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  1. Albinokuh

    They just watch you die.

    This is a normal day in WOWS In any game from T3- T10 you can see this more often: 3 x examples after the Enemey are spotted - DD go for Cap, CA will move away - CA support DD ,BB move to mapborder - BB go in brawl , CA/DD move in the opposide direction i think many player don know that the must pay a fixed service fee doesnt matter if the are undamaged - damaged or destroyed.
  2. Albinokuh

    Buying konig albert

    The beauty just arrived my port, cant wait to test it.
  3. Albinokuh

    Need advice about me (XP_On)

    Now is also in test the Clan System When WG released the clans in near future you can look for clan and fight in division and learn from other Captians, spec. teamplay.
  4. Albinokuh

    Game length and smaller battles

    20 min is just fine, need no changes. Need short action ---> WOT
  5. Albinokuh

    My Current personal Target in WoWs

    Credits and Montana
  6. Albinokuh

    Tier 5 Elimination Thread, SEA edition

    +1 König, nice brawler, CA killer, good armor -3 Furutaka , stock = XP Pinata
  7. Albinokuh

    Not liking the new sound effects

    Gun sound by the BB spec. T9 FDG is only pfffff, pffff . Big guns big sound, wind sound to lound
  8. Albinokuh

    Premium Shop Fiasco

    The ASIA premium shop offered items is in compare to RU/EU/NA Premium much smaller. RU/EU/NA have a greater selection same time nice packages. ASIA Server mostly standard items.. Most of the new premium Ships are offered 2-3 weeks after the are released on the other Server. Actual Example: König Albert, up to now cant buy it. I can understand a time delay between the areas , but i cant understand so long delays . My feeling is special on the Ru/NA Premium Shops the management are try to offer a nice selection on premium goods and make it for the customer more interessting. One Game 4 different Shops, 1 Class Customer , 2 Class Customer, 3 Class Customer , 4 Class Customer?
  9. Albinokuh

    What ship you want to see in WOWS?

    BB SMS Derfflinger https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMS_Derfflinger SMS Von der Tann https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMS_Von_der_Tann SMS Macksensen https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mackensen-class_battlecruiser All Ships German " Kaiserliche Marine" WWI
  10. Albinokuh

    Is anyone gonna buy the graf spee ?

    Yes i will buy it
  11. Grosser Kurfürst and Montana TX Grosser Kurfürst i need estimated 60 to 70 games to own it. Next goal is grind with the Iowa the Montana.
  12. Albinokuh

    Premilary Stats for the

    20 sec reload same as Scharnhorst.
  13. Albinokuh

    Premilary Stats for the

    Graf Spee 6 have only 6 Rifles and you must show a lot of broadside to fire all in 1 x volley. Also WOT can be change after the test phase the DMG for balance reason, was same by Scharnhorst.
  14. Albinokuh

    Premilary Stats for the

    G7 Steinbutt Torpedos 38100 Alpha damage Not bad by 65Kn