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  1. TheNextChapter

    Salt store open for deliveries again huehuehue

    Most bullsh** broken season ever, so disappointed in your WG.
  2. TheNextChapter

    Important: April 1 Account Reset

    Not today Conan, you can't bait me
  3. OP will change his mind when he get the New Orleans But yes it's a wooden ship in comparison with the Cleveland's armor.
  4. TheNextChapter

    Ask for Forum Rank/Title Change here! Limited Chance!

    "Angel on the Battlefield" pls
  5. TheNextChapter

    Need help in the Karlsruhe

    After read all these comments, i decided to wait for the buff
  6. TheNextChapter

    new "Big Atoll" map idea

    Make a map in which we can spot and kill all CVs from the begin, then fight the real fight
  7. TheNextChapter

    0.5.1 Public TEST Patch Notes

    Anyone noticed that cruisers now have a limited amount of defense AA fire? ********* WG, those [content removed] are getting stronger patch by patch Derogatory. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  8. TheNextChapter

    Amagi is too weak in tier 8 BB?

    There is no weak Amagi, only bad captain. Amagi is a fearsome ship, especially for CA's players like me. Every single time my Mogami gets shot from Amagi, it's a cit at least She's fast and stronk as **** against HE compare with NC.
  9. TheNextChapter

    dispersion is just a joke

    How can u miss 50% at 5km?? Even Kawachi isn't that bad
  10. I know we can't have Halloween event in SEA but just take a look at this Is that the same with the t10 Midway or WG has just made me hope for the 2nd armament buff someday?