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  1. OhNoesAFlyingKangaroo

    Scuttled Japanese Submarine i-402 found

    Not sure if it's been posted yet but apparently the remains of i-402 were found off the coast of the Goto island along with the shipwrecks of numerous other submarines. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2015/08/08/national/24-scuttled-imperial-japanese-navy-submarines-found-off-goto-islands/#.VcWibPmSx8F
  2. OhNoesAFlyingKangaroo


    I want to be able to play the Kriegsmarine so bad :E
  3. OhNoesAFlyingKangaroo

    The Honobru Way

    Very noble sacrifice despite the fact the BB would have dodged them anyway Nevertheless it warms my heart seeing such an act.
  4. OhNoesAFlyingKangaroo

    Royal Navy and Kriegsmarine ship

    *drools* gib please!
  5. OhNoesAFlyingKangaroo

    Remove aim assist for torpedoes

    If you let a DD sail in close enough for them to easily torpedo you them im afraid your doing it wrong. If you remove the aim assist from torpedos how on earth would Destroyers be able to kill anything? Without it torpedoes would be ridiculously hard to use unless your at pointblank range which also makes the DD an easy target.
  6. OhNoesAFlyingKangaroo

    Someone found Musashi.

    Hmmm so what I gathered from the live stream is that the central structure of Musashi is in pieces?
  7. OhNoesAFlyingKangaroo

    Forum Rank/Title Giveaway! Limited Only

    Torpedo Spammer
  8. OhNoesAFlyingKangaroo

    Someone found Musashi.

    Wouldn't raising her be disrespectful to the 1000 sailors who went down with her?
  9. OhNoesAFlyingKangaroo

    Someone found Musashi.

    Such an amazing discovery.
  10. OhNoesAFlyingKangaroo

    Introduction thread

    Hey. Some people here may know me from the 'other' game as YanderesFTW. Looking forward to getting to know you all.