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  1. Jauger

    CV's in or out

    Not once have i seen a comment on the ability of CV's use of bombers or torpedo planes which seem to attack the same target without returning to the carrier to rearm, am i missing something? Carriers are part of the game so they should stay but be more realistic .
  2. Jauger

    CV Update Plans - up to 0.8.4

    Not a bad idea lets ruin the game completely and have capping airplanes and cvs with the ability to never need to rearm by going back to the carrierCV's have unlimited planes so they don't have to be careful of hit the F key. So that just leaves the CV's, so it should be a whole new game just for the guys you want for the game the CV's, so your a ship that can do all the jobs you had made for world of ships but now you don't need the rest just a Good CV player and the game is yours. We are just the bots for the Good CV players. on a lighter note I bet war gaming when we first did the testing never thought that so many people could be ripped off so easily as they are doing so now. Sad
  3. I love the Atlanta no matter how good or bad it is (suits me)as for the game mechanics changing, if a cyclone(storm) is approaching one would think the waves would be affected as well which means the ships would also be affected. I wont even bother to mention Cvs
  4. If you buy a brand new car for example you know what you are buying and if it doesn't do that you have a legal right to get it fixed. I myself have purchased several Premium warships not counting what I spend on Gold(that's my fault) in maybe a vain attempt to play better (not a real good player BTW) as I love the game warts and all. the fact remains if we buy something we expect to get what we paid for , I don't care if I am a good or bad player but let me play with the ships as I had bought them. Cheers
  5. Jauger

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    I feel that we have drifted from fact to fiction with CVs and their planes. Why do the planes have the ability to fire 2 salvos instead of one? I mean I was not aware of torpedo planes carrying 2 torpedoes using them without rearming. By doing the above and cutting down on the AA strength on ships I feel they Wargaming is just out to make money by forcing us to go the carrier route. On a high note I enjoy following players on Twitch playing carriers and not wasting my money(truth be known I am not a good Player) I just like to play. Regards Jauger