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  1. GfTwR

    Any hints for tier VIII BBs?

    No, I am not. I try to find the other way to play these ships, so I could play better like when I play the NC. But no matter how I try to figure out these ships, and I can't make them work like NC. That's why I ask for others' help. But if you think that I was trolling, I have absolutely no right to change your mind other than saying that I actually need help.
  2. Hi, everyone I accept that I am not a good player. But I want to improve my skill, can anyone give me some trick to play these BBs? Here's my stat Yes, it's not some thing to be shown, but I can't figure out how to play these ships like I could confidently play the North Carolina. My survival rates are also out right garbage. I want to know how you guys play these ships, so I might adjust mine to be better use for the team. Thank you in advance.
  3. GfTwR

    Thanks WG.

    So I got a little money to spare after new year, so I bought 2 Santa boxes today. The first box I got 25 dragon flags which was nice, but the highlight was the second one. Oh, boy... I could hear those helpless baby seal crying right now... Well, thanks WG. Hope it's another great year for you guys and other players too. Happy holiday, everyone
  4. Maybe it's overboard for other people. But for me, this is just another simple calculation I have to do at university everyday.So, yeah... It's completely normal to me.
  5. First, let me said that English is not my language, but I'll try my best. TL;DR Akizuki is the better than Khabarovsk at starting fire. Alright, here we go! I've been waiting far a really long time to get my hand on this IJN ship, and let me be honest. Everyone know that tier X destroyer, the Khabarovsk, was the really annoying fire starter DD, right? What if I told you that, the Akizuki could start more fire than the Khabarovsk could. Let's do some calculation, shall we? Let assume that 1 shell could start only 1 fire. At stock configuration, Akizuki could fire total of 8(guns) * 20(RoF) = 160 shells of 5% fire chance while Khabarovsk could send out 8(guns) * 12(RoF) = 96 shells of 8%. Assume that each ship is shooting at tier own tier, so I have to multiply the Anti-Fire Coefficients into the there fire chance. Akizuki: 5 * 0.6337(tier VIII) = 3.1685%, with 160 shells Khabarovsk: 8 * 0.5005(tier X) = 4.004%, with 96 shells After that, calculate these 2 at their max HE spamming configuration Akizuki max (BFT+DE): (5+3)*0.6337 = 5.0696, with 176 shells Khabarovsk max (BTF+DE+MBM3): (8+3)*0.5005 = 5.5055, with 120 shells Now I'll use binomial probability to calculate the probability to start amount of fire in 1 minute if all the shell they fire hit the target. Search wikipedia if you want to know what it is. I use this probability because we know the maximum of shell each ship could fire in one minute (n) and also the probability to start fire in each shell (p), the rest is to calculate the amount of fire from 0 to n time to obtain the probability of the amount of fire could occur in 1 minute. With spreadsheet program, I could calculate all the probability and plot graph easily. Now, let's look at the graph All of these line look like the a nice example of PMF of binomial ('cause it's binomial!). Still, it's still too rough to be able to understand, so I'll use inverse CDF of this graph That's a lot easier to understand. By integrating all the the probability from that point to [n], we get the probability of starting fire 'at least' [k] fires in 1 minute. And as you can see Akizuki has higher probability to start the same amount of fires than Khabarovsk in both stock and top form. And that's not just when shooting at the their tier. Akizuki has higher to start any amount of fire than the Khabarovsk. So, don't feel bad to use your HE, even though they do less to none damage, you could start more fire than the Khabarovsk :v
  6. GfTwR

    HANAZUKI (DD-934)

    You didn't get my point. Lo Yang, she is not just a Benson-class destroyer but the USS Benson herself. Anshan, she was Gnevny-class destroyer which you can find in VMF tech tree. Murmansk, Omaha-class in the VMF tech tree. HMS Campbeltown, a.k.a. USS Buchanan, Wickes-class destroyer. Want it or not, this game already has ships those're not in just one tech tree. Literally, they're selling the already existing ship to other nation, so why not the Hanazuki? They didn't force you to buy her to play the Akizuki-class. But I'm the USN main and I can pay for her, so it wouldn't be wrong if I demand for something that already be done lots of time, right?
  7. GfTwR

    HANAZUKI (DD-934)

    Anshan and Lo Yang
  8. GfTwR

    HANAZUKI (DD-934)

    Well, at least she has hull number, unlike Nagato
  9. GfTwR

    HANAZUKI (DD-934)

    Well since Akizuki will arrive soon™. Will it be possible for USN will get a new premium? An tier VIII Destroyer, "Hanazuki DD-934" Basically, she's an Akizuki-class DD that was turned over to USN after the war. I think it would be great if the USN tech tree could have her as a premium.
  10. GfTwR

    Correct aircraft's name

    As you can see, at current state, it's "Grumman TBM-3". If I remember correctly, it suppose to be "General Motors TBM-3" because every TBM avenger and FM wildcat are built by GM and TBF and F4F are built by Grumman
  11. GfTwR

    suggestion: USN 5"/38 secondary buff

    If you said that, there is no reason to stop USN from getting the history accurate RoF, right?
  12. GfTwR

    suggestion: USN 5"/38 secondary buff

    This is Asia server, right? Then I will assume that most of the time the new player will start with the IJN line. Which is safe to assume that the first time they play the IJN line they will have less experience than when they play the USN line. Now let's turning the table around and look at the place where people will play USN first then IJN, the NA server. (Also I won't count Tirpitz because she's a premium that anyone can buy) at NA server NC have more battle than Amagi, and safe to assume that her damage is a lot lower because her captains still have less skill, compare to the one in Amagi (which pretty much will be their second line to grind after finish USN). But at Asia server, even with only half of battle of Amagi, NC still has less damage output. Unlike NA server, I don't think that most of the NC's captain are new to tier VIII battle as Amagi's. Now let's check Colorado at NA (BTW Colorado didn't have 5"/38, exclude Wee Vee, which is kind of off the topic but I gonna do it anyway). 5000 different in damage between Colorado and Nagato. And according to my assumption, NA Colorado will perform worse because captain's lag of experience but at Asia, it should be reverse at Asia, right? Well, Colorado still have less damage. And you even said it yourself that XP might come from other source like defending caps, capping points, but those thing doesn't have anything to do with ship's performance. Any ship can cap and def anyway. In case of Iowa and Izumo, I assume that's it's because the tier X. At IJN line, Yamato is more than enough reason to quickly finish Izumo and never look back, while the USN, you have Montana that have to fight with the lolpen machine, so lots of experience people go back to Iowa and prey that they won't fight Yamato. Also, getting closer to the front line means you would take more hit from everything, translate to higher repair cost, while the IJN BB can sit back at the range that cruiser can't hit you back which translate to the lower repair cost. Now if some ship manage to sneak into the secondary range of IJN, it would be hurt so bad, but for USN, nah... as long as her guns wasn't on your side you don't have to care. For DamCon team, 20 second immunity actually didn't help much, in fact it will just save you one more salvo from a CA, it didn't even help you finish your reload. Now, with useless under-performed secondary, what is the point of USN to getting close but still can't be a sniper. Like I said, even with 15RPM NC will only have 270,000 DPM, same level as Bismarck with less range, and no torpedo like Tirpitz, and 60,000 DPM behind Amagi. I don't see any problem with that, it's not like I can control them anyway, but extra damage and reward for being a spearhead for team is always nice. You should try to be a spearhead and only rely your gun while other BB's secondary start ripping you apart, it's not rewarding at all. BTW I got average damage of 61,000 in my NC, and I know what I am doing. I just want a better reward for doing my job.
  13. GfTwR

    suggestion: USN 5"/38 secondary buff

    So IJN have more accurate gun at long range and also have the best Secondary for brawling, not to mention more HP to withstand fire and HE linear damage. Did I mention better torpedo protection yet? Oh yes most of the time they are faster, while USN have good useless stat like AA. If CV player gonna attack, he/she will do it anyway. I wouldn't be bought by just 1 good but almost meaningless stat, while the other line beat you in everything like this. And armor means almost nothing in this game but larger HP pool does, thanks to HE and fire. If you believe in your statement, USN is now next-to-useless line now while IJN is the got it all line. (And if the German got accuracy module, USN will become even more useless)
  14. GfTwR

    suggestion: USN 5"/38 secondary buff

    Not to tell that you're wrong, but I'll give you some number from my calculation for some new perspective, hope that you won't count this as an offend. Amagi 14 cm/50 3rd Year Type RoF: 6-10 Broadside amount: 8 AP shell weight: Type 2 AP- 38 kg Total mass/minute: 1824-3040 kg 12 cm/45 10th Year Type RoF: 10-11 Broadside amount: 2 HE shell weight: Common Type 0 HE- 20.3 kg Total mass/minute: 406-446.6 kg Total mass/minute: 2230-3486.6 kg/minute North Carolina 5"/38 Mark 12 RoF: 15-22 Broadside amount: 10 HE shell weight: Common Mark 32- 24.5 kg Total mass/minute: 3672-5390 kg/minute Total mass/minute: 3672-5390 kg/minute source: navweaps as you can see, in real life North Carolina, even with lowest RoF she can outmatch Amagi's best in secondary fight, thanks to AP HE mechanic in game that's impossible, but my point is the real NC had good dual purpose secondary and these gun actually did their job well (ask Kirishima). I don't know why WG chose to give 5"/38 just 10 RPM when that thing should be at least 15, which was really standard for 5"/38 that some ship like USS Johnston DD-557 can do 22 RPM but that's not the case for NC. Instead they just give 10 RPM to the gun that good at rapid firing. For me, that's not sound like balance, just ridiculous. Edit 1: Changing name of 140mm gun's ammo
  15. GfTwR

    suggestion: USN 5"/38 secondary buff

    Even with 15 RPM, Showboat would only have 27000 DPM with 2 km shorter range than Bismarck, and 6000 less DPM than Amagi, which is ridiculous because NC suppose to beat Amagi at close range. So 5km accurate rapid fire makes sense for me.