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  1. EPIC389

    Why do some people bother joining random battle?

    Life with WOW in low tier battles USN DDs firing off torps at enemies 14km away Teamkill(not intentional but still TKs) Poi, Poi F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12 spam Lemmings Cleveland OP!!!!!!(really?) St Louis OP!!!!(facepalm) CV OP!!!!!(I've heard enough of this ****) Idiots When Is team training going to be implemented in WOWs, cos Im planning to start up a mental health facility
  2. EPIC389

    Throwing all logic out the window

    I don't know why I cant feed my pet Godzilla dodgy chicken, place it on a Destroyer, call it a cannon, send Mothra to attack the enemy, Fire Yamatos at the enemy and fill the map with Death Stars
  3. Listening to this song while playing US DD
  4. EPIC389

    Win Rate vs Stats = Frustration

    Nah. I love the life of a USN DD captain. Everything Fear me(exception being higher tier USN destroyers and some cruisers) Maybe I should try getting better though
  5. EPIC389

    I need some help with BBs.

    Avoid the Nicholas. Im coming for you (not with torps, not many islands in the open ocean eh?)
  6. EPIC389

    The Phoenix - Firestarter

    Fully upgraded Nicholas with the gun attachment that allows it to fire 10% faster Enjoy
  7. EPIC389

    i know it's stupid but rant about blue line, again

    Make em blow up if they don't vacate within 30 secs(enough time for even the slowest ships to get the hell out) Next time 20 secs so on so on
  8. EPIC389

    how skill 'incoming fire alert' work?

    Its a really useful perk along with situational destroyers especially American ones and maybe higher tier Russians(haven't played them yet, don't wanna go through the lower tiers). It allows you to keep pummeling the enemy with your guns and still gives you enough time to maneuver when they fire at you(unless your at extremely close range which you shouldn't be and should be using your torps anyway)
  9. EPIC389

    Win Rate vs Stats = Frustration

    I don't really care about stats(you can check them up-their horrible) But seriously Isn't it to play for fun? Torps, torps, Destroyers murdering everything? Right?
  10. EPIC389

    what did you do after get sunk?

    I normally leave unless the match is really intense. The port music is too good
  11. EPIC389

    USN DD's "Bad"?

    USN DDs rely on ambush tactics to get kills. Its a high risk, high reward mentality. Rules of USN DDs Island is your friend Smokescreen is your friend Ambushing works so well. Many a Cleveland has died to my Clemson.
  12. EPIC389

    How to play US DD ?

    Yes i didnt bother to check the tier 10 DD. A massive fail on my part.
  13. EPIC389

    Simply stupid and criminal.

    Wow has a huge amount of potential to be an absolutely fantastic game. Just chill out and give it a chance. You don't even have to play it. If I were OP, I'd just wait, see what happens.
  14. EPIC389

    How to play US DD ?

    US DD rely on ambush tactics to get kills. You need to use terrain and your smokescreen to be properly effective. Many a battleship has sailed into my torps when they round the island. From what I've seen IJN DD seem to be snipers in regards to torps. The Gearing imo has a lot more potential than the Isokaze due to the fact that the guns can kill. Combined with a decent 16.5 km range, it looks like a reasonably good ship.