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  1. Ho_Chi_Minge

    📰 ST, Axis vs Allies

    I just read 3 pages before I realised this is a necro thread.
  2. Ho_Chi_Minge

    2022, what to expect?

    I have no idea myself. Although I wouldn't call it freely, the longest I've been off an actual 'in game' chat ban is about 3 days consecutively, the lobby chat where I do most of my best work doesn't seem to be actively policed. Current in-game chat ban ends 15DEC, I hope to see you in game after that. In the meantime, my daily shows in the English discussion chat run from approx 1600 - 1800AESTish, maybe put on a couple of turtleneck cardigans to protect what is obviously a thin skin and have a laugh (or some gnashing of teeth, which is more likely I guess) Oh, my heritage is Dutch.
  3. Ho_Chi_Minge

    2022, what to expect?

    Getting back to the almost exciting PR China vs Vietnam almost argument, aren't they basically the same people?
  4. Ho_Chi_Minge

    Is match making monitor legal to use?

    I don't recommend using it though, it takes away the surprise of a 15-0 loss or defeat. TY MM
  5. Ho_Chi_Minge

    Any suggestions for Akatsuki build or tactics?

    Most common Akatsuki tactics on this server are spamming torps at max range and/or looking for a gun fight with a gunboat DD. If you find somewhere in between these two things, that's a good start. Don't ignore the cap areas but don't rush blindly into them early battle.
  6. Ho_Chi_Minge

    5 codes in latest Rico/chet Video. Use it !

    All still work, as of now
  7. Ho_Chi_Minge

    Account selling on Asia

    Same result, potentially ends in a player with 0 experience running tier Xs in Randoms. Although it'd be hard to tell here anyway.
  8. Ho_Chi_Minge

    Lone Sailor from HMAS Sydney identified

  9. Ho_Chi_Minge

    Account selling on Asia

    I hated the idea of account selling back in my WoT days, I reported a few that I'd seen for sale. I'm guessing that it happens a lot on this server.
  10. Ho_Chi_Minge

    People you've encountered in-game

    FUKING is a legit name, regionally. It'd be like an ign of 'GreatKuntz' on the EU server. INOC stamp issued.
  11. Ho_Chi_Minge

    Account selling on Asia

    Years ago I had to change my email address for my WoT account due to a change in ISP. From memory, it was a painful process, by design, I imagine to make it harder to trade/sell accounts.
  12. Ho_Chi_Minge

    Looks like it's not going well for WG.

    mmm yes, anti-semitism was born through German poverty post WW1.... I'm not sure if the rest is lost through translation or if it's maniacal ramblings, but either way it's amusing.
  13. Ho_Chi_Minge

    Does inhibiting friendly fire damage make sense?

    Takes away the ability to kill a low hp friendly to stop the enemy team getting the points.
  14. Ho_Chi_Minge

    How to play yamato?

    I haven't played a lot of BBs but from the perspective of a DD player, a lone Yamato is a dead Yamato. It's common to see them by themselves, 0 support. Try not to do that.
  15. Ho_Chi_Minge

    Account selling on Asia

    He won't, he's all talk