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  1. Terkoz

    Big increase in ping to NA server.

    I did a google search for that software and it has almost nothing but bad reviews so I might give it a miss. Glad it worked for you though.
  2. Terkoz

    Big increase in ping to NA server.

    I'm in Brisbane. I was staying stable at around 110 which is exactly the same as I was getting on the SEA server. However every day for the last week it has been hovering around 180 and spiking every so often to 220ish.
  3. Heya for those also playing on the NA server are you finding the ping going up about 50% in the last week or so. Mine has gone up from 110 to around 180 and even higher for the last week and getting nasty lag. Is this only me or is there something with the pipe between us?
  4. Terkoz

    Too many AFKers

    Wow there is so much irony in this statement it could set off metal detectors...
  5. Terkoz

    Too many AFKers

    Hmmm yeah .. because sleeping children have never been known to wake up crying. ;) I don't know you from adam of course but I think it's a safe bet you wouldn't ignore your child if he/she was calling for you. And if you seriously think you should ignore him for the sake of a video game then you have a really warped view of life and I'm wasting my time discussing this with you.
  6. Terkoz

    Too many AFKers

    So you shouldn't play any team based game if you have anything in your life that might pull you away temporarily from you computer? Are you saying if your child was somewhere in the house crying his eyes out because he hurt himself you would wait till the end of the round to help him? I don't think so.
  7. Terkoz

    Too many AFKers

    Have you guys even considered this thing called Real Life? That people may be suddenly called away from their computers unexpectedly? I've had to leave a match in progress several times over the last few months for lots of different reasons and I haven't always been able to make it back before the end of the round. Not everything is done with evil intent. Consider that before you report every person who goes afk. And it's also happened during the loading process so there have been times when the guns may have been in their default position.
  8. For those that don't want to keep two launchers you can easily edit the config file to allow you to chose which server you want to log into. It is a simple change and easy to use. The only drawback is there might be a window between the versions getting updated where you can't play due to a mismatch. You also have to re-apply the change after each update as well as it gets overwritten each time. It only takes a few seconds though. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/21275-tip-how-to-change-server-and-play-wows-on-all-servers-eu-na-ru-asia-using-one-game-client/
  9. Terkoz

    Friendly fire

    To me it looked like he fired torps from his rear tubes just as his ship swung right on the blue line and his hull hit the left most torpedo before it moved past his bow.
  10. I can only comment on the lower tier matches but so far the quality of the games has been pretty high. People are sticking together quite well and pushing forward so I've been enjoying the games I've had so far. I've had to really work for each kill which is better in the long run. One thing I have noticed is premium is actually more expensive on the NA server. I had a quick look at the store and where it's around $14-$15 a month on the SEA store they wanted $17-$18 on the NA one. I didn't compare the ship prices though.
  11. I'll keep both for now. I have one or two clan mates who still play this game once in a blue moon so I'll play the SEA account with them. I am fine with starting the US one from scratch. I didn't mind a lot of the early tier ships.
  12. I've just spent several hours playing on the NA server. Over the course of the day the number of players dropped from 11k to 6k but it was more than enough to get matches within a couple of minutes and this is among the first couple of tiers. My ping ranged between 100 and 110 and 70+ fps (from Brisbane). The chat was busier although not a lot of tactics are called at level one and two. ;) It wasn't toxic either which I was a little worried about. I'm going to keep playing both for the time being. I have spent money on my SEA account have a couple of weeks of premium left.
  13. Thanks for the info guys. I created an account on the NA server and found the info to modify the server selection. As you said Krieg the ping I am getting is exactly the same as I was getting on the Singapore one. I don't normally play at this time of the day but I was getting matches quickly and it was good to see some friendly chat for a change. This is only from three quick matches though.
  14. I love this game but lately have been getting very disillusioned with the matches I've been having on the SEA server. No one plays as a team and far too many of my matches seem to consist of my team sitting at the back of our side of the map waiting for the enemy to come to them. When I do try to suggest a strategy nine times out of ten there is no response. The few good matches I've had have been where there are a few responsive english speakers who are keen to team up. Has anyone here tried the US servers and is it worth restarting on them? Is the ping playable and what are the people like playing the game there? Is it possible to have two copies of the game with one for each server? I really need to do something as I'm getting tired of playing by myself. Last night was almost the last straw. Absolutely nothing went right. Getting tired of sitting at the back of the map I tried some sneaky attack runs and it was a disaster. To give you an idea how my luck was going the last match of the night I managed to get to the other side of the map completely undetected and was closing on a single ship when a torpedo came out of no where too close to avoid. I had no team mates on this side of the map so god knows what made the guy fire them into open water like that but it shows the sort of night I was having.
  15. A small bug. I use the compact carousel view and it seems that when I come back to the port from a match it has reset to the default view. This is patch 0.5.3