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  1. KingOchaos

    Torps hitting islands?

    yea ive noticed times when my torps are on completely different trajectories than what the sights have shown... most noticeable when half o em smash into an island that they should have cleared.... same thing can happen with main batteries at times... i think its desync
  2. KingOchaos

    I'm a battleship

    ohhh so true... that made me laugh... i like playing all classes bar cv, and dd is by far the most on edge o yah seat, with the least reward(im not that good with dd's, just like em) those fkn smallands can burn in hell! Just finished grinding for yamato this last week.. and from fuso up the IJN BB'S rock, although havnt figured yamato yet.. i keep pushing to much with it and getting focused.
  3. KingOchaos

    Going from ranked to randoms is frustrating

    That was exactly what i was saying by... "You know what they say about assumption." I vaguely recalled that you could do this, and i assumed, thus i made an ass of me on the internet! (still fairly certain it was a thing a while ago... which could be years ago for all i know, not that great with time recollection, but never the less i assumed without checking)
  4. KingOchaos

    Going from ranked to randoms is frustrating

    Well how about that. i stand corrected.. it is still utterly meaningless.. The purpose of makra is so people can vent in game, and feel like they are doing something without doing anything. Ive got nothing against people divving(couldn't remember what it was called last night in this game) ... But for example, if I see one PANTS guy on opposition team, it means little, if you see three in a div, you know your team is going to have a hard time of it! Of course they will have much higher win rates working together! but their individual win rates will be lower, for obvious reasons. So comparing a divved win rate with an individual win rate in randoms is not really comparing apples with apples. I do agree with yer about ranked being better than randoms for the same reasons as you. And i get the frustration sometimes in randoms (i swear a lot at my screen), but the odds are incompetence on the enemies team causing a victory is equal to the loses from them. Ohhh dont feel sad for me! I play this game when work is busy, and im tired and cant be bothered with discord or fpsers... and the only diving i do is with "noobs" when i try and get them to play. And it never dawned on me to try and compliment them. You know what they say about assumption.
  5. KingOchaos

    Going from ranked to randoms is frustrating

    People in here whine a lot... fact is the more bad players there are... the more a good player will weight the team. so by having a skill based mm that works perfectly, no one would be above 50% in their group. The good players would loose more, but the bad players would win more. Sooo, ive always been a little confused what they are arguing for... i think they have a poor understanding of statistics. The way people have high makra... is they play in squads, and pat each other on the back everygame... has the advantage o padding win rate with a competent squad as well of course, and yah have a higher meaningless number in your profile.. I mean people will report you for sinking them... seriously its the most useless metric there is. I enjoy ranked, its more fun and engaging, because i earn stars... its fantastic, its like being back in primary school... you get gold stars!
  6. KingOchaos

    You're a sorry excuse for a sailor

    yah win some yah loose some... people switching sides is my pet hate... end o the day dd's can get unlucky same as cruisers, no two ways about it, we've all pulled off those 20km dev strikes on a wasd-ing cruiser, its blind luck, and getting caught in a turn by blind fired torps in a dd happens... but a bb switching sides and leaving a flank light is just bad play... and if a flank collapses you get stats like you see here. you have to be broad side to yah front or side, and both can be angled back at yah. But end o the day, i still much prefer random or ranked.
  7. they could go with a historically accurate gimmick... for instance italian ships could change sides when the are loosing
  8. KingOchaos

    The misery of LtDan_IceCream

    Im more curious why he has vendetta against you? Dan why? And maybe he has so much fxp because he has too much money so spend it all converting his elite xp... Are you rich dan? What happened to that dude that had the balaclava 'ed up ruskie as his animie (like eft scav? ) Its not like there is very many regulars in here yah know.
  9. KingOchaos

    HMS London

    Well i said she w as rubbish in randoms.. then i spy i can get free stuff (tokens) by winning in her so give her another go... first one is a t8 top second t 7 top. I gotta say she has her fun moments.
  10. KingOchaos

    Quacken Unleashed, the meaning of sacrifice....

    Awesome game man well played good clutch.
  11. KingOchaos

    HMS London

    Its got like 13km range... so t6 against t7-t8 it is gonna be a hard boat to do well in.... ive only played one random in it, and it may never be used again...
  12. they got it running of a phone instead of a server... and the charging cord is getting a lil dodgy, so when they plug it in when they go to bed(it also doubles as a devs alarm clock) it dosnt always charge... then goes flat and no one notices till they go to bed and realise the battery has gone flat when they plug it in to charge... well i assume.
  13. KingOchaos

    How do you do it?

    Im shocked... everyone likes co op And against making objectives more challenging! Ive never had a problem doing them through randoms(i have a lot o botes, which makes it easier, mino for example with torp hits, you get torp hits without doing anything different, GK, 250+ secondary hits in a game isnt that unusual)... sure they can get teeth grindy at times, that means you are engaged and having FUN! I have a lot of engaging fun in randoms!
  14. KingOchaos

    How do you do it?

    Im a regular lurker... im well aware many people like popping bubble wrap. And i shall no doubt be crying myself to sleep tonight! But still, this stuff should only be doable in random... or it is just stupid easy.
  15. KingOchaos

    How do you do it?

    pffft co op... popping bubble wrap. All these objectives should only be doable in random... whilst bottom tier. I cant imagine this opinion will be met with any thing other than whole hearted agreement in here!