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  1. Another top notch watch, and as a bonus I can shut my eyes after watching the video and just focus on that voice. I got shivers when you said "in-depth meat"
  2. FG_Yomamamoto

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    I have no idea what you're referring to.....:)
  3. FG_Yomamamoto

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    WG have issues with me so I very rarely get a sc
  4. FG_Yomamamoto

    Epicentre - why?

    I'm curious as to who at WG Asia thought it was a good idea to introduce a battle mode that demands being closer than 20kms to enemy ships on a server where the majority of players are ...cough... passive to say the least? Most of them barely comprehend domination mode. Edit; Just copped it twice at tier X with stereotypical asiateams who congregated at the back of the map.
  5. FG_Yomamamoto


    I was being facetious, I was one of the biggest proponents of w/r matters in WoT, and I believe it here. Now do me a favor and record your statement in audio and send it to me. That dreamy voice....
  6. FG_Yomamamoto

    How to Not Voice your Opinions

    Just had an epic battle in Lightning, playing chicken with a ZF-6 and a Fletcher. Anyway, we had a North Carolina who sniped from 22kms the whole battle, took relatively little damage. It was close at the end with 2 mins and his advice was to "run away, no need to win harder" First off, no need to run away when you're pretty safe 22kms up the back and Secondly, it was that close on points that if we'd lost anyone it'd be a loss. A 3/4 HP tier 8 BB would have come in handy to soak up some damage and keep the reds from running down what we had left that actually fought. To make it worse, Capt. Girlypants topped the XP, just by sitting back and clicking.
  7. FG_Yomamamoto

    Coming from the enemy New Mexico....

    Tell me about it. I avoid going within11 - 13km of any map features until I know where the radar ships are (they’re usually predictable) and hope they get focussed if spotted.
  8. FG_Yomamamoto

    Coming from the enemy New Mexico....

    DDs - within 7-12 km on average from the enemy, very often a lot closer. Almost everyone else - 20kms away, behind a rock or racing to the back edge of the map. Yep, DDs are for pussies.
  9. FG_Yomamamoto


    Win rate is all luck. Luck with MM and radars , luck with not getting the dumbest of the dumb on your 'team', luck with RNG.. Just pure dumb luck. I fight my ass off every battle and the rest of these 'teams' are busy mashing their faces on the keyboard. Rage.
  10. FG_Yomamamoto


    At the least, if MM can't balance radar ships for Ranked, they could just make them not valid for it.
  11. FG_Yomamamoto


    6 battles, 1 win now. Had an Icarus as our only DD, he kind of sailed around and popped smoke a few times, never approached a cap circle. 236 battles, sub 8k damage per battle in the Icarus after 60 battles in it. This ties in with another topic I recently started re MM and stacking teams in a one sided manner. First run through potato league to Potato Rank 1, first sprint in the same It BB was done quickly with 4 losses, fairly close battles, but now, I'm teamed up with a vast majority of mouth breathers almost every battle in ranked as well as random. Common denominator is me, but you'd think that over the course of a month of battles it would skew to half and half, but it hasn't, random or ranked. Edit; You're right, this post revolves around the fact that all of a sudden, after a dramatic improvement in my gameplay, I'm getting loss after loss for the last 30+ days, ranked, random, any tier and I'm salty about it..
  12. FG_Yomamamoto

    [Submarine News] New stage of submarine testing

    Terrible idea to complicate this game more when the masses are already struggling with the notion of what the cap circles are for, OMG Epicentre is way too hard and WG want to introduce a new dimension?
  13. FG_Yomamamoto


    WG require a minimum of 10 battles to post in the forums, yet there is no limit on played battles to enter Ranked. Ranked is supposed to be a more competitive form of random yet it's not, it's just a potato festival with less potatoes per team. Would it be that bad to have a 'you must have been a potato for at least 500 battles' to enter? It won't fix much, because this is potatoland anyway regardless of how many battles they have played after botting their way to tier X, but it might, in a tiny way, make Ranked less of a joke.