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  1. It just a clubbing div, nothing new, and it perfectly legal you know
  2. Depend how you consider the fun factor is. -you have 40 of 61cm torpedo it sure ridiculous among of power (flood the whole cap base with tor is sure fun) , but the tor it self is same as Fubuki stock tor, not too good at tier 8 -You have 4 of 14cm single gun, but it same as Kuma gun and you can only shoot 3 of them at the same time -Kuma armor, no need to say how it performance at her tier. and her AA is just for fun. -Not sure about her concealment since i have no ideal how it work at that time, but i think it same as Kuma. The good thing that WG give her smoke, but it not very good (same as Iwaki smoke if i remember right). -And finally she is the fear of all player both of your team and enemy. Personally i want to see her back, but as free exp ship or reward for long hard mission that for destroyer only. She actually a quite a balance ship, but too easy become disaster in hand of ppl whole don't know how to handle torpedo ship.
  3. It don't have Payfast either. But buy all ship with half price anf get full refund the ship that already have is quite good deal. too bad i don't have enough money for it, better wait for Roma then
  4. China indeed is a biggest market in the world, but they already had they own server, they can do anything with it. Meanwhile, this is ASIA server, we have vast player base here , no reason to follow them and disturb the game experience of other player.
  5. This kind of drama seem like even more ridiculous than the way they censor KM flag and IJN rising sun flag. Pan asia don't have any relevant with me, but this is ASIA server, not China sever. WG shouldn't change they policy just because random triggered ppl. If those guys don't like it, they can use mod.
  6. Depend which tier 5 ship you choose for this Tier 5 CV is hopeless even 12 of them tier 5 cruiser is really hard to win against tier 10 BB , but cruiser still can use island to sneak around and ambush with torpedo or spam HE) DD like kamikaze have no problem to kite tier 10 BB to death Fast BB like Kongou can use they body as a big "shinyou" and ram enemy (12 off them may work) , while the ship like Iron Duke just need to spam HE and enjoy the scene (not sure if it work against Conqueror thought)
  7. You can do that, but it usually just waste due you have too many skill and upgrade that more necessary than the spec that only use some time in many match The easy way to know some one gonna back stab you is just look the minimap, after 1-3 minute after the match begin and you don't see enemy strike squadron anywhere (only if they use strike loadout) , that mean they may sneak somewhere near borderline to snipe you (or they just afk). Another good way is always moving, stay together where as many as allied ship around, help them push that line and use the island as cover( but not camp behind it too long. Just need to remember stay away from front line (control your speed and notice the autopilot some time) Anyway, hope you enjoy your CV life as long as possible even it gonna very hard and very salty forward
  8. Choose Mino for reason: If you see BB heading to your camping place but he still not spot you >Set the smoke screen >Most of BB will panic and run away could they expect the DD camping there.
  9. Ark B now is very good, it and have the most accurate secondary gun i ever see. Sadly while CV is extinct on high tier, there are too many CV in tier 4 that make i wish some if at least i have something to shoot those planes, even a carbine i fine
  10. Seem like i'm the only one here still use GTX760 My 3 year old vaio still can handle this game with 10-30 fps depend on room temperature
  11. Rental ship will release in the next CB (just like last time) Indeed, that english voice just like they drink too much rum, sound like typical pirate voice for some reason i get random fps drop
  12. So, even BB now faster than my Akizuki, and it just 1 knot lower most of tier 6-9 IJN DD i have better ideal, WG should give it 10 km tor and reduce concealment to 7.0km, so they can finally remove IJN DD line from game
  13. Just find some more info of her base armament. Look like WG count 90mm gun as secondary gun, but don't count it as AA gun. If this true, her AA is probably worthless with just a bunch of 37mm and 20 mm AA gun. Hope this not true
  14. No, atleast not right time for another CV line for under reason >Dev has no ideal what to do with CV, so they need time to fully overhaul CV gameplay, AA and spotting mechanic also need overhaul same time with CV >Brit have a lot of CV, but most of them is CVL, CVE the biggest ship is Malta class (carry 80 planes), with currently high tier CV gameplay, they will out of planes by AA gun before can do anything. >Again if they put RN CV in game now, dev still need dig somewhere and find 2 ship for tier 9-10 >And seriously, for some reason anything relevant with Brit will take a lot of time to deal with, just look how much time they need to release UK tanks in WoT and RN CL line in WoWS. even G*ijin is no difference.
  15. Finally Roma is coming, the best news in this year, she look good both of her model ans stats The only question now, what WG will give her as feature of RM BB line, since i don't anything special on Caesar