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  1. KingOchaos

    I'm crossing T opponent, why I'm still lose?

    Crossing the tee worked fantastic for wooden hulls... because the shot would travel the length of the ship tearing apart everyone in its wake, where as side ways it would tear apart far less people before the shot exited. because it travels less distance across the ship. Steel hulls, impact fusesd etc kinda negate that advantage..... The other advantage of nelsons classic Trafalgar move, was that his fleet were not shadowing each others fire.. same basic principle of an extended firing line in the infantry... But look at jutland, the brits adavced in line, but they didnt show sides unrtil they turned away, and then they used dd;s to smoke for cover inb the turn... crosssing the T in a steel hull just makes you a bigger target, thats easier to gauge speed, and thus lead.
  2. KingOchaos

    I don't want to skite...

    Speaking for myself... the GK is awesome. Its just fun to play. Sure its rubbish at any ranger. And i use legend upgrade, so only has a 19km main range... But it starts to shine from 12km in. Im just awful in the Montana! End up trying to use it like a GK i think... dosnt pay to get to close with that bote in my experience. But as i said.. im rubbish in the Montana. Also shamelessly stealing maxs thread to show off my last GK game from 20 min ago... Probably my best damage ever.. would be close anyway.
  3. KingOchaos

    Team Kill Penalty

    Ive had the same issue... mine was caused by steam trying to update a corrupted arma 3 update whilst i was playing(it was a 21 gb update, but the download was finished, but it would not install and was causing wows to hang on loading into game)... WoWs just would not load, until i shut steam down... another time it was caused by system deciding to make a backup point... same issue caused.
  4. KingOchaos

    Smoke Screen.

    i use last known position to find range on mini map, and fire forward or aft o that... basically using mini map, same as firing in a cyclone out of visual range... that works alright. Other people are very good at using spotting planes for firing on smoke I have been one shotted in my mino, without ever being detected... or even firing a shot... iwas smoking though, and i think a bb ditching ap for he,just got VERY lucky. it happens.
  5. KingOchaos

    I found Vauquelin quite weak

    when there are cv's... its played as a target drone for the enemy cv
  6. KingOchaos

    Reasons to quit/have a break

    Obviously with perfect skill based mm... no one would have over 50% win rate... just by definition. At the moment.. a better player will weight the odds of his team more in his favor... I see these threads, and i get it(i hate lemmings abandoning a flank as my biggest pet peeve).. but what do you mean by skill based mm... because it would mean the more skilled players would win less... their skill will weight the team less... do you all want to lose more?
  7. KingOchaos


    I only see "two years of wows", or "battle of north cape". I have also been patiently waiting. I assumed it would update with the new year.
  8. KingOchaos

    Winning and Losing on certain Ship

    You need a relatively high number of battles to start getting meaningful stats in any ship... other wise randomness can skew the results massively... so i wouldn't pay much heed to a good ship having a bit o a loosing streak.. you will find it can just be bad luck, but with a greater sample size randomness will have less effect, and the stats will reflect you more.
  9. KingOchaos

    Minotaur Question

    exactly! if someone is shooting at your mino... The odds are you will be very dead long before any other damage plays any part in it.. Because EVERYONE in range will immediately switch to shooting at you... because everyone knows a mino is made of citadels stacked on top of each other... with a wooden frame built around them with citadel ribbons stretched over it to make the hull... like an old canvas bi-plane... thats just lies in port where they claim it has armor.
  10. KingOchaos

    Angry Players

    There is chat in game... and people use it to whine constantly about their team, was he crying in chat before hand? It is however not so common for people to try and sink you. Id have reported him if i were you, if i felt it was malicious.But end o day he will be the one with hot pink name tag. And it could be nothing more than a toddler driving dads boats (caught my lil kids at that before) \ It vexes me greatly when people whine about their team when they loose... i mean i get it, i like winning also, but one team is going to loose! So suck it up princess i say!
  11. KingOchaos

    I need to vent ...

    This reminds me... i played a game once, where i was in my hipper following a dd... he just stops behind island and waits(okinawa, NW spawn/cap a, island on NE of the capture point....) so i get bored and head around island onto flank to spot, immediately into battle with t9 usa BB, a dd, and a cruiser... a brave tirpitz follows me and we give a fairly good accounting of our selves... mean while friendly dd, smokes up about 2km behind us, and starts bravely shooting from his smoke at our spotted targets, i drop torps into usa bb (inside 6km now), and gank hard to avoid enemy torps.... straight into my friendly dd's torps, which he has fired from 2km away, trying to shoot gap between tirpz and me! Yes some people have a funny way o using dd's P.S. i once dropped torps from my mino into a friendly DM from like 1km.... i was zoomed in and thought i had switched back yo guns, hands not where i thought they were on key board... so when i double click mouse my guns sound like torps splashing down... so i really cant point fingers!
  12. I can have lag issues from the war gaming updater... lags out, gets disconnects, instantly fixes it when i shut down the updater(should'nt be bandwidth either, even if it was down loading, something else going on.
  13. KingOchaos

    Shooting accuracy

    I do have to ask... why does everyone want priority target? i assume EVERY ONE is aimming at me if im detected, i can see zero sense in it for a DD.. Before they changed it, and you needed that perk to see if you were detected i could see the point. Not now, it seems its more useful for cruisers or bb's to tell if some one is stealth torping yah or something.
  14. KingOchaos

    Nope! Not wasting my holiday doing this.

    saying it like that it sounds dumb.... but get Daesha to explain in a perky lil posey way... it will sound a lot more reasonable!