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    KingOchaos reacted to JhSklt in No more Noob   
    No more Noob
    I am really tired of seeing players calling other players "Noob", especially when attached to a profanity.
    Everybody has to learn.  Everybody has to get used to new ships, higher tiers, different maps, etc.  
    I often see comments such as "go and play CoOp".  We all know there is a massive gulf in difficulty between CoOp and Random, you cannot learn how to play to a decent level on CoOp.
    Guess what, for the duration of a game your team are your allies.  If you think somebody is heading into danger help them, advise them, avail them of your experience.  Sitting there after they have died and calling them "Noob" will not help anybody.
    Every day is a school day, and sometimes even really good players have a horrendous game.
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    KingOchaos reacted to PGM991 in No more Noob   
    dude, don't let those word get you.
    they just a bunch of kid who don't know how to spell 'manner' and 'civil'
  3. Funny
    KingOchaos reacted to Stormcloak_Rebel in So WG made a Valentine quizz...   
    I got Asashio as my soulmate, but WG wants me to pay for the date. 😣
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    KingOchaos reacted to ShaddowAU in WG: Valentine's Day, Schmalentines Day   
    I know WG is not feeling the love from the players atm but what happen to Valentine's Day as event or even anything in WoWS? I know recently they are like the boyfriend who brought his girl a massive fist shaped toy, thinking it would be romantic, and is wondering why he is getting no action, still they could have done something for Valentine's Day. No flags, no patches, no missions, nothing, instead they just adding a couple of overpriced Valentine's Day Camo bundles to the Premium Shop... wow. Maybe that toy was actually shaped as pineapple because I know I'm certainly feeling no love for WG atm (not that I ever really have).
    PS: Oh, last minute they gave out the old kiss flag (I've seen players with these before so must be a recycled item) and made a love quiz aimed at getting you buy a ship from the Premium Shop. Having to buy a ship on Valentine's Day (in the context of the quiz) is the WoWS equivalent of having to buy a "girlfriend", I believe that is referred to as prostitution... besides, if the ships in the Premium Shop where "professional" girls then most of them would be overpriced lame lays that you end up regretting you paid for.
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    KingOchaos reacted to Gummilicious in musashis ruining game experience   
    You burn musushi when is bow on
    Or you hope the musushi show its cheeks then proceeds to citadel it (just open armour viewer and you will see something cheeky)
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    KingOchaos reacted to MD047 in musashis ruining game experience   
    1. Musashi has no AA for its tier.
    2. Its citadel sits bit higher on water thatn Yamato.
    3. Any gunboat loves to see a musashi on its flank, why ! Cause they love to burn that IJN jar.
    4. She is very weak agains cross fires. Any other BB even Cruisers are able to punch her in the bottom part from side.(When you try to use the back turrent, don't try it) 
    6.Very lovely target for metal fishes. 
    7. Oh and another thing that octagon shape of her citadel. Its very bad if anyone know where to aim. You can one shot a Yamasushi from the front. YES
    My point is every ship has its trade off She can punish yes, But in return she get her fair share of shit as well. 
    Showing broadsides!! you will live in a German BB for that even french, but not in Musashi. I've been in the both side of the situations.
    My point is > Don't jurdge a ship for its strongest suits, It has weakness as well. Learn how to exploit that. 
  7. Cool
    KingOchaos reacted to legionary2099 in All of CV are dead except Hakuryu   
    AA is very powerful now , when i see line up full of AA cruisers out for blood i can still make 70 ~ 100k , which aren't too bad and is in line with other ships.
    Some DD thanks to passive AA DPS buff no longer really fear planes , esp Harugumo , gearing and Grozovoi.
    You just need to be more careful when deploying your planes at work around AA. Even more so with Midway which rely on HE bombs and rockets to do the lion share of the work. I've actually spec RDF to hunt DD and lonewolves in Midway.
    Hakuryu is easy mode , just spam from 8km turn away and repeat. AP bomb don't need follow up , drop once and run.
    Both can still do a lot of damage if you do more than just beeline to something and drop it dead. But it is now more or less on par with a well played BB in raw damage.
  8. Cool
    KingOchaos reacted to Paladinum in Japanese ship names - let NOT talk about CV rework   
    So, warships have names. But the naming conventions of certain navies can be an interesting topic to talk about. Even if you are enjoying the game, taking a break from the game, don't play the game or have already uninstalled it, everyone can talk about ship names. Feel free to correct me, I may get things wrong.
    This post concerns the ships presented within the time frame of the game, and focuses solely on the poeticism of Japanese ship names. 
    Other navies try to sound bad@ss or respectful, Japanese navy tries to be poetic.
    I want to mention the Royal Navy - most arbitrary and relaxed naming rules ever. While cruisers have better consistency, DDs have the most carefree naming rules and battleships and carriers have the most arbitrary rules. What I do like about them is that they used names of things in Greek mythology, which I like a lot.
    The other navies (USN, KM, MN and RM) have relatively boring ship names and naming conventions.
    IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVY: most poetic names ever on warships. All names seem to have meanings behind them.
    Battleships: names of provinces.
    I wonder if WG ever add a super-stealthy paper/fantasy BB and name her "Iga"   ("Iga" was a province known for their ninjas).
    Battlecruisers: names of mountains. "Kongo" means "Indestructible Diamond", a mountain named after a spear in Japanese mythology. "Amagi" roughly translates into "Heaven(ly) Castle", and her sister, "Akagi" means "Red Castle".
    Kongo herself was designed and built by the British. I reckon if she stayed with the RN she might be named "Indestructible". Well, remember what happened to battlecruiser HMS Invincible? 
    Light cruisers: names of rivers.
    Heavy cruisers: names of mountains. For example: "Takao" means "High (Great?) Hero" in Kanji.
    Exceptions: Tone is a heavy cruiser but "Tone" is a river. Mogami is named after a river, but her name didn't change after being refitted into a heavy cruiser.
    Aircraft carriers: most are named after mythical flying creatures, mostly dragons "Ryū"/"Ryuu" and phoenixes "Hō"/"Hou". There has never been a Japanese carrier named Suzaku ("Vermillion Bird") and Seiryū ("Azure Dragon"), though. Ships that were converted into (escort/auxiliary) carriers have their names attached with "-maru" after their old names, or retained their old names (Shinano included).
    Ships in the game:
    Hōshō/Houshou: "Flying Phoenix" Zuihō/Zuihou: "Fortunate Phoenix" Ryūjō/Ryuujou: "Prancing Dragon" Hiryū/Hiryuu: "Flying Dragon" Kaga: converted into a carrier, originally a Tosa-class battleship, named after the Kaga province. Shōkaku/Shoukaku: "Soaring Crane" Taihō/Taihou: "Great Phoenix" Hakuryū/Hakuryu: "Snow/White Dragon"  
    Destroyers: my favorite. Most poetic ship names, period.
    Ships in the game:
    Tachibana: Japanese citrus tree. Her sisters are named after plants. Umikaze: "Sea Wind". Her sister' names is "Mountain Wind". Wakatake: "Bamboo Shoot". Her sisters are named after plants. Isokaze: "Beach Wind". Her sisters' names are "adjective/nouns" + "wind". Minekaze: "Summit Wind". Her sisters' names are "adjective/nouns" + "wind". Fūjin/Fuujin: there is no historical/known IJN DD with this name. WG made this ship up, like the Dragon Myokos. "Fūjin" is the Japanese thunder deity. Kamikaze: "Divine Wind". This name existed long before the suicidal aircrafts. Mutsuki: "January". Her sisters are named after months or phases of the moon. Fubuki: "Blizzard". Her sisters are named after natural phenomenon. Hatsuharu: ”Early Spring”. Her sisters are named after times of day or of year.  Shinonome: ”Daybreak". Sister ship of Fubuki. Akatsuki: "Dawn". Her sisters are Hibiki ("Echo"), Ikazuchi ("Thunder") and Inazuma ("Lightning"). Natural phenomenon. Shiratsuyu: ”White Dew”. Her sisters are named after natural phenomenon. Yūdachi (poi) means "Evening Squall". Akizuki: "Autumn Moon". Her sisters' names are "adjective/nouns" + "moon". Kagerō/Kagerou: "Mirage". Her sisters are named after natural phenomenon. I want her sister, Yukikaze ("Snowy Wind") to be in the game. Asashio: "Morning Tide". Her sisters' names are "adjective/nouns" + "tide"/"cloud". The non-conforming two are: Arare "Hailstone" and Kasumi "Haze". Harekaze: HSF Wiki says the name means "Sunny Wind". This is a fictional ship, historically Kagerō-class had no member with this name. Yūgumo/Yuugumo: "Evening Clouds". Her built sisters' names are "adjective/nouns" + "cloud"/"wave". Kitakaze: "Northern Wind". This is a name in the Super Akizuki-class (project V7). Shimakaze: "Island Wind". Torpedo-carrying wind, I guess. Harugumo: "Spring Cloud". Cloud that rains steel. Somewhat a shame that they have no DD that is named "Blood Moon" (for Akizuki-class ships) or "Lunar/Solar Eclipse"... 
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    KingOchaos reacted to legionary2099 in Broken game.   
    You guys arent shooting down any is normal , since hakuryu is a long range torp sniper mostly while midway tank build can press f on red health and be invincible. But that is getting fixed tomorrow. I'll have to recheck my strat. But it seem midway is more hurt than haku. Haku main dps is its alpha torp strike that cant be healed back. Midway have to take risk to set multi fire with bomb and rocket.
    Oh that and anything not CV 10 will get shot down by like flies will get fixed too hopefully.
    Hah hah, somehow i got a downvote. Maybe its destiny that i may get to one shot sheeps again.
  10. Cool
    KingOchaos reacted to legionary2099 in Broken game.   
    This is getting old. Using personal stats to back up argument.
    Back then , i have terrible wr because of 3 things :
    1/ Terrible stock grind
    2/ CV players are hardcore , esp on this server. It is a master race and i'm not the best.
    3/ Abusive CV division AKA super unicum fishing division using CV. AA so powerful that you die before kissing the enemy ship. You don't seem to know how stupidly broken those fishing divisions are do you. CV non division suffer and no one want to play (except crazy guy like me).
    On new iteration most ship don't die instantly. But back then, oh my i can kill many things right off the bat. Very high alpha strike, enough to delete a cruiser in one go.
    Or i can be a jerk and perma spot all 3 enemy dd at once all the time.

    New concept is less skill based. Or do you want to eat 12 torps from different angles at once at minimal drop range with almost no hope of dodging ? 
  11. Funny
    KingOchaos reacted to Akyamarukh in Suspended from chat just for abusing CV players?? WTF!!!   
    Since this is Lunar new year i am bring generous......
    Join us as CV player, spread the toxic and laugh at those banned surface pheasant.
    WG don't ban you because the chat. But because your ignorant of how powerfull and mighty is CV
  12. Funny
    KingOchaos reacted to Sir_Numpty in Suspended from chat just for abusing CV players?? WTF!!!   
    I can't believe it! For the first time ever I've been suspended from chat and the reason?? I've been abusing CV players!! Sure I've been questioning their parentage and pointing out that their manhood is significantly smaller than that of a modern day mouse, but honestly what do they expect?? If wargaming didn't expect this then they would have put more effort into balancing the Carriers. And if the players didn't want to be abused then they just wouldn't go a carrier. I really can't see the problem here.
    EDIT: OMG, people I'm being Ironic, flippant, silly, goofy. Of course I deserved to be suspended. I was gobbing off in chat. I wasn't being personal, just abusing carriers in general. I do think the carrier play is stuffed, but its not the players fault who play them. Chill people and have a laugh.
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    KingOchaos reacted to dejiko_nyo in What is the difference between noob and pro CV player after rework??   
    There is teamplay and there is flocking like chickens at your spawn point waiting for the wolf. Take your pic which team wins.
  14. Funny
    KingOchaos reacted to Akyamarukh in What is the difference between noob and pro CV player after rework??   
    Well, before i am Going Hiatus again .....
    ITS look like the CV rework is fail yet fill the rework objective "remove the skill difference" between noob and pro CV player. Also ITS succesfully attract non CV player to play CV.
    I wont talk about the fail of CV rework but the difference between noob and pro and ITS unexpected effect.
    1. Noob can finally shit on other surface pheasant without worry getting intercept and got strafed by pro CV player
    2. Basically if both CV player and surface pheasant complain about their ship being shit at the same time....
    CV player : AA tooo Much.... Buff CV
    Des meme : my AA need buff
    This only mean one thing, ITS balanced yet people don't like to feel weaker. ITS like nerfing both.....
    3. A lot of people finally play CV.... No more rigging CV match!!!
    4. What is the effect of CV division with AA slave? Are they still a thing? Now there is 3 CV on one match.... Unless WG went mad by allow 3 CV division.....
    5. Finally DD is FREE from their slavery..... No more cap-slave for cap-italism....
    DD is not obligate to cap.... Everyone finally understand how harsh is the life of kenshiro.
    6. People is finally doing teamwork to fend off CV.... Of course people hate doing team work.... That is why there is a lot of complain....
    7. All spotted is only mean one thing...... Less hide and seek... JUST Action.... Efectively punish those island camper.... This is not possible before CV rework.... Because AA is too stronk..... Also hide in smoke is meaningless.... Since CV can drop torpedo or rocket
    Dodge to starboard!!!
    We don't need intelligence data !
    Captain our toilet at conning tower is exploded, shit is everywhere!
    # AA should be totally RNG Based..... ITS like real life, you don't have much control but the result of battle Will be very dinamic. 
    Now imagine this:
    1. Des meme player is getting bad luck and got smashed by shokaku Dive Bomber....
    2. A lucky Kiev shotdown 100 plane in single battle due to luck. The player is always pray to God every morning.
    Now look.... Not only ITS increase the dinamic of battle but also make the player become more religious...
    # don't need to need hakuryu but buff midway dive bomber, double ITS hp and accuracy.....
    Why people get mad at hakuryu dealing 550k damage yet remain silent if conkek deal 400k damage due to he spam?
    The biggest problem is not hakuryu.... But too much BB player..... ITS normal for eagle to hunt overpopulated rat right?
    Tell me can hakuryu deal 550k damage if the rest of player is just DD and CL? 
    # rocket and midway He bomb is problem.....
    Rocket need to be removed ..... It kill DD and undodgeable
    He bomb from midway is insane to one shot DD
    Remove rocket, all DB should be AP bomb except for German science.
    # don't buff AA, don't buff AA..... Just make torpedo more slower.,.. make torpedo slower... So it Will be easier to Dodge for Cruiser and DD. BB Should be punished for camping
    WG should give compensation for making us rat lab for CV rework...
    1 month des meme, memetaur, kebab,  midway and hakuryu for rental.... Problem solved
    Also allow 12 vs 12 CV permatch until next month
  15. Funny
    KingOchaos reacted to NOJ_iron in Bourgogne or Stalingrad   
    Thanks for your comment, I prefer RUM in my coke, but this reads like you mistakenly added salt to your cup of tea rather than the sugar.
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    KingOchaos reacted to th3vikings in Thanks WG !!! (Humour)   
    Got it from reddit 

  17. Cool
    KingOchaos reacted to Wombat56 in Thanks WG for effort on the CV rework, but sadly it didnt work as expected.   
    The trouble is everyone got used to having no CV's in a game. (one CV could keep all the DD's perm spotted in the old system so no real change there)
    Now we have 2 in most games with one squadron each. Wait til the CV's craze is over, then we can really assess the patch.
    Rockets on fighters is the big change for DD's, well time to change tactics, the games changed so must we.
  18. Cool
    KingOchaos reacted to MeglaGnome in Ranked off to a boring start again   
    Ranked is interesting in the DD's and cruisers.
    I've had some great games in the Kitakaze and Kronshtadt.
    Those squads of Musashis die fast without a screen.
    Best game in Kitikaze : Kraken (yummy unprotected BB's and cruisers)
    Best game in the Kron : a nailbiter loss: 3 kills, 280K damage, confederate (in a 6 v 6! I damaged everyone) and high calibre. I ended up 1 v 3, caught the DD round an island and 1 shotted it, dodged the ram from the CA, rushed the Musashi and dev struck it in a drive by, then duelled the CA until the clock ran out. 15 citadels in total.
    I have played the Jean Bart and Musashi, and you are quite reliant on the smaller ships knowing what they are doing.
  19. Funny
    KingOchaos reacted to AntifoulAwl in Why the new patch is absolutely FANTASTIC!!..and I luv it.   
    It encourages players to use the forum. 
    I've seen lots of names new to the forum. Sure, it's nearly all negative feedback, but gloomy comments are better than no comments at all.
    The usage of the forum always seems to be inversely proportional to players satisfaction.
    And the more people on the forum, the better for all.
    Sure - the game may have gone to shit, but at least the forum is growing.
  20. Cool
    KingOchaos reacted to MikuChrome in how do you deal with selfish CA / Cl player ... just a rant   
    "Gameplay experience may varied during online play"

    Asia is not the "worst" server, that reputation comes from those who can't bear "Playing safe" or "Most efficient" meta something I find applies not only to this game but rather every game.
    To make matter worse some certain WoWS youtuber has to "visit" this place just to trash talk about it.

    This game happens to have a perfect recipe for "selfish" plays, Score system a system that never take any form of supportive action into account.
    Heck they even nerf the reward for capturing strategic zone, a major action contributing the team to victory and their reason being "Players are abusing it".
    What's the "Most efficient and most safest" way to play the game to net highest gain and scores ?
    Dealing the most damage possible while taking less in return by abusing kite plays.

    As you can see there's nothing rewarding the players who play supportive or contribute in some other form of action.
    Until these factors are rewarded in some way, there's no reason for players to "Play as a team" 
    Gotta love it right ?
    The goal of this "team based game" is supposed to be about "Doing whatever it takes to gain advantage over the other team" instead we have "Doing whatever it takes to net the most possible gain"
  21. Cool
    KingOchaos reacted to Grygus_Triss in how do you deal with selfish CA / Cl player ... just a rant   
    What you have to do is predict what your team mates are going to do, then take advantage of it.
  22. Funny
  23. Cool
    KingOchaos reacted to dieselhead in Suck game and suck company!   
    11/10 rage post xD
  24. Funny
    KingOchaos reacted to YinMinix0x in Suck game and suck company!   
    <redacted> you wargaming 
    i say "<redacted>you" 
    wargaming company <redacted>
    <redacted> you garbage company 
    my W/K original 48.54 and keep losing to 48.45 
    what the <redacted>with your <redacted>rubbish matching system? 
    Do not trick me ! 
    <redacted>you garbage company 
    it is not a first time. 
    close your <redacted>garbage company!!! 
    and go <redacted>yourself! 
    don"t reply any <redacted>rubbish message to me! 
    don't waste my time. 
    go to correct your <redacted>system informattion about me to return a normal match. 
    i'm not a people you can trick. 
    Don"t reply me that your <redacted>company doesn't control any <redacted> matching result. 
    24 battle 17 lose. 
    Do not trick me ! 
    it is impossible. 
    and every battle i got Ranking 1-3 position. 
    It is not my problem. 
    the problem is your <redacted> matching system. 
    so get me back to a normal match. 
    or you go to <redacted> your self!
    do you know why player hatred with your company? 
    because you and your <redacted> company is Suck. 
    get it? 
    <redacted> you! 

    Insults against WG. Non-constructive thread. Thread locked. User Sanctioned.
  25. Funny
    KingOchaos reacted to AntifoulAwl in Furataka is the worst ship in the game   
    Is this really true?
    So the outcome of the Second World War all hinged on whether a gamer in 2019 could handle a ship?
    Mind blown.
    ~ I'm now going to play Total War Medieval and influence the original outcome of the Battle of Hastings.