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  1. If you are beginner, i recommended that you shouldn't play IJN DD line, play USN or KM line instead, it much easier to play and and in high tier they can do same role as IJN DD or even better. IJN DD in current meta is not newbie friendly line (it hard to play effectively) . -Their low tier is mediocre and not thing special, -when you reach the mid and higher tier. they streng (concealment and torpedo) being effect very hard by radar and hand hydro meta, so it harder to you to scouts/spot and your torpedo is very easy to dodge. If you want use them effectively you at least need to remember which ship should you avoid, how long and how far those radar/hydro activate, and some experience to increase chance to hit target with your torpedo About your question 1. When and where to pop smoke? >When you being spotted and someone actually shoot at you, in mid and high tier make sure you are not in radar/hydro range because those thing will make your smoke useless. So it would better if you can get out the spotting range or take cover behind some island. >Sometime you can use make to cover yourself when you want tpo should something safely without being spotted, but it quite rare for IJN DD to actually do that because your gun is not very good. Akizuki is exception case since she have enough firepower to make full use of it. 2. How to dodge shells effectively? >Press speed buff and AWSD, don't gun straight line, change your speed frequently also work . More important, pray for enemy is potato 3. How to deal with enemy air raids( TB cross drops) >Same as above, Speed buff and AWSD, at least it work when facing tier 4-5, when facing tier 6+ CV, pray for them is potato, since if they actually want you die, you dead. Smoke work sometime (especially against tier 4-5 CV), but it is double eagle sword if you facing a decent CV player whole actually know how to manual drop.
  2. Firing shells

    Go under 5 km and your Alabama will fire everything it have for every 5s just like "water from fire hose". Or go and buy Atlanta, fine some island, hug it gently, chose target, and keep press left mouse button without click, and you will see firebow. For budget version buy Kuma, Dresden/Kolberg or any fast reload gun ships.
  3. vote for WGC or not

    I don't really care, at least in WoWS Meanwhile in WoT, that auto login keep throw me into Au server (200+ ping) except HK server (70+ping), and when i realize i'm f*ck up, it too late
  4. Not really, i grind most of tier 6-7 in operation, it have much better performance than playing with RNG in random battle, grind those tier 9 in random is already tired enough
  5. Is Narai still Bank of Narai?

    Well it hard to get a million worth math now, but it still seem more better play to grind than UF 2 star, basic flag, france camo and pre acc
  6. So why is everyone choosing sharks?

    This Shark camo just look better, Eagle look kinda......weird imo
  7. Is the Akizuki branch worth the IFHE?

    It better to not expect too much in 2 new IX -X, they not much better than current Akizuki, that why WG try to nerf Akizuki to make the look little better . IFHE still require to yo increase her performance (except you want go for AA build which is pointless since it rare to see CV in tier 8+ and without DFAA it not even a matter for CV) You better should go for upcoming RN DD which is already powercreed new Akizuki brand (even both of brand still not released yet)
  8. Premium ship summer sale

    It regrettable that the only DD on sale is Loyang (which i already had), but 50% Atlanta is good deal for me, while i little strugger with her at first, she work wonderful though UF week. Now, i'm looking forward to WOWS 3 year celebrate, hope i can get 50% discount for tier 5-6, i really want Caesar and Molotov
  9. Premium ship summer sale

    Playing DD in UF is not bad since operation has many BB, most of cruisers are fragile , and more important you don't need to push (just camp around repair station and farm), i can easy get 100~150k dmg on Mahan just for farming BB , well at least it work as long as team win
  10. Premium ship summer sale

    2 day left, i wish for for Z-39 pop-up, since after grin Mahan in UF for whole week, i began to though about get a tier 7 premium DD with proper torpedo to farm UF next time may be good ideal
  11. Premium ship summer sale

    It not worse but not really better either, NC is same but little better armor, sigma and concealment, that make her performance more little more reliable than Alabama. If you want credit, Miso or lolanta is better and easier for farming. Talk about "interesting" playstyle she probably same as NC, i would rather pay for Massachusett with secondary build rather than another NC . The only reason for her imo is for collection purpose or you just want play NC but with credit bonus . Otherwise she not worth.
  12. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Yes, she probably "interesting" hybird DD as long as she is not the only DD in my team while there is 3 base need to cap (well it fine if enemy dont have DD though)
  13. Shootout. Aigle vs Blyskawica?

    You can go to here and compare them I tried Blys sometime in test server and i not very impressive with her , meanwhile Aigle is pretty much same stats (the fact that Aigle is slightly better) but far more firepower, survivability, France's speed boost ( if both of them actived SB and race, Aigle will win even her stock speed is lower) and more important Aigle is One Tier Lower. Aigle main downside is not shell velocity , while indeed it very bad, but not much problem at close range, her major problem is her turret firing angle that if you one fully use it, you will take more hit than other DD (she big as CL ), but if broadside gun fight 1 vs 1 against Blys other DD, she probably not lose any same tier DD or even higher). The other small downside is her torpedo range is not very far and very slow , but it hit like truck and you still can steal launch (6.7km detection range/ 7km torp range) So, if Broadside vs broadside, depend on range, Aigle will mostly win.
  14. Wait, wut 100k free exp? Really ? That more than free exp i can get in a month, i will gonna AFK now See your guys a month later
  15. Well i don't think Kure and Yokosuka will be a fit name for those ship at least not the case for IJN's BB. IJN BB is named after the old name of Japan province , while both of Yokosuka and Kure is port town name, not province name, so as your ideal, their name will turn into Yokosuka>Kanagawa and Kure>Hiroshima would be more logic. Also, i read somewhere that those province their named after all of them have important temple or large shrine, it seem logic after i check those province history, so you may consider it when named the ship . For the line, IMO it would better if you divine them into BC and BB brand, IJN BB trait is something like big caliber for it tier, hit harder, little better survivability (comapre to BC line) but less speed . So my suggest for BB line is: >Kawachi (t3) > [something here t4] > Fusou > Ise > Nagato > Tosa > BB no13 ( 8 457mm gun version) >After tier 9 it split in to 2 top tier, 1 is Yamato (more gun version) and other is A-150 with 2x3 510mm gun (even bigger gun and more survivability) Also they could do something with seaplane to make it as special consumables , like increse it spotting range or increase sigma while activating