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  1. checkoonrat2

    About Gameplay time.

    Sometime i feel like this game take too long time and make me bored So i suggest to make this game faster ,like increase everything speed. if game can end in 10-15 . It would be good. Or Do you have any better idea? ๋Just discuss.
  2. checkoonrat2

    invisi-fire by ichase

    THIS make US DD easier to play . Because they have poor torpedo. I think invis fire just like invis torpedo in ijn DD .
  3. checkoonrat2

    100% hate Carrier and torpedo

    If you don't like CV or torpedo, you should play pirate of the caribean. Those thing are signature of this game and i think they are on their point if you met CV at ALPHA TEST or CBT before JAPANESE CV come you will CRY instade.
  4. checkoonrat2

    Cleveland BS OP HE SPAM!

    This going to be funny
  5. checkoonrat2

    Cleveland BS OP HE SPAM!

    Hm, just 152 mm. gun . And you will rage again with mogami .
  6. checkoonrat2

    Carrier Tips and hints

    Use ALT to manual drop // they have arming distance, just practise then you will love it.
  7. checkoonrat2

    get rid of manual dropping of torps on planes

    They already have arming distance.
  8. checkoonrat2

    get rid of manual dropping of torps on planes

    Well, CV take 11 Sec to take off 1 squad then fly to target to torpedo them then return ,this almost 4-6 mins for me when i play. {CV can't do DMG as much as other ships If we remove manual drop then BB CA or DD can avoid it. then can do few DMG} .<== Not a good idea.
  9. YOU should contact ironguard.
  10. checkoonrat2

    New Face on Asian Forum

    Reporting for duty
  11. They add more player recently so wait and check your email every hours. Show your patient.
  12. checkoonrat2

    Requesting OFF topic section

    Voted.......Can't wait for it.
  13. checkoonrat2

    Someone Help!