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  1. FG_Yomamamoto

    Fast reloading Tech Tree DD's 2021: Discussion

    They're excellent against anyone except the ones that have some nouse and know how to counter their strengths.
  2. FG_Yomamamoto

    Anyone SUNK a Santa yet?

    They're a mixed bag. The Belfast sat in his smoke and ate my torps. The Atlanta was a bit meh as well. Their team won due to the 2 radars basically and a few less potatoes.
  3. FG_Yomamamoto

    Anyone SUNK a Santa yet?

    Overpopulated in this battle. Nod to the 2 running a Belfast and Atlanta Div....
  4. FG_Yomamamoto

    Fast reloading Tech Tree DD's 2021: Discussion

    Just made some adjustments mate 🙂
  5. FG_Yomamamoto

    Fast reloading Tech Tree DD's 2021: Discussion

    Lightning. Jutland. Nuff said
  6. Aslains mod pack has radar and hydro indicators and a few things like gun range, torp range, detection range (not entirely accurate but good for a guide).
  7. FG_Yomamamoto

    The Earthquake wake me up to day

    What did you have for dinner?
  8. FG_Yomamamoto

    Anyone SUNK a Santa yet?

    To be fair, it's hardly a unique comment.
  9. FG_Yomamamoto

    Anyone SUNK a Santa yet?

    I have, he was driving a Harekaze. They're a mixed bag, I saw one in a Cossack B on my team, he was very good. The rest have been ordinary/good.
  10. FG_Yomamamoto

    Feedback on Trash Playerbase

    MM stacks teams regularly. No one's interested but the reason there's so many crap one sided battles battles in randoms is that it is common to see one team with an average w/r of 46% vs a team with an average well above 50%. This makes it seem worse than it really is. Throw in the radar imbalance which is just as common and meh, the game's fun but I don't give too much thought to w/r anymore. I just try and enjoy what I can and hope for some decent close battles, which is about 2 in 10.
  11. FG_Yomamamoto

    Tier 3 Vampire is RARE ?

    Vampire 1 rocks. I don't play it a lot because low tier wait time is garbage but when I do it's great. Probably 6 months since I last drove it.
  12. FG_Yomamamoto


    Rewind 10 mins, the Minnesota Captain is sitting as far back as her guns will allow her, making slight course adjustments between HE reloads, because taking damage is bad, it costs credits and her shiny BB doesn't look as good with a few holes in it.. Yadda yadda yadda, team dies because BB players like to avoid fighting anywhere near close enough to support the team. Fletcher saw this coming and DD players love nothing more than full HP BBs close to the end of a battle. The rest is melodramatically told as above. Your scenario happens occasionally, lone BBs are pretty easy XP for any half decent DD driver after they dodge radargimmicks, CVfags and enemy DDs constantly. If a BB is last alive with plenty of HP, the person driving it probably deserves to get wrecked. It's super funny that your DD driver in the story is a kid and the BB driver is a man with a wife (I'm picturing that she's a fat slob with kankles and a gunt though and the BB driver hates his life) Edit - Try playing high tier DDs and see how fun it can be. Otherwise, get involved in the fight so you're not sitting all alone. And tell the fat cow to fold the laundry herself.
  13. FG_Yomamamoto

    Hi im new here PVE player

    Fk me, do you have an Only Fans as well? No one cares.
  14. FG_Yomamamoto

    Pan-Asia cruiser tech tree

    They'd be more suited for illegal fishing, which isn't part of the meta in the game.
  15. FG_Yomamamoto

    Pan-Asia cruiser tech tree