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  1. _Storm

    Why Asia server is the best server

    No need to thank god, just send a letter to the Communist party of China expressing your sincerest gratitude for their internet firewall.
  2. WG have already stated it though, and everyone else is just repeating those statements: http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/15172-a-glorious-day/ There's the answer you are looking for, again, straight from WG. http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/prem-ships-tech-tree/ These are the gold prices, which are universal among servers, so those are completely accurate for this region.
  3. "When I'm on a win streak, it is purely because I am the best, yet when I eventually lose it is in fact, not my fault, rather a conspiracy on the game's behalf to force me to lose, thereby ending my win streak, for reasons that are only apparent to the developers".
  4. _Storm

    About Bismarck...

    I herd it floats.
  5. How many months since the game went into open beta? I'm so incredibly unsurprised that carriers are still woefully out of touch I'd find it funny if I didn't still enjoy the game.
  6. Says the person crying about getting a warning.
  7. _Storm

    Maintaning WR In WOWS.

    Um, the only way to get a decent win rate and then maintain it is to always play as best you can and to always be improving, selling ships because you don't do well in them is absurd unless you don't actually enjoy playing them (the two often correlate with each other, but not always), as to divisions, they're a multiplier, if you suck chances are you're playing with two other guys who also suck, and you're going to lose a hell of a lot more than if you had been playing solo, while the opposite is true.
  8. In the context of the title "their" is definitely the correct word, otherwise it would have to be written totally differently, something along the lines of: "they even tk the team members that are located there", which isn't what the op is writing about.
  9. _Storm

    Maintaning WR In WOWS.

    All of these thoughts on "certain times of the day are better or worse" theories have existed for years now, and not a single one has anything more substantial than anecdotal "evidence".
  10. _Storm

    Can any one explain how the repair cost work?

    It'd be a linear scale of more hitpoints of damage taken, greater the repair costs, with some randomisation so its a little different each time. WG won't ever say what the formula is, because they are under the impression that the less the player knows about the game, the better off everyone is, which is rather strange if you ask me.
  11. _Storm

    Gaming Peripherals

    Mouse: SteelSeries Rival Keyboard: Corsair K70 Headset: Hyperx Cloud Gamepad: Pzntbox one controller (Though all of this is a bit moot as the rest of the PC is in the mail somewhere).
  12. _Storm

    US carriers are getting nerfed next update

    OP is the definition of a broken record.
  13. _Storm

    Upgrades: AA range or main gun accuracy?

    AA gets knocked out fairly easily by HE shells, so anything that boosts your AA becomes less effectiveness unfortunately quickly, so usually I would go with upgrades that boost my primary guns.