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  1. I've seen this in a while. I remember seeing this on minotaur too, Is this a kind of camo or glitch? And if its the problem how do I fix this? Check file form the launcher doesn't fix this thing
  2. shinedesu

    Is IFHE worth for Bismarck?

    Seems so complex. I'm at bayern now. Its too late to get the bismarck for testing by myself before redistribution cost will be expired. So the conclusion is.. -Its good for Gneisenau and Großer Kurfürst. But Gneisenau isn't good at secondary build. -Its good for Bismarck and Friedrich der Große But it isn't really worth the 4 point with the sacrifice of fire chance. Is this right?
  3. After Manual secondary aiming, Advance and Basic firing training, Is IFHE worth for Bismarck?
  4. I turned on that once they update this feature to the client and the problem we are talking about is the first one from 4 things you said.Look at my picture.
  5. ok so... considering this is a bug, or broken sync-thing with the ribbon right? Thanks for your answer
  6. I'm curious about penetrating mechanic that doesn't do and damage. It's not "not penetrated" or "over penetrated" its about penetrate with no damage. This seem to occurred a lot when use BB shooting AP at the enemy BBs, and sometime even some CA like IJN CA from broadside. I've heard that each part of the ship has individual HP and if HP is depleted it may not cause any damage,BUT this is not relate to that mechanic because "penetrated with no damage" could happen to the enemy with almost dead, half HP, or even full HP. See the picture for example thus taken form the first shot of the match. An the enemy is IOWA with FULL HP after taken my shot. What is the reason for no damage?
  7. "The above number of battles and Tier X owned is calculated according to the data on 16/09/2016 @ 20:00 UTC+8. [uPDATED]" But dont tell us the time they give us....... Ok fine Thx guys
  8. http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/wows-1st-bday-celebration/ By playing more than 500 battles, you will be eligible to earn 10 sets of "Dragon Flags". What does this mean? My account played for 19xx battles and even have 1 tier X now but I got only 10 Dragon flags. Or I must play every 500 battles to earn its in event period? or something? Could someone explain this event for me.
  9. shinedesu

    Need a little help[Main battery range disappear]

    Sorry but I forget the source, btw it is only human sound mod(not gun sounds or else) Its ok I will wait for the next patch to see is it solve or not, or maybe reinstall the game. Thx guys
  10. shinedesu

    Need a little help[Main battery range disappear]

    Yes but its only sound mod (In folder has only "banks" folder and the sound mod contain in that folder) This bug start happen at saturday evening (4/6/2016) I though at that time when I start the wows launcher it has a micro patch right???? PS. I used "CHECK GAME INTEGRITY" from wows launcher and it won't solve the bug.
  11. shinedesu

    Need a little help[Main battery range disappear]

    Its still happen even restart the game, restart my laptop and play with no mod.
  12. Need a little help[Main battery range disappear] As seen in the picture the maximum firing range circle is disappear, it didnt even have a mark and I cant mark it(because it didnt allow to -.-) How is this happen..