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    Arp Iona x 2

    I still seem to have 2 iona and no kirishima hero for my ship change the 2nd iona assigned to kirishima for kirishima captain? i heard there was a bug with the issuing of the arp captains but still no fix yet? also the yotaroh captain is not assigned to kirishima properly thank you for your time
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    Everyone has their own opinion, i like to have different options I dont base my judge on how well/not well i play i look at the simple stats even tho the devs have made the carrier more of a support role like scouting and protecting allies comparing just the bombers alone, you can see the difference torp and dive bombers 6x 1000-1500(he) avg damage bombs+fire damage(if they hit) or 6x 7000 avg damage torps -depends of skill to aim or the dps between any ships and the CV (cv is burst damage) i can understand if a cv has like 6 bombers incoming to attack 1 ship can be overwhelming, but the simple fact is air can get taken down too easy, with DD or Cl aa support, or just 1 squad of fighters can stop 3 bombers squads as they attack by rotating as they go for their dive (so unfair for the attacking cv) i find them to be under powered, based on this, and from my exp, not everyone will find it to be the same, but saying that its not UP due to the fact you dont like cv and find it boring? well buddy, move along
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    Thats Good for the other team, that means any ship can almost take out the Cv once he gets close, having all Fighters isnt the best idea, but it always depends on the match up but if they do remove the cap, they can always balance it off, with a rng system instead of stat system. there many idea they can come up with
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    Example The mechanic i propose will work like this The start of the game, all planes will be in storage, and i will choose to service them on the deck squad 1 will use 4 fighters, squad 2 will use 4 bombers squad 3 will use 2 fighters once i selected what i want, then the aircraft will be serviced and then ready for take off once planes return to the CV, they will directly go back into storage and then repeat
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    Hi there, Beta Tester here, i love what has happened to WOW so far, just a few thing that i find could be better balanced, and if anyone agrees that would be cool Cv class ships i find to be very underpowered, you can see by how many people actually play the Cv class these days (STILL THE COOLEST) The Dps factor compared to and other ship is very low, for you have to return to the carrier to resupply, every Bomb is only about 1 shells worth of damage, and the hit factor is about on avg 1-3 base(no AA fire), where i believe it should be more around 3-4 base, everyone would agree dive bombers are very weak and would not be chosen if we had a choice of torp bombers and dive bombers (torp bombers are good where they are) Also that fact that all CL have AA fire and catapult fighters, and even DD have AA fire, and other CV have fighters,this makes it very hard for a CV to even get close to targets. an other point is that 1 fighter could stop 6 bombers from hitting its target, i believe this is OP EG: 6 fighters would -100% accuracy on bombers and 50% movement speed , 1 catapult or 1 fighter left from a full squad would do the same? i suggest each fighter attacking a bomber squad should take off 20% accuracy (up to 100%) and 10% movement speed (up to 50%) so if u have 2 fighters left it wouldn't be so effective, also the fact if you had 2 full fighter squads it wont double the effect Also the fact that us cv dont get much of a choice for load outs, the (Edited) cv are much more powerful in this mod-loadouts atm(because they have more squads), i suggest that you get to customize the mod ourselves, maybe I want to have 2 fighters and 2 torp bombers, maybe I want 1 fighter 3 dive bombers, the point is that i would be able to choose what i want to use and not be stuck with no fighters or no bombers (change via consumables what you wish to bring, Fighter Fighter Bomber Bomber) also (like ammo: i want to bring 30 fighters and 10 torp bombers 10 bombers) IJN have more squards and always able to have from planes then the us in the air at once, and with the perk to add more fighters and bombers, this is stacked and even more the odds are unfair I suggest that instead of US have 6 planes and IJN have 4 in the air, you can choose how many you want to take off, eg, as a US CV i can take off 3 fighters and 4 bombers and 6 torp bombers, this can be used to fix that annoying 1 group has 1 left an other group has 5 left, and also more tactical by not putting all your cards on the tablet at once because once a CV loses all his planes, GG (each CV should have a set amount of squadrons for this , eg t4, 2 squads t5, 3 squads t6, 3 squads, t7 4 squads t8, 4 squads t9, 5 squads t10, 5 squads (for all nations) just by the push off the F button once (and some w and s) , you can make it to choose how many you want to take off (1 extra step) Note : my % of the game are only a guess, i have no proof of what they actually are, it just a feel it is about that much Short Summary 1) Dive bombers need work (underpowered) 2) Fighter Mechanic vs bombers 3) Load outs for both USN and IJN (MORE CHOICE AND CUSTOMIZATION) (Type and ammo/amount of planes of each type) 4) Choice how take how many take off Thank you all for reading and I hope people have the same views as me Of course if you disagree just say so, im sure many people have different ideas but one thing is for sure, we all want to make this game better and more fun for all (sorry if its a bit messy) Edit: suggests Also if IJN planes can have kamikaze attacks options when a player knows if they wont make it back to their CV (acts as 1 bomb/shell) Edit: Dive Bomber Accuracy Based on BB Class size(also USA 6 bombers)Currently About 1-3, I believe should be 3-4 (BB/CV Size ships) / currently 0-2, believe should be 1-3 on CL class and 1-2 on DD class With AA fire, it would be alot harder to hit(about 1/2 of the proposed). Im sure bombers didnt drop their bombs while not underfire and know they will miss by not being near a ship (some planes miss by like 1 km in game) Derogatory Comments, Posted Edited, User Sanctioned ~lengxv6