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  1. unfortunately, it's still not working, the launcher only manage to download the first 5.8gb or so then shows an error while trying to install the game WoWSLauncher.log
  2. thank you, i'll try it right away
  3. so i was having a break from the game after CV reworks because the game was not balanced from the gameplay standpoint (for me at least), but last night i decided to try playing again to see if the game already balanced enough for me to actually enjoy, but i never got past the first loading screen right after you put your id and password, so i exit the game and proceed to check file integrity, and after a while (about 2 hours or so) the progress stop at 86%, i tried it again for the second time and it still stuck at 86%, my friend in facebook told me that the game doesn't support 32 bit anymore to which i replied that shouldn't be a problem because i've always been using 64 bit windows anyway, and i decided to reinstall the game and downloading it from the web, little did i know that would be the worst thing i have ever done to my laptop, 2nd only to when i accidentally infected my laptop with a virus, so here it goes... i leave my laptop to download the game overnight while i sleep, and when i woke up the launcher has finished downloading the game and curently checking for game integrity at 6%, and i tried to move my cursor, it didn't work, i tried multiple times but it's still not moving, it took me a while to realize that my laptop was freezing because i literally just woke up, i decided to leave it like that for an hour or so but it's still not working, nothing i could do, pressing alt + 4, summon task manager, nothing, so i forcefully shutdown by holding the power button, and then the problem persist again, but now my laptop it's not freezing but it's really really slow i barely can do anything but watch the launcher doint its thing, which still is stuck at 6%, and then it said that it failed to conect to server or something like that, it restart the process automatically and everytime it always stuck at 6%, i leave it for a while but it's not making progress any progress so i decided to uninstall the game from wargaming game center, and guess what happened? my laptop froze again, so i forced to shutdown my laptop again, then i decided to uninstall the WGC and hopefuly maybe redownloading it again from the start, but it literally took me 5+ minutes to open control panel because my laptop runs very slowy, after i succesfully uninstalled the launcher and the game, the launcher said that some folder cannot be deleted have to be deleted manually by me, well i tried to but my laptop still runs very slow and i open task manager to see what's going on, and there it is, wgc.exe is still there in the proccess tab, even though i already uninstalled it, and all this time my HDD light is always on telling me that it's still processing something, my laptop is very slow that maybe it finnaly gave up and told me that explorer.exe has stopped working, and well, my laptop run normal again, my cursor is moving normal again, but i can't restart my laptop, so again i have to manually press the power button to shutdown, and finaly, the wargaming center is gone, the world of warships is gone, my laptop can run smoothly again, no crashing, no freezing, no nothing, eveything back to normal except i can't play the game, i don't know what happened but i know for sure i might not be able to play the game again for god's know how long, even tho i really want to, any help is really apreciated to make wows works again in my laptop, and thank you for reading spec core i5-2450m ram 6GB nvidia geforce 610m
  4. Teostra

    New Mini Map Ship Icon Size

    i'm playing in laptop with 1366x768 resolution, my problem is both the map and the icon is too small that my eyes hurts, is there anyway to make the map bigger? i tried to click on the + icon but it does nothing?
  5. Teostra

    how to Lion?

    i've upgraded the gun and it feels so much bette now, but I still can't win, maybe because the damage can be rapaired?
  6. Teostra

    Not sure why they want this ?

    isn't rewad for rank 1 is 2.5k doubloons? you can also get doubloons from super container a lot of people inculding my friend get about 2k i think, and if only 10 people saving 2k doubloons on a premium ships then WG lost 20k doubloons = about $800 - $900 or so
  7. Teostra

    how to Lion?

    might try that later, i was expecting this ship like iowa with HE, but i think i was wrong
  8. Teostra

    Not sure why they want this ?

    maybe because players can get free doublons from ingame, like event or rank etc, and if people buy a premium ships using that doublons they can't get full profits or nothing at all, and it's bad for business
  9. Teostra

    how to Lion?

    i'm doing badly in this ship with 37% wr, the shell dispersion are completely random, even hitting stationary targets at 14km is relies heavily on RNG, the AP feel good if it actually hits and connect, but it doesn't, so is the HE and fire chance, doing only 2 - 3k every salvo is dissapointing, everytime i shoot feels like rolling a dice andhoping it would get good result, and the economic also feels weird, i feel like it has pre buff CV economics, strugling to get good base exp despite in a good games, is Lion really a waste of time exp and money? i should have kept my KGV
  10. Teostra

    5 fighters in ryujo squad ?

    Air supremacy skill
  11. Teostra

    Tears of the desert epicenter

    The mode is kind of okay in the right map, but certainly not in tears of the desert
  12. Is there any reason why we still have this map despite no one actually likes it?
  13. Teostra

    Just received two premium ships for rent

    how do you get these rental ships? because i didn't recieved any
  14. Teostra

    Wouldn't Akizuki be a bit op?....

    no, akizuki is not OP, big size, slow (only 33 knots), big turning radius (730 m almost the same as north carolina 760 m) which means dodging shells actually hard. the only good thing about akizuki is high hp pool and guns that also frequently shatters even with IFHE
  15. Teostra

    DD captain Mains may have a valid Complaint

    that is exacly my point destroyer can reload their torpedoes in this game because this game is not meant to be realistic, battleship can shoot while maneuvering, hell even battleships in this game (or any other class) can maintain fire soultion while manuvering, changing speed etc, thats not how it works in real life unless it is USN ship that have radar fire control system, this is arcade game not simulator game. and i never said i want destroyer to be immune to battleships AP, i just want it to be fixed, as a battleship main i find it not fair that my montana can wreck havoc on enemy dd without ever being afraid to them, i don't even remember when was the last time my montana being sunk by enemy DD torpedoes, because it doesn't happened regulary like i sunk enemy destroyer with a single salvo, batteships in this game already powerfull as it is, what is the counter to battleships in this current meta? maybe focused HE spam, that is if you are over extended, another battleship you can angling to their AP, Cv is practically extinct now since every battleship get AA buff, while the counter to DD is other DD which shoots HE so you can't angling, cruiser and also battleships and of course CV because your AA is really not usefull unless you have DFAA like USN, and your cruiser teammates can't help you with their DFAA because you're inside cap while cruiser going into cap at the start is suicide.