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  1. shankman

    Commonwealth ships

    would love to see the actual flags of countries on these ships , they can still run under the commonwealth banner , but would be good to flag em appropriately
  2. I guess it all boils down to who is gonna buy a premium ship if it has no slight advantage ? . I personally believe most of them are fine. The only actual reason I bought I bought them was for the ability to train skippers faster
  3. shankman


    really no one but me finds this frustrating ?
  4. I really hope you bought a volkswagon then based on the fuel economy reports . If they bring up other non premium ships to offset the premiums then that's fine . You cannot change my ship since I bought it and you have no legal rights to it whatsoever now . Like I said earlier, in Australia this would be considered fraudulent behaviour and would be acted upon . WG need to take into consideration the power of a ship when they use them to make extra cash and not make them OP . perhaps more perks with the ship like smoke /sonar abilities not found on others of its class . But either way it would still end up with a higher win rate however you did it . You sold it you live with it . Anyone needing free legal advice contact me I only charge 120 per hour but I might up it to 140 after you have paid for it and then hit you with a bill . Case in point
  5. I paid cold hard CASH for my ships, what your all saying is if you bought a Porsche because of its performance and then they decided to drop the horsepower on you and make it handle worse you would be OK with that . I paid for it, it stay the same or gets better . money changed hands based on my information of what was being sold . If that becomes less after sale then in Australia that is called FRAUD If on the other hand Porsche said they had an upgrade because other cars are getting faster and would you like to buy the upgrade or accept a free upgrade to keep your customers happy then that would be acceptable Red text. Post edited. User warned. ~dead_man_walking
  6. shankman


    4 months and on and its still as bad as ever , you cant contact people and they cant contact you !!!!! . Unless you are in port when the message pops up its deleted by the time you get out of a battle . THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE . How are we supposed to recruit ppl if they cant see what you wrote to them ? . This game is supposed to be all about team work . And before the flamers say use ingame voip how do you do that when you cant communicate until you pass details to each other FIX IT
  7. Agreed Bob778_ , trying to run a clan and recruit new members is nigh on impossible with the dam chat being wiped every other minute . This is totally unacceptable . doesn't happen in WOT so how hard can it be to fix this issue . Please everyone complain about this
  8. shankman


    Yeah and i use discord , but its still totally unacceptable that this hasn't been fixed yet . You meet new ppl and try and send them messages that get deleted before they even get out of a game . Its just a joke its not been fixed yet , if it was to do with money it would have been fixed by now .
  9. shankman


    Ok we have all suffered enough WG , please fix the chat windows . I am getting very sick of opening message to see its gone. As a lot of teams are starting to form it is completely unacceptable that this hasn't been fixed Communication is KEY !!!!!! for team battles and those that cant afford to run teamspeak or similar programs
  10. shankman


    all good so they only show in content removed harbour WTF ??? why ???? Content Removed, Inappropriate Terminology, User Warned ~tc1259
  11. shankman


    finished the kongo mission NO SHIP , whats supposed to happen when you finish these missions .
  12. shankman

    Happy 'Straya Day

    same to you matey , got a beer in my hand if thats what AUDAY means
  13. shankman

    Premium ships for training Commanders

    good to see I wasn't the only one confused by this set up . Don't know why they didn't just make it the same as WOT which is where most of their client base comes from .
  14. shankman

    Premium ships for training Commanders

    THANK YOU for a straight forward answer my friend