic is a joke, the ship with slow AA stats like the fish on board, while other one with high AA stats just moving around and shoot down anything dare to fly into their death zone. and all of it is pure RNG. AA should be control able, they could made an AA mode , the ship in AA mode can't fire they main gun and player can control all AA just like in WoWP, and AA effectiveness in normal combat mode will be decrease or neutralize if the AA gun also they main gun. Another problem that CV in high tier is very stressful to play, while most of ship only need to care about they flank, CV need to watch an entire map while control every squadron, that starcraft level macro and not everyone can do it perfectly. That not mention when skill or the ship itself can't compare with opponent, everyone can see it and blame you for their lost no matter how much effort you put in. To summarize CV is a stressful work which need very high skill but the reward is nearly nothing. the pure masochist job
  8. No notification on receiving a coupon

    Well, i got 1 discount 10% of WoWS and can't even use it, no ideal why Meanwhile i just use 30% coupon of WoT and it work normally
  9. We can hope that WG will do that in Lunar new year event which will happen in 16 this month, since it is a most important holiday in many east asia and SEA countrys, ppl have plenty of time and......money. And we still 1 more update until she we be remove (0.7.2).
  10. It take me a year to save ~600k free exp even don't usually have premium account (only if i have plenty of time to play) and only have harekaze is tier 8 premium ship, so it not impossible, you just need time to save up. But i think i will gonna pay for the rest since seem like i don't have enough time left to grind
  11. Are radar cruisers the new DDs to target?

    ^Naturally ppl will shoot the thing they feel dangrous for them or easiest target first, >DD shoot DD because they want eliminate the thing that spot them >cruiser shoot DD because it easy target >BB shoot DD because they fear torp >CV chase DD because it....... convenient =>So in every situation, DD will always priority target. After that target anything that they feel can get easy dmg, radar ship is not really the important reason to target some one in random match
  12. Credits transferring system possible?

    i would rather to see they merge gold and doubloon between WoT and WosWS, so i do something else with those gold from wot. And if WG fear about there is too much "free" golf from WoT (which you get from campaign and event) they just need limit it for gold and doubloon that bought with real money.
  13. i think RNG like me

    Still better than 3 spotting plane mod in row in just one week, even i don't got any sc in nearly 3 month except from campaign
  14. Hard to says if i should complain about this campaign, since i play mostly IJN ship, i have enough ship to fulfill all mission and rush all of it in two week even i'm not a good player (still have 3 day left for new year raid and get Eliz) Anyway this year campaign indeed too much grind and RNG, i hate the kind of mission like kill x number of ships and get an achievement and the reward not event worth it....... Meanwhile for DoY, i don't hate it, but hard to say i like it either, while the gun is ok to me, the survivability is totally meh, WG should buff her torpedo protection a little more and give her 1 more heal.
  15. [MOG] Musashi Owners Group

    ^Wow this kinda disappoint to see that kind of games and only get ~500k credit, i guess i need to try harder for Missouri