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  1. T31A

    New Code

    Thanks mate
  2. T31A


    All maximum reached from here
  3. T31A


    First 3 at least have hit their limit.
  4. T31A

    PT 0.11.3 Feedback Thread

    I actually found subs more difficult to play and succeed with this time round, could be the balance changes are working.
  5. T31A

    Instagram Code

  6. T31A

    wows code

    Thank you mate, redeemed
  7. T31A

    PT 0.11.2 Feedback Thread

    I found the subs ok sometimes, useless the next, could be due the skill of other players. Overall I am not complaining
  8. T31A

    PTS server bad ping

    Well mine seems to be back to normal, pings still around 170/180 but it is not crashing anymore. just logged out and came back a couple of hours later
  9. T31A

    PTS server bad ping

    High ping yesterday but playable, now its just crashing
  10. T31A

    Bonus Codes

    Thank you mate
  11. T31A

    Bonus Codes

    Still working, Thank you mate
  12. T31A

    More Codes

    Thanks, those that worked did, those that didn't didn't. Appreciate it mate
  13. T31A

    New Code

    Thank you both
  14. T31A

    Grosser Kurfurst and Khaborovsk

    So I have a ton of free xp, so the would best thing be to use that just before the switch? Or now so I have the extra on the FdG to grind the new tier 10 but don't buy