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  1. FROSTBITE_777

    Self-Illuminating Textures

    So you found out how to make things glow? Nice. I managed to find and extract all the arpeggio camouflages and move them to the res.mods folder so that they always show up whether with the camo unlocked or not, complete with glowing, but I would like to know if/how to change the kongo purple glowing to a different set colour, it appears the text files control the glowing colours because after editing the .dds files purple decals to blue/green etc... they appear to not change colour in game, most likely related to the text file glow which may overlay it. And im curious to find out so I can make my arpeggio klein field damage skins glow too, I currently replaced the damage textures with new ones I made but would be cooler to have that glowing effect, the AP round impact holes already glow because the "fire" effect" inside does, with an awesome ripple effect along with it, but I do want to replicate that effect with the klein field on the ship damage texture. (Sorry if I make not much sense, just finding it hard to explain)
  2. FROSTBITE_777

    Self-Illuminating Textures

    Which ones? Already have glowing skins? Ive seen some fan made fog ship skins but sadly with no illumination
  3. FROSTBITE_777

    Self-Illuminating Textures

    As we now see in the new arpeggio skins in WoWs, they have glowing skins, what my question is about, is HOW exactly can we replicate this glowing function in a skin mod? Some neat tron warships or custom fan-made arpeggio ships (that actually glow) would be nice.