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  1. HS_Velos


    No need, just show us your CV results 🤣
  2. HS_Velos

    One reason why I prefer to stay in Asia is....

    Yes, Asia forums are very organized. Same 10 people, "need" to comment on everything. You don't even know what constructive opinion means, mate. You are one of these whiners. Your "funny" replies are always irritating. Maybe because you don't care, as you said.
  3. HS_Velos

    Sweet sunset

    Graphics are great and also nice screenshot. This thread doesn't need your negativity. Don't like it, you can ignore and find something else to comment on.
  4. HS_Velos

    Soo who is still staying in the SEA server?

    Asia yesterday, Asia today, I'm moving to NA
  5. HS_Velos

    Should the German BB line be removed?

    Some of my favourite ships are German with their unique and amazing " abysmal stats and performance"
  6. I don't think these ships should have legendary modules or any improvements at all.
  7. HS_Velos

    Server Crisis / confusion!

    Crisis? Oh, I tried NA server, it was like playing Crisis on Pentium 2
  8. I just couldn't stop laughing, for those who haven't watched it yet and still play DDs.
  9. I don't know who is the most hated person in the game, but the most pathetic forum person is you and this scummy poll
  10. Maybe, after all, this patch will allow our new players to enjoy the game without being slaughtered by the low tier CV vampires. Maybe, finally for some of us, this will be the end of an unfair era. Bye Zuiho and Taiho. See ya! I know many players are thinking of quitting the game. Sorry but not sorry. Maybe this game will be better without them. I've read so many complaints about this cancerous re-work these days... so much salt. I hope there will be a solution for you guys. Maybe another game mode, CV players and bot ships only? I always wanted the no CV option.
  11. HS_Velos


    I didn't like it. Just an average tier 7 DD. I prefer the T-61 as it's gamestyle is closer to Z-46 and Z-52.
  12. The way it is now, carrier gameplay is completely stupid and it doesn't belong to the game.
  13. HS_Velos

    Stupid question but...

    For one day I play destroyers only, next day cruisers, next battleships. It's hard for me to swap guns, speed and play style every 10 minutes.
  14. HS_Velos

    [EXPIRED ]Free Camo code

    Thank you! 5 new FTW camos.
  15. HS_Velos

    100% WG Made up

    Well, USS Nicholas (DD-311) was a Clemson class destroyer. Also a Fletcher (DD-449). In game is based off of a 1919 destroyer "paper ship. An intermediate design between Clemson and Farragut.