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  1. MushroomMonty

    Happy Birthday To Me

    I used it on a ship I really wanted. A colleague of mine suggested using it for a bucketload of dubloons, hold them then purchase a year of premium with said dubloons....
  2. MushroomMonty

    Hindenburg build

    Yeah - I was lucky enough to grind it out before Research Points.
  3. MushroomMonty

    Hindenburg build

    As an aside, the best time I've had in Hindy is using Prop mod in 4, Legendary mod in 5 and MB Mod in 6. This results in a 9.7 second rudder, 14.4 second fires and 9.6 second flood (with flags), and with TGG, a 7.9 second reload. If you put DCS Mod 2 in slot 4, you can get 12 second fires and 8 second floods. Before @S4pp3R jumps in, this is not how I'd run competitive, but its definitely fun in randoms, especially mid to late game pushing. Not going to lie - its not fun at long range, and these days it doesn't work as well, but I like it.
  4. MushroomMonty

    Crossing the Line!

    Last one I did was in 2009, first one in 1995. I know that they still occur, just every person has to have consent, and there are not supposed to be any of the old stuff and shenanigans anymore.
  5. MushroomMonty

    Super containers mission removed

    Had the stream on for 4 hours, PC rebooted itself, did stream for another 3 hours, no missions 😞
  6. MushroomMonty

    An OUTRAGEOUS insult!

    https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/244231-partially-solved-wows-anniversary-2021-hidden-achievement-requirements/ Not what I thought they would be....
  7. MushroomMonty

    LWM resign from the Community Contributor programme

    Fundamentally I think this is it. Every good profit focussed business changes it's model to ensure maximum return on minimum investment. Initial investments through the CC programme has built a playerbase, but I think Jingles has hit the nail on the head with this. Personally, I've been playing WoWs since Beta, but only ever casually simply because I can't keep to a single game for more than a few months. I rarely post anywhere and have only really watched streams/CC's etc the last few months because of extra time in my life. Wish I'd watched sooner!! Ultimately, I meet two criteria above - logging in and shooting ships. Oh and talking inane stuff with people like S4pp3R - who tolerates my mistakes as a potato far more than he deserves 🙂 I stopped playing WoT because I couldn't keep up with the lines. I didn't make that mistake with WoWs. I have my ships I like, worked hard to get the V2 (even though I'm a potato and rarely play it), and I will continue to log in and marvel at the amazing art of the ships - because those people deserve to be noticed.
  8. MushroomMonty

    Maybe if you held my hand a bit tighter?

    Can confirm it pops every Tier, every attack run, every ship.
  9. MushroomMonty

    What's your favorite!? Pt. 2

    Was here in May 2017, did a tour of the Belfast, but always wondered what Vanguard would look like in the river.
  10. MushroomMonty

    Match Maker

    As someone who hasn't played for a few months but have been watching streams, and experienced some of those awful MM rounds over and over, I'd be happy to see some sort of counter in the mix. I think though if you are divisioned 1 in 4 or 5 is too long. In a div I think it should be based on who is closest to next T10 match.
  11. MushroomMonty

    Super Container Amazing

    Xmas crate RNG... you took all mine lol
  12. MushroomMonty

    Bonus Code for SEA [SEABATTLEAPAC]

    Actually when I put in SEABATTLEAPAC into WOWs I got 2 days premium time....so it does do something
  13. MushroomMonty

    Premium purchase not showing up in game

    So last night I purchased 30 days of premium via paypal, but it didn't work in game. So I did it again, but it still doesn't appear to have worked, and neither are showing up on my account page or in game. Have received paypal confirmation of transactions, as does my bank account but nothing else has happened. I only have WOWs on the Asia server, and I was logged in the correct area. Ticket #270559