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  1. wow, WG really put Musashi in tier 9,...... Big gun, worthless AA, hope her secondary gun have better stat than Yamato, but now I need seriously grind free exp for her meanwhile look at Izumo........
  2. ^Yuubari and Arkansas is fun and profitable, the match also shorter in low tier, so why not But my currently cow is Harekaze, she fun to play, avg 200k per match is not bad for me, can even use her to grind free exp. Another reason CV now just too stressful to play, BB too slow and my CA always being deleted too soon. So the only choice left is take DD and farm, fun > profit
  3. Because we only have 1 BB in CW So WG give us a BB in form of CA so everyone can logically play BB in CW. Now, when i get my CV in from of cruiser or BB ??
  4. 2 Payfast - Flint, and they camp in middle a map The last thing i see is endless smoke and radar while they kill everything dare to go near their dead zone, to more salty those guys are a top tier and our DD is already get rekt, you can imagine the rest
  5. I see the title, and i'm getting confused > WoT > smarter MM Choose one
  6. I play it sometime since CB, it actually getting better and better every time i back, it ok to play but hard to compare with "that" game, at least i respect dev team don't give up and keep it alive until now. May be i would try it again now, but.....NA server and that freaking AGG break again, so may be later...
  7. Well, imo it actually a tactic depend on situation, Charging straight in to multi-enemy alone is suicide, But 5+ ship with smoke and CV cover will make it work, the more of ship charging, the more effective, especially when again random enemy while you can share dmg and focus fire the enemy ship. But you need a decent level of co-op for this tactic and enemy reaction . I hear something like that kinda popular in Russia server due they like yolo in close range combat with heavy battleship
  8. The fact that most of cruiser line tier 5-7 is all good in they own way, and very depend on your play style to make them good (the most meh one maybe Pepsicola, i guess) But if you ask the best cruiser......it Payfast, enough OP to make the whole cruiser line look like joke and then Indianapolis but no way it OP near Payfast The other ship i could remember is Flint, it rare, but atleast you could obtain it for free (only if you are unicum and hardcore player)
  9. We already have CVL in game ( all tier 6 CV and below except Bongue is CVE) , there is reason why we don't have any high tier CVL, the most problem with them is they small, so they can't carry much planes in hangar, their flight deck also smaller that a restrict them to launch any stronger/ heavier attack aircraft, it also effect number of planes can launch at the same time , resupply landed planes, and take more time for aircraft landing. If the MM fuck up and put them same match with a standard carrier they will be out play in both of quantity and quality. That not mention there are too much AA dead zone in this game will make them unplayable. In term of survivability because they small you can put too many protection in them, same as secondary gun (in logic), the secondary gun in game is useless with out mod and skill (you don't have necessary mod in low tier, while can ignore the aircraft mod, also you will need 19 skill capt for skill) And the concealment of CVL in game is already better than most of cruiser same tier, but it ok to buff them, i guess. That why WG still restrict CVL is low tier carrier, and will make us harder to get RN CV line since most of them is CVL
  10. Yamamoto + Draken = Megaheal + Gatling 46cm Now i see the good reason for put more effort to this Yamamoto campaign , seem like very good meme material
  11. I would like to see they rename the marathon to "The Hunt for Red October" And indeed the name "Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya " is so freaking hard to pronounce, so the nick name is necessary Make Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya >>> Gangut again!!!!
  12. Yes we need Roma, she is the only reason why i hesitate to open my wallet for Kobayashi Kii, even I really need Kii for training and farming. But Roma is a difference matter, she is beautiful ship and one of my most favorite ship. Sadly no any news about her until now even WG says she will come in this year It will be good if she come in this christmas and Kobayashi camo will available for her ( i guess next Kobayashi ship will be Massachusetts)
  13. Good news... tier 10 for rent But...........seriously no CV !!!??? even clan war have no place for CV just because they want DD play able ????, WG hate CV that much ?? I wonder if we have fog of war like in Wot, If the ship restrict only for BB, how about to bring 7 Shimakaze into CW right ?
  14. Just little question What is difference between Kii standard and Kobayashi camo bouns ?
  15. ^At least until they dig somewhere and find another tier 9-10 for her since seem like WG don't want another mini line that end up at tier 8 May be in near "future" they somehow managed to complete mechanic for aviation/hybird ship, then we will have chance to see her But now, as WG always say: