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  1. Luthais

    Win Rate v Survivability

    I didn't believe it when I asked for Luthais as a username that it was taken, until I was looking at other posts. What are the chances?
  2. Luthais

    Win Rate v Survivability

    To be honest, I am a newb when it comes to WOWS. I have been watching a few friends play and have spent the last few weeks watching YouTube videos. I have an awful lot to learn. There have been a lot of videos on improving your win rate, most talk about making good choices, knowing yours and your enemies ship capabilities and of course, aiming properly. What I have found and from watching my friends play is there is a big delineation when it comes to surviving. One of my good friends plays BB's and he told me the BB's role is to support the team by targeting the CL's/CA's and DD's first (I hope he is right there). Well numerous times I have seen him be left for dead, i.e. the whole team going for one cap or other BB"s and cruisers turning tail and making for the edge of the screen to save their ship. So my question is, what is considered good game play? Pushing for the win and helping your mate, or taking the chance of surviving and saving your skin. Of course I understand if you are in a bad situation and there is no way you can help someone then of course, don't make the decision to go, but the other part of me thinks you should at least help out your team mate. As I said, I am only a newb to the game and have a lot to learn.