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    Is this game just too Hard?

    i guess i regret my last post , and i am not quite sure what to do, i downloaded NA client created account and so on since no one is on at my time zone on sea, and 2% only speak English in game, But then i thought changing server's will not fix the issue regardless of communication or not. I am actually struggling to improve at this game instead i think i am getting worse, I have watched endless streams, tutorials of all popular people shapes and size's in the community, I have practiced leading the target with what the alt button will say, and lead more on faster ships but i seem to miss quite a bit or only get 2 hits / salvo max if they hit, yes i get some nice shot's but thats kind of rare i think compared to how i see good players playing. Most games on my BB'ss i will miss 7-10 salvos , my hit ratio is 23% apparently but i do not believe that, feels much less is that % based off each shell shot?. Heres my stats see for your self how i play in the Kongo , and the furutake(i double my damage on the kuma) http://warshipstats.com/sea/player/AUS_Stevie Kongo - 33% AVR damage - 29k Furutaka - 38% wr AVR damage - 20k i have took your advice on grinding cruiser's and battleships to begin with, and i just cant stand not making a difference, i have always been a analytical mechanical player who spends hours thinking about causes and effects, for example moba games, i will make sure i am in a position thats far from danger and close enough to the action making me effective, or having snapshot reaction times for landing abilities, Or knowing when to defend. Or asking advice and supporting players who are Carrying. I have always accepted criticism and always criticized my self and that's why i won't be happy with just average, a game is not fun if your not effective right? kicking a ball is fun because you kick the ball kicking the air is kind of pointless now this is what seems to be what i feel coming from the Kongo, apparently a good ship - i can't land any hits, no one ever goes flat broadside, or i try be brave and be a front line but i just can't stop my team from being scared to at least support me - you can't push when there are enemy DD's lighting you up , and your dd's die withing 30 seconds seems to be the common theme. And then i feel the maps are so tiny, the Kongo is a fast ship i am always turning around because you don't fight lateral in low tier maps it's more in corridor's , on streams high tiers seem like you can sail horizontal in team fights and shoot across the map. Who wants to be turning all the time and don't get me started on painfully turret traverse. Ok Furutaka , i would rather have the turning radius of my kongo then this thing, yes speed is fine but you just can't turn at all, the range is crap so by the time you get in range you have to u turn it or die. And turning is hard in these short maps, am i suppose to just camp behind a island? i feel my team is usually always the one that is turning back instead of soldiering. Not like you can communicate since people speak block language. or don't speak at all. or you go down a line at it's uneven you as a bb , a dd, 2 cruisers, vs 3 bb's a ca and a dd. And then you find out your team ditche's you while your in this hunk of metal. (should put this under Kongo paragraph) I enjoy playing with Nyugen and Makise and Peres to learn from, Dav and Chen but i can only play with them when i stay up at mid night and i can't because of work. Deicide is on a lot but i don't have any tier 8's yet. i am not sure how to improve i don't think replays show aiming marker's and binocular view otherwise i would start recording them. I am at around 210 battles PVP , and around 300 PVE . I know the main problem is just landing shot's only need 1 - 2 good salvos in a game( 10k a pop or 7.5k) i would be happy, but i only hit 2 shells, I honestly think i am contributing a lot when i get 1200 i am doing ok , and 1500 flat xp would be nice as i know that i have been slugging it out, of course my average is around tier 4 so i do not know if xp average is calculated / tier any thoughts? any
  2. AUS_Stevie

    Is this game just too Hard?

    So update, man am I having fun , pretty much have a feel for landing my shot's and for some reason I am enjoying playing BB's I love the range and the fact that one nice placed salvo can do 5-10kish. I am finding the more longer I survive I am able to keep dishing out a fair bit. Getting a few citadels here and there I love how Wyoming packs a punch with the amount of guns / volley. But yes the CV's are always my headache- no matter what your taking 2-3 torps from USN. Also been learning to be more aggressive by trying not to show my sides when advancing ,
  3. AUS_Stevie

    Average player looking for friendz

    yes IGN good spot , not sure what you mean ^^ went straight over
  4. On a fair bit, looking for some people to play with if anyone is keen. Please add me IGN Aus_stevie or message back here. I have up to tier 4 mainly cruisers, one bb , and carrier. See you then
  5. AUS_Stevie

    Tips for playing Houshou against Langley?

    what a joke, just had another game vs Langley , what are you seriously meant to do , I tried fighting where his fighters are not, but my team were far back from enemy so I had to send my TB's in , while his fighter was absent, but to what surprise his fighters magically fly 3000km/s and kill 2 squad's in less then 5 seconds, he done that twice and I lose all my planes, I really dislike people that seriously just do nothing except wait for your planes. I tried staying near my myogis and saint Louis and they just had no AA cover at all , I really need help this seems so unfair, even if i escort my Tb's with Fighter's he his one squad will wreck all 3 theres only so many planes i have. managed to only get 8 torps off 2 strikes and then i was out the whole game, he killed them after each go Langley strat - wait in middle of map for enemy tb's do nothing else until I see them ,
  6. AUS_Stevie

    What is the number on reticle is?

    yeah i wanted to try this out too, apparently Aslans mod's have the training room feature.
  7. AUS_Stevie

    Is this game just too Hard?

    Thanks for all the advice and Davud stop being so modest i do ok sometimes but its maybe half of the games i don't do much, usually in the middle of the team for xp a proud potato certainly. I found it much more easier to enjoy when pairing up, i have joined the channel i have started the cruiser lines at Saint Louis i found i had trouble with trying to shoot ships that have a slight bearing then broadside, i forgot that i need to elevate the aimer slightly. I was thinking of the US CA line, but then the Zao has more range and maybe that's safer for me to learn?, i don't really use torpedoes anyway so that doesn't matter so much between deciding. I am a fan of AA as well. Maybe i should grind both lines. As for the CV, my Japanese tier 4 , i remember going against Langley i think its called, all he did was literally camp my bombers and fighters all day, i lost all my fighter's within like 5 min and then i couldn't get any tb's off, Maybe send them all the way on the boarder so they don't get detected? I know in general i have much more damage output when i play this compared to a tier 4 ca bb but apparently cv's are op?. Another thing is how do you disengage aircraft when there under attack, Is there a strategy for baiting enemy fighters while your bombers go to work? example if your in range of enemy aircraft do they have a proxy where they will attack you within certain range automatically? god my English is terrible PS in my stats where it says avg experience is that including premium account bonus, because it seems i hardly get 900 more like 500?
  8. AUS_Stevie

    What is the number on reticle is?

    I also wondered about this too, but sometimes it doesn't make sense. I too am intrested, for example if the shell velocity says it will take 5 seconds to hit do you have to aim the 5 mark on the front of there hull(edge etc.)
  9. AUS_Stevie

    Is this game just too Hard?

    I found this problem as well, although I am a potato as well but I at least won't afk or suicide. So how do you push up a line I mean it's kind of hard if you commit then your teammates are not in position or have u turned it, meanwhile your in range of 3 enemies and by the time you try exit/turn around your chunked. This is where I think I struggle as I don't trust my teammates enough for me to push as a bb.
  10. AUS_Stevie

    Is this game just too Hard?

    thanks guys for the wealthy information, yeah Makise that's what's throwing me off is the 3d, and the elevation's. And Retia thanks for the advice. I will try to find some people to play with, mite make a post i think that would help in terms of how aggressive to be.
  11. AUS_Stevie

    Is this game just too Hard?

    Hey guy's so I grinded up to the tier 4 Japanese battleship line, also the hosho CV, I am having problems hitting my target's that have a steep bearing angle in my BB, I just can't seem to hit anything, 10 min's 1 salvo hit's its not even fun being in a big beach whale that takes 30 seconds to reload a decade to turn, not to mention if you cant get the first lead right by the time your ready to shoot position's change, is it different at high tier, or is this what it's going to be like, I actually was feeling like uninstalling, I don't like being somewhat useless to the team in wot being a td player, there was great certainty that the enemy would feel that hurt the moment I had them lined up, but this seems like gambling, I am pretty good at tanks but this is frustrating me, waiting 30 seconds because you missed and then trying to lead again because the target turned around changed angles slowed down etc, dodging torpedo bombers as they have 2 cv's. I don't mind playing tier 1 because of the fast reload but then again you can't really get too close with paper armor and some people afk. I like the concept of CV's and have been practicing a lot in CO OP, and starting to land the manual drops, although the AI move there ship the instant they see tb's. I just feel completely useless, then the other day I get citadel shot's and then day's where I can't land any shot's, also to be honest even if there sailing straight , and the lead is good, the shells completely miss for no reason(low tier (4)?) is there more accurate guns in this game the higher you go or is it just easier to land as the ships are bigger and wider high tier. This game seems to be extremely difficult to learn compared to world of tanks, some people are plain bad in wot, I can't imagine them even having fun waiting 30 seconds for a reload only to find out a lot has happened in that time. I do like the play style of CA's and I have great map awareness and the sense of supporting in majority of the games I play. The Moines r.o.f makes me want to grind this line. only reason I haven't played CV in random battle is I don't want to let the team down , but these AI's seem to be really good at dodging. I find I am manually dropping the torps too close before there armed sometimes. I practice a lot as well. But yeah is there anyone who struggled please tell your story. this seems hard I really love the game engine and the graphic's and simulation is wonderful. Anyways thank you and sorry for the long post. Just looking for assurance/encouragement to keep going I guess "EDITED" Can someone experienced, give me some damage numbers I should look to aim for, maybe for a tier 5 BB, how much I should look to get in a CV, How much I should look to hit in a CA, since theres no XVM just yet for WOWS would be kindly appreciated. Derogatory term. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  12. AUS_Stevie

    First game Stuck on loading screen then crash

    why the (edited) doesnt this site allow you to send a file over 1.2mbs, i cant copy paste because it crashes my computer i cant send it private because the stupid button doesnt send , can you give me your email Coburn i cant log in to the game crashes on log in now Profanity, Post Edited, User Warned ~lengxv6
  13. So i recently just downloaded this game as i originally started at WOT anyways logged in clicked co op battle, and it loads 3/4 stuck on the members/mission page(loading screen) i cant seem to load in, however i can see them moving on the mini map, now i recently had my computer formatted a few days ago, so i know everything up to date including graphics, and my pc is more then capable to handle it, Its really strange i mean why can't i even play my first match, i had to hard restart 5 times as task manager wont come up and it just freezes, now I am getting a critical error occurred , when I try to close the game, its weird I actually got into a game but could not control the ship camera was stuck, on top left I had 70 ping and 4fps what a joke, even on low settings I get nothing. I have sent a ticket to support, but wondering if others have experienced similar problems I done a dxdiag report and uploaded below also getting critical error DxDiag.txt 29.66K great now port background is just black , now bits and pieces in all aspects of the ui seem to be either loading or missing, click battle = crash/freeze DxDiag.txt
  14. So i recently just downloaded this game as i originally started at WOT anyways logged in clicked co op battle, and it loads 3/4 stuck on the members/mission page(loading screen) i cant seem to load in, however i can see them moving on the mini map, now i recently had my computer formatted a few days ago, so i know everything up to date including graphics, and my pc is more then capable to handle it, Its really strange i mean why can't i even play my first match, i had to hard restart 5 times as task manager wont come up and it just freezes, ple hellp i just want to start playing I done a dxdiag report and uploaded DxDiag.txt 29.66K now I am getting a critical error occurred , also just got a critical error message Authenticating... Processing... Javascript Disabled DetectedYou currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Cookies are disabledYour browser's cookies are disabled. The system cannot operate. For the correct operation of the system, enable cookies. DxDiag.txt