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  1. 沒有瞄對位置 去把各種船的裝甲模型跟砲彈傷害機制熟悉一下
  2. 手別抖 滑鼠握穩一點 並沒有任何沒記錄的改動
  3. _buki


  4. 影片是YouTube嵌入的,那網站大陸是封鎖的
  5. And what made you think you are special enough to say that to diss on a player sharing a positive experience? It's not the best game ever. But is it a good game? Yes ,it is.
  6. _buki

    Issues within Containers and WG

    Original post explained everything and you are asking.
  7. _buki

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    I tried it on both phone and PC ,working fine. Try using another browser?
  8. _buki

    為何我沒有罵人  我被BAN  

  9. _buki

    Daily Containers

    the "More" is there for a reason.
  10. _buki

    Premium Account

    It will raise other issues. Issue for the game : Currently premium time is 1 USD a day(cheaper if you buy a longer time),that is already very generous.Premium time is not even required to enjoy the game at all. I know a lot of players that don't buy premium time and are doing very well.Game economic was designed so that one player cannot play top tier ship only so that mid and low tier wouldn't be so empty that queue time is too long or cant even find a game.You are supposed to lose credit on average when you play high tier by design. Premium time with the credit boost is something that will remove this limitation, it is not meant to be justifiable for every player.You can already see it being a problem with so many players able to spam tier X ,tier 8 ships are suffering because they are put in tier X matchmaking most of the time. Issue for individual players: It will give players a sense of "gambling" premium time away each time they press Battle! button. More invested into each match ,more frustration when it is a bad match.Making the community more toxic. Here are some events i can see happening : player saying"I am not playing today anymore ,not wasting my premium time" rushing to die just because the game is not advantageous with ship lineup to save premium time. player telling team to lose faster to not waste his/her premium time Think of it as a subscription ,not buying a in-game recourse to spend.It's like subscribing to TV service.If it is charged by watch-time, not only is it a bad for the company since it is very hard to have an expectation of how much they make, wouldn't it also put a little stress on simply watching TV?
  11. 我不在意背後的隊友用什麼輸入法,但我希望不會是你
  12. _buki

    from susanoo into Norris

    Why are people seeing new cv gameplay demo then call it op when they said it repeatedly on stream that balancing has not been done yet. The demo is only a for players to see if it is the type of gameplay (action instead of RTS) they would enjoy.Numbers like fire chance and how frequently you can drop are far from final. There will even be public testing to make sure things are working and balanced before it get implemented.
  13. _buki

    Super Container Amazing

    Amount of coal you can get from one container RNG roll 0from SC ,400 800 or 1200. The different between 0 and 400 is same as 400 to 800 and 800 to 1200.The 0 from SC has the smallest probability.(ignoring that you might get coal from SC ,so it isn't 0 by average).I get what you mean by the trade back ,but it is much smaller problem than you thing. devs already have too much to work on
  14. _buki

    Super Container Amazing

    Hey! What you find to be meh can be gold for another player,I as a cruiser/destroyer player love getting fire chance and detonation signals from SCs. It means I can afford to not conserve them and use them in all my games for a while.Do you really lose that much not getting 400~1200 coals per resource container?It only set your progress back for 1 day maximum if you only play enough to get one container a day. Lot less significant if you get 2 or 3 a day. And if you get a high roll and get 1200 coal from one container ,that's is 3 containers of 400 already.Coal gain is never stable anyways.
  15. _buki


    到處看了射程水偵的視頻,沒有一個能真的讓我覺得"這個是沒有水偵就做不到的",幾視頻內乎所有的傷害都是在射程插的18公里內打出來的(再遠能穩定打中的也只有沒在扭的BB,也要有人可以亮著它),Yuro也有解釋說用水偵是惡搞的性質居多,但是他有一點說的是真實在的: 不要一昧為了使用雷達過度的讓走位限制自己的輸出,沒看清敵方位置就卡島,開砲被亮的不要不要的,最後不敢開砲了,放棄了自己強大的輸出。 上射程插,18公里洗人綽綽有餘了,別在關鍵時刻後悔沒帶雷達