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  1. Do you like to see your USN torpedo bombers do full torpedo broadside against targets that don't dodge? Do you like to DD torp silly BBs who travel in a straight line? Do you like to see lots of huge citadel hits? Do you like to set things on fire? If yes, mid/high tier PVE is just for you! You can go full YOLO in anything. 0 1 3 in your USN CV? NO PROBLEM, in fact its silly to even go fighters since enemy CV won't ever chase your planes! Seriously, it is pretty awesome when you have a bad night in PVP, PVE just takes the stress right off and return that smile to your face.
  2. Lawiez

    FPS drop of 0.4.1

    Noticed a pretty big fps drop too, from around smooth 60 on highest setting, to 30ish. Now i'm playing 1 setting lower and its holding steady at 30-50 fps, on north
  3. let me direct you to this... http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/8448-this-is-so-sad/page__fromsearch__1 i believe it was 12 straight losses in the fuso
  4. Man, the detail to the ships are pretty insane. The shadows, the patchy paint job, looks soooooo awesomeeeeee Here's my pepsicola with some rainbow juice leaking out, and some glowing penetrations from HE/AP?
  5. Lawiez

    Questions for BB spotting planes

    Can you clarify? your two statements seem to contradict each other i think? it seems to me you are saying when they are flying to their orbit, they cannot attack planes and, when they are in orbit, they cannot attack planes so when can they attack?
  6. Lawiez

    Why are people so passive?

    Passive is better than actively killing your own team
  7. I've done a quick google search, and couldn't really find an answer to a question I have. Do BB spotting planes help shoot enemy aircraft (ie gives them the inaccurate debuff) Playing as a CV (up to tier 7), I've noticed sometimes if my TBs or Bombers get too close to the BB spotting plane, they get the debuff. Does anyone know whether this is true or not... or is it just my imagination lol
  8. It is really weird, i was in a game in a DD, played the ice map, 1 center capture spot. I stayed hidden and capped 80 of the total points for the win, did 0 damage. I remember i got at least 1200+ (or maybe 1600) exp with no multiplier, 3rd highest on the team. So just now, a game in a DD, 5 base hot spot, 1 plane shot down, 3 base captures, 1 assisted base capture, win with 9 ships remaining vs enemy 5 ships. base exp 171, bottom of the team. In that game, launched 6 salvos of 3x torpedoes, couldn't manage a hit, as i stayed outside detection range, and decided i'll be much more helpful to help cap bases to gain points in case our team starts to lose. If i knew it was such bad exp, i would have done a suicide run on some BBs or the CV. i'm super super confused. I understand the other mode the points are harder and longer to cap, but the difference in exp makes no sense.
  9. Lawiez

    Ban for profanity?

    So i was in a game, tier 9 battle, and i was in a tier 6 aoba (no division) I type "WRONG [content removed] TIER MM" at the start of the match as it was frustrating. A player claiming to be an in game mod says he can ban me if he likes. WHERE DO YOU DRAW THE LINE? And i wasn't the only one who swore in chat in the game, have screenshots. If saying a swear word (and not even aimed at another player, just at the broken mm) is grounds for bans, i wonder how many accounts will be closed? Profanity, PM Sent, Post deleted. (appeals/contests should be made via support ticket.) ~Twisted0ne
  10. Lawiez

    Tell me about your epic moments in the game.

    the cheatland is real there was a silly friendly kongo that just loved to rub against my metallic body, set him on fire two times, i really should watch that wows video about using binoculars all the time lol Edit: OMG I GOT ENUF EXP FOR PEPSICOLA NOW, it was a wonderful ending to a wonderful cruiser
  11. I've finally gotten the tier 8 shokaku unlocked, but i'm a little hesitant to go up to tier 8. I really loveeeeeee the tier 7 hiryu, its my go to ship when i'm on a losing streak with other lines. It sits at a very sweet spot for me, i feel its 222 loadout is a vast upgrade to the tier 6, and can hold my own against the superior usn fighters. It also rarely sees tier 9+ battles. Any other cv captains gone up to the shokaku? wondering what your thoughts are in terms of overall enjoyment / frustration / fun of going up a tier?
  12. So there was a post previously, where Mudfart was asked to change his IGN. I'm currently in a game with a tier 9 iowa, game name Sexsex6969696969696696969 give or take a few 69s. As he is playing a tier 9, i'm wondering how many games he's played and why his name hasn't been banned yet?
  13. Just noticed some pretty cool mechanics in the game while playing a dd. I was sitting stationary at the edge of enemy cap, and i noticed my ship drifts with the waves slightly, so ended up getting pushed outside. I thought that was pretty cool. Maybe it just affects smaller ships, or maybe just my imagination...
  14. Lawiez

    BB repair ability

    ahhh silly of me!!!!!!!!
  15. Lawiez

    BB repair ability

    When BB uses the repair, it sometimes heals for the full amount, and sometimes less than the stated amount. I am assuming it doesn't repair stuff that have been destroyed, just damaged. So, is there anyway there could be a tooltip or something that tells me how much my repair ability would heal for BEFORE i use it? Or perhaps the damage bar should show unrepairable/repairable hp for example if the bb has 2000 hp left out of 10000, with 3000 not repairable, the hp bar would show: 2000 / 10000 ( 7000 ) where the 7000 will be the theoretical max hp you can repair up to regardless of how much repair ability you have