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  1. yup many ST too much in the chat is not in his game that I did the first taste
  2. Private Messages for Conan

    Thanks for everything and apologize for any actions that are a lot of behavior, good days at the new place better
  3. AniManga Chat :E

    Germany and Soviet best ever spesialy Germany Engineering XD
  4. Important: April 1 Account Reset

  5. and do not forget the bullets HE can trigger detonation
  6. it took a lot of friends

    sure why not the more friends the better
  7. for small boats like CA that can fire bullets with a barrage HE could cause a fire in the fire wows big ship like BB and BB CV was easily able to cope with the damage repaired and controlparty kit, hit points will be reduced continuously if the fire burning does not arise with 1 pluru but if skil his commander whether it would be easy meaning that the number of large size does not affect the right to burn the most important goals and skil commander
  8. ARP Stage II

    1.random random battles can battle with friends there were only 3ranked the same battle as random battle but the ship is in use in accordance with the level of rank playersteam battle clashes with groups that can be set more than 7 per type ships that are used within their regulations 2.to build a new server wargaming may be long because it is difficult fragment the server and the player is not necessarily operating in a much less unequal server update on each server also heavy work wargaming nickname more unique I think the more interesting, but if it is difficult to memorize it might be difficult for friends looking for friendsas I mamnu_matsada12 have more meaning in my life though for the compassion seem strange or the same as the name of romania
  9. it took a lot of friends

    easy looking game but it is difficult to forum
  10. Murmask

    mursmarsk it was nice view
  11. it took a lot of friends

    indeed but to seek its own Indonesian players like looking for a needle in a haystack
  12. Murmask

    or wait for a new premium ships from German may be nicer
  13. Murmask