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  1. Tinybear


    Just look how many times I add something at the forum and you will know I don't check that much. Total post is 7
  2. Tinybear

    Submarines may be coming

    Have anyone play Steel ocean, they have SUBS and is a lot of fun, with a game like WOWS better graphic and better game will be great.
  3. Tinybear


    I like to know when this game going to add SUB, will be great fun and more challengers.
  4. Tinybear

    ghost DDs

    I had the same thing at the week end I was at the middle noware and the water was exploding beside me, no ship even 20 km or more wich I couldn't see but the water was splashing like someone was shotting at me.
  5. Tinybear

    Can't login

    Yesterday was fine but when I try to login today first my password was missing from the login screen then I type my password the error message appear saying "error connecting server incorrect e-mail or password”. What the hell going on with this game I done so many password changed in this game is not joking and now when all was going well this happen, who going to pay for my missing day in action, this is costing me a day of my premium acc.
  6. Tinybear

    blue lines and maps

    This blue line starting to get me off,people don't play the game the ships all go to this stup... blue line, why your guys don't make a long reef so ships can't cross and if the ships go there they have something solid to hit not just a crap line and how about doing a night fight and a fog day fight this will create a bit more challenger to all. I'm sorry if I was a bit rude about the lines but is getting a bit silly thank you.
  7. Tinybear

    Atlanta ship

    I brought a Atlanta ship and to be honest if I could I will get my money back I would, this ship is totally crap nice looking but crap I use my St louis and always kill ships but with this Atlanta I don't do anything, luck if I can hit someone for a premium ship I spec to have a good ship instead a got a rust bucket ty.