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  1. YourTarget

    Can Wargaming stop with anime? (No Serious Here)

    Thanks! very appreciate!
  2. YourTarget

    Can Wargaming stop with anime? (No Serious Here)

    Just give me that switch button to turn off the sci-fi mode then I'm satisfied. Don't wan't to talk much with 'that kind' of people here.. It would be good if that switch came. It will split the game into two-worlds. A world we don't see each others.
  3. YourTarget

    Can Wargaming stop with anime? (No Serious Here)

    God.. cant really believed that this game is turning into a Sci-fi game.
  4. According to Wargaming that is overwhelming on putting anime series into the game. I just want a game that can let players turn off any ships fancy skin (Not camo, just fancy skin) I'm bored to see them in the game now. All I just wanted to play is just a game that I can see plain steel ships killing off each others, that's all. Oh and, lastly, please remove all mods from the game and that will be fair for everyone since Wargaming is seeking balance. So much cheaters (or otherwise they called themselves 'Smart people who afford some comfort') here. (I did not mention that anime fans like some mod so much at all.) Now, I've my reason, let's see your reason. Remember, I just want a it to be turn-off able. That's my main request. Thank you for reading. I know some mod that can entertain. Please talk with consciousness.
  5. YourTarget

    HMS Thonburi is coming to World of Warships

    Can you believe she has impressive 203 mm on 2000 tons ship? And I guess she will be premium like other no main vessel ships. I hope she will be placed around tier I-II because I can say that Mikasa at tier II has all-round better except the speed. So tier II. If luckily, it might just placed in tier I as a occasionally sold ship.
  6. This news was posted on 'Thairath' yesterday. It looks like a rather big news for a people of Thailand. We're very glad that one of our legend naval vessel is joining this game. As said in Thairath "Wargaming Asia is celebrating 4 years anniversary releases a great news, they're preparing HTMS Thonburi that had participated Battle of Koh Chang into their game World of Warships in line of Japanese Vessel including with a lot of game updates. High-lights of this game is that Mr. Hisashi Yakinuma, producer of World of Warships flied from Japan to tell us the news of the game updates by himself, one of the most interesting update is that HTMS Thonburi, our ship that participated Battle of Koh Chang during The Great East Asia War is entering the game. Thai people was very glad with the news." (Credit for image: Cover of book 'When Thonburi fights' by Admiral Jitt Sungkadul) Here is her historical stats. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/6849-htms-thonburi/ Swenty years ago after her last sail. Thank you Wargaming for returning her to her old glory. Edit : Changed mistake from HMS to HTMS, fix some wrong words form, and added a picture.
  7. I was bored at shooting ships. I wanna shoot Moby-dick or some kraken.
  8. YourTarget

    tirpitz ?

    Everytime I sail her. It feel like a Type 59 among World of Warships.
  9. You mean it turns like a snail?
  10. You're so true. Tier 6 is the most balanced tier in this ocean world game. Since I'm a BB collector, I already have Fuso and New Mexico, they're so powerful and fun, yet good money making. I can say that I really really can't wait for the British and German BB to come. SELL WARSPITE PLEASE, AND I WILL BUY IT NOW.
  11. YourTarget

    High Tier DD action

    You made my day sir.
  12. YourTarget

    Nagato Guide Please?

    Nah, I think Nagato is my final step in this BB line. After I've heard terrible story about IJN BB tier 7 and above. I'll just leave my mighty Yamato dream into the deepest dark ocean waiting for the day I've loads of free EXP to grind her.
  13. YourTarget

    Nagato Guide Please?

    That is why I prefer US BB over IJN BB. Most US BB has 3 barrel-turret which is really helping at long distance. The shot might spread but at least, there will be one shell that always hit target.
  14. Yep, agree. Tier 8 people is more than tier 9 and 10.
  15. YourTarget

    Nagato Guide Please?

    Thanks, sir Drakon233. Very helpful +1