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  1. KingOchaos

    the unique commander for us cruiser missions.

    Thank you... exactly what i was looking for.
  2. I thought there was a unique commander that came with completing the US cruiser collection? Maybe it was for doing something else? I finished that collection a couple o days ago and didnt recive that commander.... what am i missing, what have i done wrong here... was it even for this collection? I used duplicates fore the last about four or five things for itas well.. But now with the collection completed i can find no mention o this chap, and he isnt in my reserves... that has about 50 spare spots. Any help, or enlightenment would be appreciated. thanks.
  3. KingOchaos

    WG have made T6 PVP unplayable

    I honestly think t8 is the worst for getting shafted by mm. T5 / T6 seem to be 50/50 or 33/33/33 whether you get top bottom or middle. T6 is my go to for making money. The difference between 6 and 8 is less than 8 and 10... look at the bright side, you wont be trolled by a moskva sitting at 20 km, raining firey napalmey death, whilst sitting stationary until you fire, then reversing or moving forward to avoid yah salvo's. comfortably staying that 20km out. No matter what you do. My poor lil NC
  4. This ^^^ Not that im awesome at his game. But the difference between yah average player, like me, and a great player, is they are more flexible. And play to the team... This is something i also must work on... and not suicide early if im with a predominatly defensive team. And it is always better for a team mate to kill that bb before he gets another salvo off, possibly destroying an ally... its a no brainer, i get frustrated with people NOT stealing my kills!
  5. KingOchaos

    Impressions from a new(ish) player

    Icy nicely sums it up... ill add my two cents. There is nothing wrong with hammering bb's to start, for the transition tiers. You get to see all to clearly what works and what dosnt for cruisers and dd's, from a more forgiving perspective. Im loving cruiser and dd play in the tier 5-8 range at the moment. And its from my extensive experience with BB's that i have a fair idea what works and what dosnt with fighting bigger gunned opponents. Ohhh how i love to see abroad side ca! I can relate with what you're saying about mm being only +/- 1. You can have a lot less influence being the bottom tier. But its not hopeless from t5 up... its been worse.
  6. KingOchaos

    2nd Anniversary Achievements

    I shall bump this forward again, well done that sailor for posting this>
  7. KingOchaos

    So easy to get the pink

    Ive been pink once... no torps involved. So there i was in my new mex attacking A on fault line, i see a destroyer go behind an island, i zoom in waiting for him to pop out 5km away on the other side. i see his bow and let rip with a full broad side.... and sink a friendly cruiser with a devastating strike... I think they tweaked it since then so friendlies dont do so much damage... but it takes effort to be pink
  8. KingOchaos

    black screen on logging out

    Why not just force shut down the program with task manager? Does ctrl alt delete not work, or alt tabbing? Is it freezing whole laptop, or just WoW crashing? I also get this occasionally. But just force shut down WoW with task manager.
  9. KingOchaos

    Prepare for UK BB combat mission

    Ap will never start a fire, you might with secondaries if you are close enough... but a bb only has to look angrily in your direction when you are close...and you WILL explode. I love my fiji, but i used my benson and Japanese cruisers to get that one.
  10. KingOchaos

    Advanced stupid

    I can be this guy.. give me a boat with torps, and i have the survival instincts o adepressed lemming on meth with a shot gun... And its not that i dont know better. But id struggle to not attack in that situation. So he could be like me n just suck with dd's and cruisers... Or already outta smoke.
  11. KingOchaos

    Colorado very weak or i angle wrong?

    +End o the day, you can be caught out with a colorado. Its slower, and inferior in basically every way to a nc or iowa, If An aggressive captain wants, he will be able to maneuver to kill you. All you can do is try and be in a postion so it costs them their ships if they do. I ditched my Colorado the second i had my nc, so cant really give advise on how to use it. I kept the New Mex (fantastic bb, excellent $ maker) all the way to the Montanna.. I love USN BB. But must confess at the time i had the colorado, its arty distribuition was just stupid, had to be inside 10k to hit anything(even then all shells could fall forward n aft o a broad side bb)... been several buffs since then mind
  12. KingOchaos

    Montana 306k to research?

    Yes, everything was already unlocked and bought with the Iowa. Im sure i had seen it come up as unlockable a while ago, if i used free xp for the 247k. But because i didnt have the money( As in the in game 20800000 silver), i didnt see the point. So when i had the money i went back, and it showed the 306k only on the actual Montana page. Not the button. This was just before most recent patch, may be fixed now? I unlocked it anyway, because im not that patient, Maybe should have posted this in bug reports. But i dont know if its still an issue. Or really an issue to start with other than clerical.
  13. KingOchaos

    Players quality.

    It should make no difference with the player quality... the odds on the throw o players being with you or against you, is going to be 50%. So, statistically.... it dosnt matter with a big enough sample size. You can attribute as many victories, to the enemies poor player quality, as games you loose for the same reason.... it is very simple statistics! So someone, who is skilled, should tip the scales enough to show. They will have significantly better than 50% victories... However, if skills are matched properly, no one will ever have greater than 50% victories. So you are arguing that you want to loose more games?
  14. Im curious whether its a bug, in the tech tree it said it was 247 k or such to research the Montana. So after getting there finally on the iowa i go to research her, but on the Montana page it says 306k to research... i click the back button, it still shows it as 247k odd(im going of memory here) from the Iowa's page on the Montana's tab. Any way i used my free experience to make difference and brought her any way. Is this a bug? If so, is it supposed to be 306/ 307000 exp or the 247 odd?