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  1. HS_Velos

    [EXPIRED ]Free Camo code

    Thank you! 5 new FTW camos.
  2. HS_Velos

    100% WG Made up

    Well, USS Nicholas (DD-311) was a Clemson class destroyer. Also a Fletcher (DD-449). In game is based off of a 1919 destroyer "paper ship. An intermediate design between Clemson and Farragut.
  3. HS_Velos

    Most DD players are bad

    Trying to cap on Akizuki, no smoke. Suddenly I got spotted and a wild Des Moines appeared... start shooting me. Retreat boys! Tried to find a temporary cover behind island. Friendly Missouri shot me for almost 6k. "Do your job" said. I spent the whole game behind him.
  4. HS_Velos

    Modellers, show Hatsu some love!

    I think Gearing is even worse, check the doors... lol
  5. HS_Velos

    How to earn

    It is a Messerschmitt BF 110 and from the markings looks like France 1940.
  6. HS_Velos

    Yellow turret on a Battleship?

    Attempts were made to paint the turrets yellow in the morning of 26.5.1941. See survivor report by Otto Maus. It is not clear to me how much stayed on. Maus says the paint on his secondary turret washed off and yellow adhered only to the main turrets. http://www.kbismarck.com/archives/debriefing6.html https://www.kbismarck.com/drawings.html
  7. HS_Velos

    The common random game motto

  8. HS_Velos

    I'm always useless using the Fuso

    There's always a ship that "doesn't work". For all of us.
  9. HS_Velos

    Changing Server

    I left SEA 2 years ago (you know why)and I made NA account. The 200+ ping makes the game almost unplayable. Guess what now? SEA server welcomes me with less afkers, less "poi" and less [][][][][][] [][]. I feel there's hope in that primitive form of communication, the chat box.
  10. HS_Velos

    Attention to details

    Nothing to see... broken link - image?
  11. HS_Velos

    [The Epic Battle] We Are The Blue Liner

    "Epic Fail" for using the blue line bug and the dramatic music made the fail more epic.