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  1. JambalayaJim

    Northern Lighs map

    I thought it had the same layout but I'd not seen North (couldn't remember the name anyway) since tier three or four. ^.^
  2. JambalayaJim

    Northern Lighs map

    I've been getting this map all day & I had to know.. Is everyone else completely fed up with this map as much as I am? It's so amazingly stale for me. Every single match is just people doing loops of the base shooting at the opposite team doing exactly the same thing. & the second you try to get a flank or something you're suddenly the front line & you're killed instantly. It just doesn't feel like a map that has any thought put into cruisers in my opinion. I'm lucky to get ten target hits in a match because I can't get anywhere near in range. Or if other people aren't having these issues in the map what would you suggest for a Pensacola Captain to do?