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  1. bronzedeagle

    Where are the new ships

    the only bit that bugs me is the soviet tree was meant to be released a week before open beta. So these delays are getting annoying
  2. bronzedeagle

    New ships where?

    these ships were meant to have been tested back during closed beta. hating how long they keep putting them back. its the third delay. i want them to get the ships right but come on dont announce ships coming months ago then over and over say they are coming and still another month before we get them.
  3. bronzedeagle

    Where are the new ships

    where are our new ships!!!!
  4. bronzedeagle

    "Counter Balance" of CV's

    CV's OP i dont think so. and as more players join the game and learn about how to play the game CV's will have even less effect. and for CW you will find CV's they will use 3 max and for a scouting role so the BB's can use there max range for guns. my clan will most probably be using top lvl cruisers more as they provide amazing air cover and rate of fire that will sink most BB quickly
  5. bronzedeagle

    Germany ships, commanders and planes?

    after tier 5 everything in the russian tech tree will be paper ships or post WW2. its highly likely the bismark will be released as a premium ship when the royal navy trees go live. but yes soviets are next. not 100% sure if game is going open beta before royal navy though only time will tell
  6. the british should be released when the game goes live. but russian line when game goes open
  7. bronzedeagle

    Forum issues

    hi i am still tagged weekend tester. i have been actively testing now for a month and wish for this to be rectified. hard to provide feedback when unable to view the forums
  8. bronzedeagle

    Weekend tester bug ? It doesn't change to Alpha tester.

    im having the same drama. been a alfa tester for alot longer then a week. still cant access the forums.