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  1. Liamv4696

    Tier V Carrier fighters

    Just played another game in my Zuiho. Up against a Bogue. Who sent 12 fighers and just annihilated my entire flight. Then parked them just off the end of the carrier and waited for me to launch aircraft. How is that balanced?
  2. Liamv4696

    Tier V Carrier fighters

    Every type of ship in every nation doesnt seem to get enjoyable until tier VII.. Its a bit frustrating sometimes..
  3. Liamv4696

    Tier V Carrier fighters

    Decided I'd play my Zuiho at least once after they nerfed the crap out of low tier carriers, and it occured to me after I got destroyed by two Bogues. How does the Zuiho beat a Bogue's fighters. One is clearly better than the other and you have nothing to combat them. What am I supposed to do when matched up with an american carrier, his fighters just wreck me.
  4. Liamv4696

    Application Error (0xc0000005)

    I dont have any, and have done total reinstalls of both games.
  5. Liamv4696

    Application Error (0xc0000005)

    So, WOT started crashing upon launch after the last update, WOWS was working fine. WOWS updated this morning, and now that's giving me the error too.. Any ideas?
  6. Liamv4696

    Help with PT (It's all in Russian! D: )

    Doh! (I'm an idiot! ) Now it says incorrect Email/Password when I login? I have created an RU server account. Or is this because the PT server for WoWS isnt up?
  7. So I managed to navigate the installation and launched the game, when I went to sign in a box popped up and I clicked the left button, it cancelled my login. Now when I try to log in this message pops up (but everythings in russian?!) How do I change the games language to english?? Im guessing this popup is just telling me i cant log in because the server isnt up until tomorrow, but I wanted to check so I'm not stuck tomorrow
  8. Liamv4696

    Scaling Battleship primary armament accuracy

    Im not saying laser beams, I just think if youre 5km from someone, you should be able to hit them reliably..
  9. Liamv4696

    Scaling Battleship primary armament accuracy

    haha i get killed almost every match by cruisers just spamming HE, you take like one or two hits and burst into flames, and with a two minute cool down on repair, I dont bother extinguishing fires.
  10. Liamv4696

    Scaling Battleship primary armament accuracy

    I've got the Myogi now, had the Kawachi recently, the accuracy is so god awful, and it's terrible on the Myogi because you only get 3 shots (6 shells).. But I dont get why each pair can deviate from each other by so much, the guns are firing from the same turret, from the same bearing. Yet they seem to go all over the place like the barrels are made of spaghetti.
  11. So after playing the low tier Battleships for a while now, the one thing that drives me nuts is when you finish reloading after 30 seconds, fire at a cruiser who's 5km away, leading him perfectly, and 80% of your shots go wildly all over the place, then you wait for another thirty seconds, rinse and repeat. Like, fair enough, Battleship guns are innacurate compared to cruiser guns, but at the moment I feel like i'll have more success if I just aim at the water infront of the enemy ship, or anywhere other than the targeted ship really.. What do people thing of scaling the accuracy/dispersion, with distance. I shouldnt be putting shells in the water at 1.5km when targeting a suicidal destroyer
  12. Liamv4696

    today exp event over time

    I stopped playing for a bit (between close of closed beta and opening of open beta), but why does it feel like I earn stuffall exp now??? Even with a 'premium account' Im only up to tier V in most things and I try to play as often as possible.
  13. Liamv4696


    I think its great.. Load AP, aim for citadels, and kill those tier 4 and 5 cruisers in two salvos. reload is long, but the damage makes up for it. Torpedos are nice but I dont really use them.
  14. Liamv4696

    World of He and Fire

    Literally just alt tabbed out of my game to come find a thread to rage about this! Sick of trying to play Battleships, theyre infuriating. The game I just played, in my Arkansas, cruiser fires a few shells, single one hits, aaaand on fire. Hit repair (usually I just let it burn..), second barrage, another couple of hits, immediately on fire again. And I've even got the damage control party upgrade that reduces chance of fire/flooding.. Never seems to help. And the guns, god, don't even get me started on the guns... Full broadside at 4 or 5 kilometres and the shells go everywhere except where you point the guns! Are the gun barrels wonky or something?! I get it, BS guns are inaccurate in comparison to smaller ones and whatnot, but maybe it should scale with distance, you shouldnt be getting like 4 hits out of twelve, at seb 5km ranges...
  15. Liamv4696

    Secondary weapons?

    Yup just tried that in my Myogi, cntrl clicked on an enemy ship that was 4km away. nothing happened!