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  1. It is my number one frustration with this game and World of Tanks also that camo factors are ridiculously high. If a bloody destroyer moves or a tank moves in open seas or field IT HAS TO LOOSE IT"S CAMO RATING!! It is bloody well visible. If you make it otherwise you are destroying the reality of the game. And you guys bash on endlessly about how realistic the game has to be. I call BULLDUSHT. And for the poor sods that bleat that destroyers wouldn't be able to sink battleships, well that would be a fact wouldn't it. Destroyers only sank battleships that had been pummelled by other battleships or heavy cruisers Get it right because there are a lot of games that don't pander to this camo bollocks
  2. This may be a problem of my own making as I am a computer idiot but I would like to be able to know what ship I am battling against or what ship my teammates are in. I can identify if they are in destroyers, cruisers or battleships etc. I was wanting to know how to identify each ship if it is Tirpitz , Orion or Bellerphon etc. This may be a power issue/ capability issue with my computer. As it is I need to pedal furiously to keep it operational during most battles. Appreciate any KIND feedback