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  1. Sz_Benny

    Aircraft Carriers Top of Team

    Good replies. Really like the idea of increasing close range aa guns making last second torp drops costly. But yeah, i'm guessing they would have to increase torp speed, otherwise theres way too much time to manoeuvre and dodge them.
  2. Sz_Benny

    Aircraft Carriers Top of Team

    Anyone else noticing Cv's at the top of the team list nearly every single game? Don't know if i'm just incredibly unfortunate, but I've played around 100 battles and there seems to be a problem here... I'm guessing this is probably due to torpedo bombers and their ability to drop torps literally 40m from your ship making them literally impossible to avoid all of them, which isn't very nice when only one of the torps can take away half your hp. I also noticed that the planes can fly through obstacles, making islands (which would normally protect you from torpedo's) useless from planes. The torpedo bombers can fly right through the island and drop torpedo's from the islands side. Don't know if it is just torpedo bombers that are the problem but something seems wrong based on the results Cv's are getting every game. Edit: Sorry for not being clear, I meant cv's are top of team xp list , not the initial loading screen team list.