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  1. so I was just reading the patch note and then I stumbled upon something that confuses me a bit --Removed the name plates at the stern of Ishizuchi and Mikasa. why? I just don't really understand the reason for doing this
  2. Hiroshineko


    0.6.12のパッチノートを見たんだけど --Ishizuchi と Mikasa の船尾の銘板が取り除かれました。 何で?
  3. Hiroshineko


    ティルピッツキタ―――(゚∀゚)―――― https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/?item=1431 でもEUサーバーしか売っていない...
  4. Yes and no ,my mother is Taiwanese and my father is Japanese so I understand a little bit of Chinese as well.but I still prefer using English and Japanese more since I totally suck at Chinese.
  5. That's simplified Chinese which means that the guy on the pic must come from China then. And about the racial thing,well I guess we just have to deal with it since the Asia server covers to many different countries so its definitely going to happen from time to time, I've met players that call me a [Redacted], and that made me really upset ,but the only thing you can do is to report him(which is pretty useless) and try not to be mad. Its just a game after all. Derogatory term. Post edited. Users are reminded of Forum Rules with regards to profanity and derogatory terms. ~Syanda
  6. Hiroshineko


    eh.... well from what I saw on some videos it is really a pain to play with the guns on the Mikasa are horribly inaccurate(worse then Tier3 battleships and the range isn't good as well I
  7. Hiroshineko


    EU: The precision of Battleship’s primary guns have been considerably increased at a range of up to three kilometres. アジア:全ての戦艦の射程を最大 3 km 向上 いやいや、これ全然意味違うじゃない!
  8. How about the WG anniversary, I wonder if there is anything special coming besides the Albany Im still waiting for the signal flags however seeing how other servers are selling it in packages and how WG asia deal with sales like this in the past(WOT) , Im starting to worry that we will get some pretty nasty offers specifically for the exp boost flag.
  9. Hiroshineko


    信号旗もありますね で、ASIAサーバーのプレミアムショップは....愛宕か なんでや!
  10. Hiroshineko


    ええ 同感です、互い気をつけましょう そういえばほかのサーバー(NA,EU,RU)は旗を売ってていますけど ASIAも販売するかな?
  11. Hiroshineko


    上がってましたよ すぐ警告されましたけどね
  12. Hiroshineko


    いやあれ実はバカな私の話です 前日投稿したスクリーンショットがガイドライン違反になった そして私はあのポストの内容を(モデレーターの警告も含めて)削除しました なんかご迷惑をかけて本当にすみませんでした...<(_ _)>
  13. Hiroshineko


    わかりました <(_ _)>
  14. so are we getting it as well? cause NA,EU,RU server already have them in the shop now
  15. Hiroshineko


    ドイツ艦のデータが出たよ EUフォーラムから http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/23447-german-ship-stats/#topmost   ティルピッツさん本当に魚雷持ってるんだね