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    Potato famine?

    Nah I want full teams, ideally with plenty of BBs. 95k damage games are fun.

    Potato famine?

    I can’t even get a battle in the Vampire without waiting and risking a 4vs4 I’ve had more luck off peak than during peak hours.

    Arson award unreachable now??

    Just got it in Algerie. Sat behind an island for nearly the entire match and HE spammed at BBs. Was fun

    The Real Problem about Match-Maker

    Regionally, the important thing for these people is to rush to get the boss tier ships. WG being a business will never reduce the number of tiers. Playerbase wise, from a friends list of 30+ English speaking players, 25 of them gave up on this server over a year ago.

    What's wrong with MM these days?

    Make that 4. Absolute potatoes. Even after all this time dealing with the players on WG Asia's servers, sometimes I am still amazed by the idiocy prevalent in these games. Today is one of those times. Doomination {see what I did there?} mode is obviously too hard a concept for these people. Just line all the ships up broadsided 5 km away at the start of a battle and force them to fight. 'cultural differences'

    What's wrong with MM these days?

    Just had 3 losses in a row where half the team couldn’t get 300 xp. At tier 5-8. And what’s the regional love affair with launching low range torps at targets 10 km away? Crazy little guys.

    What's wrong with MM these days?

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the gameplay of boats more than I did tanks. The frustrating thing is that now I am actually starting to get reasonably average at this game, and having invested time and money into the Asia wows server, I am right back where I was with tanks. Stuck with team after team who either do whatever it takes to die quickly, or do whatever it takes to not get involved in the battle. The difference is that with tanks, I was good enough to carry and maintain a high win rate. I guess I need to git gud.

    What's wrong with MM these days?

    The majority on this server are bad. The bots in Co Op are better than most players.

    Report, I think some player use bot to farm EXP

    No. Way. Botting is rampant? Colour me surprised.

    Notifications order

    It's all good. It's back at 0 now.

    Notifications order

    My Karma is on 2. Highest it’s ever been. I’d be more interested if it went into minus. That would be something to talk about.

    Winrate is Meaningless

    Sure am.

    Winrate is Meaningless

    I am far too average @ botes to have any control of my win rate. Mostly I don't hurt a teams chances (lately) but I don't have the ability to carry either. Spent so long in WoT worrying about stats that the fun got sucked right out of the game, especially after transfer to the Asia server. Happy to be average. Win Rate does matter, but I suspect that the number of average (48 - 52%) players out of say 10 000 players is far greater than the same number of WoT players. Maps are much bigger here, if you're out of position the time to relocate is a lot longer. a 60% player here after 8000 battles is akin to a 70% WoT player in Godliness.

    Time for a Oceana Sever

    As good as that would be, you're dreaming. Oceana playerbase would not be anywhere near large enough to make this a viable option. Even the peak server population is dismally low. This game is a curiosity and has no real longevity. From a contact list of 50 players, I regularly see none of them.

    WG manipulate MM always put me into newbie team?

    All I can say is this Asia, best server