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  1. KingOchaos

    I thought the weekend was over...

    what are you talking about... teams in op's? I thought it was competitors in ops... yah know that you have to beat, so yah head em off... block them firing torps to stop them stealing thos sweet damage points etc... thats how ops works dosnt it?
  2. KingOchaos

    removal dates, of the Musashi, Kronshtaht

    It turns out i can buy it right now.... steel is tradable for coal! I won a few thousand steel in containers, and it gives me enough... I thought at the time, well thats propbably the most useless thing possible for me to get from a container... (from nz, i am not going to be playing clan battles at 3am) I have grinded the last 250 k free experince i needed for the Kron as well... but think i will wait for Alaska, with coupon. im off to yolo my brand new musashi into cap and really p%^$%^ of a few " leet" players
  3. KingOchaos

    i will regret this

    After seeing your and drakons posts... i assumed you used up all the bad luck and bought 5 mega's... 2k dub 20? or so hydra (too disappointed to note exact number+ amd three containers o some crappy camo.. Maybe santa can see my rep... and see im bad! DUCK you santa! right in the ear!
  4. I personally think we could fix this imbalance, by say giving the fiji radar and HE, hell the whole line up to mino should have radar and HE with smoke! Smoke isnt the be all and end all... i recall one game in my mino, at the start, our dd has just spotted their first bbs. Im in a good position so slam on the anchors and hard rudder as i smoke... without ever being spotted or even firing a shot, im deleted by a single slavo from a BB, firing blindly into the smoke!
  5. KingOchaos

    is fair

    That is most satisfactory comrade! Although you seem to have hoarded more points... Thankfully uncle joe is long in the ground or it would be an extended holiday in siberia for you!
  6. KingOchaos

    Is it worth to spend $3.5 for cossack?

    I love this dd!!! As a premium i just use my cruiser captains or dd captains on it... with a concealment o 5.5 km (of top o my head, ce and upgrade) It a dd eating monster! , you can get in on cap, spot em, get in position to unleaseh hell with yah 8 guns! whilst choosing when you engage(when you are in ideal angle to em) This lil t8 will destroy shima's and give a fairly good accounting o it self verse most t8/9 dd's. Its tough enough, that as long as yah set your self up to run when yah trip the radars,. you can maintain most o yah hp getting out. (itsa dd still, yah can get unlucky) With quick reload on torp tubes, i just spam em as quick as they load, and get lucky a bit.. with only four it obviously isnt the ideal torp boat, but they are good 10km torps Build wise, same as stated by most, i may go for IFHE for next... the guns are awesome! But could always be more awesome.
  7. KingOchaos

    Beta Tester Patch

    I know its seems dumb, but yes, thats what the build numbers actually mean. Yea, games really arnt now how they were. They use the patronage to fund development now. Im not complaining, a lot of games would never get off the ground without it. But look at triple AAA titles, they dont release with stuff being added, they sell developed addons later, but the assets will all be in the game on release.
  8. KingOchaos

    Beta Tester Patch

    Yea, but traditionally it should be version 1.0.0 out of beta.. less than one is not a full version... Thats how the build numbers work 😉And obviously this isnt closed beta, but maybe it is open beta (are they still adding stuff? or are all assets in place)
  9. KingOchaos

    Beta Tester Patch

    I suppose... we are not up to version 1.0.0 yet... technically in beta, just open beta not closed. Would be my guess.
  10. KingOchaos

    ship in a bottle

    I could fit them in a bottle... and then collect them if that helps
  11. KingOchaos

    ship in a bottle

    Totally unrelated, but my grandad built himself the entire british fleet out of beer crates, and bamboo... amazing detail, the scale was...., hood was about 3 inches long. (the gun barrels, masts etc were made from tiny pieces o split bamboo) He wasnt even navy... just shore based AA gunner.
  12. KingOchaos

    Going backwards

    Happens to me as well, comes and go's though. Yes sometimes i feel like the gods are taunting me! especially with bb's shell dispersion, beautiful broad side criuser going full noise at 10 km... to easy, but no all over pens or misses!! I suggest sacrificing a chicken, or goat maybe?
  13. Im only at 500k fxp... might struggle to get there in two months... I see a lot o Musashi's... not so much Kronshtadt's. Continue the grind in the hope o getting there i suppose... time to start using lots o flags on prem's.
  14. KingOchaos

    Best use of dubloons?

    Awesome. I went for a perma cam for my mino, and save the rest... thank you all.
  15. KingOchaos

    Best use of dubloons?

    Ok, so its better to just buy a prem for earning credits, (i have a few won ones... the leningrad can certainly make money) Yea i already have about 48 odd ships, from getting slots in containers, andthats what i sent a lot of the 2k odd doubloons i got out of super containers, so am probably better of selling excess ships rather than buying more slots... in saying that ive brought Edinburgh three times now. thanks for the insights.