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  1. 1. Description As title, FDR unable to lauch any attack planes after fighter consumable activated, and stay like that for the rest of the game. 2. Reproduction steps A sequence of the player's actions which triggered the bug. Example: Select the CV FDR Enter the battle. Spotted and fighters triggered automatically Unable to launch any plane afterward 3. Result The game did register my input(there were click animations on squadron icon), but the game just don't repond. 4. Expected result Planes taking off 5. Technical details I don't find anywhere to attach my log and replay.
  2. 我提交過回報單啊 看看這個ID:TIANYIwu 的西雅圖 我在他玩183場的時候就填過回報單了 如今他已經打了424場,目前的均傷:1.51 就是個位數的1.51,他的均傷已經比均擊落數還要低了,照這個趨勢看下去再一兩個禮拜均傷就會低於1了 其實這也沒什麼奇怪的 畢竟他424場戰鬥中只有一場戰鬥有過砲彈命中敵人,造成最高傷害640 剩下423場戰鬥連字面上的"一點"傷害都沒有造成過 這就是你們所謂的嚴查的結果? 愚弄人也有個限度