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  1. When my wows winrate dropped by 0.1%, my wife left with the kids and my dog got ran over by a bus. Stats matters more than you can imagine.
  2. Since you pointed out bbs on this server tend to play this way, and they are on both the ally and enemy team , why is it specifically the fault of bb of your team that cost the dd's life? The dd player could also analyze the minimap, and play smart and safe depending on the situation. Saying as a player that played a bit of every class.
  3. How isnt stat padding "teamwork"? killing red ships is one of the objectives 😂
  4. _buki

    The APAC All-Star Is Coming

    Do the CCs have to meet the 60%WR requirement too?
  5. _buki

    GRAF CV is too op

    Did OP just say he got citadeled in a asashio by rockets?
  6. _buki

    Nice WG :)

    They don't ban "faildivs" because they intend to allow it. In the case of trolling/greifing/TKing you see this division doing, the best thing you can do is to make a support ticket to report them.
  7. >OP uploaded a video to youtube to support his message "I don't know if you can use youtube" 🤔
  8. ^ That, and on the 2nd flight, you are wasting too much time doing unnecessary maneuvers when there isnt a need to not using your boosts taking only 3 planes to drop a ALN and GK stack AA while most of not all of their AA mounts are undamaged. Key is to fast in fast out, spend as little time in AA while avoiding flaks. What you are showcasing here are result of bad plays, its same as showing your T8 cruisers getting deleted by a TX BB while straight lining broadside and going on the forum to demand TX BB AP to be nerfed. Hurts to see players struggling to grasp a class wargaming reworked to cater to the average player that they assumed to not be competent enough to control 2 things at the same time.
  9. _buki


    你作這種指控你的證據呢? 你把你只是連續100場對戰拿出來套Matchmaking Monitor比對雙方平均勝率跟對戰結果 你現在這不叫討論 這叫造謠
  10. _buki


    全世界玩家那麼多就搞你們幾個? 你就沒連贏過? 原來你就是醉了才會在這邊發這種文 我沒連輸過?當然有,一個禮拜的戰績還是有平衡回來 玩抽卡遊戲沒抽過SSR? 就算一天臉特黑10連輸機會有那麼渺茫嗎?
  11. _buki


    WG連要改低階空母數量都要好幾個月的分房有那麼先進我直接送你階艦船隨便一艘,想像力太豐富是吧? 戰艦玩家勝率中位數也就48% 也就是一般以上的帳號勝率48% 雷隊有場場那不是當然的 你有雷隊友那也當然就有雷敵人,本來就有一般順風場,一半逆風場,到底是在不公平什麼鬼 亞服中官方論壇文版就沒幾個人,贏不了就聚起來自己發明遊戲機制,靠想像力取暖,真的可笑。 你覺得我不可信沒關係,你把你的見解貼到Reddit,英文不行就貼NGA戰艦版,看看除了一起取暖的幾個人之外是怎麼想的,
  12. _buki


    醒醒,人機打個5萬場都不會強的 隨機匹配,本來長久下來你的隊友比較渣的可能性就是50%,按下進入戰鬥的那瞬間已經接受了你的隊友比較渣的可能性 想要從頭爽到尾的還是去玩單機遊戲吧,畢竟是是設計讓你贏的
  13. @Project45_Opytny 分房銅色分到紫金有兩種可能性: 1:他們其中一個積分特意留著不打上去 2.你們其中一對等待時間長了(這種情況下積分低的輸了損失的積分很少,如果贏了得到的分數特多) 不小心送出了編輯一下 : 我覺得官方這樣太乎衍玩家了,之前公會戰時間忽然連線不穩定,趕緊關服然後急忙解釋說是"例行維護" 這是當玩家傻逼是吧? 真的是例行維護怎麼會沒有事先公告,真的是例行維護怎麼會排在玩家最活躍的時間。真的很難讓人買單! 如果官方就說伺服器炸了關服維修道個歉,就算不給補償都不會那麼令人憤怒。 這次公會戰任務就只有亞服被搞,很早就發現的問題就是要等到亞服公會戰剩一個小時了才默默恢復,事後沒有和解釋或道歉,毛服 歐服 美服 都沒又受要影響,當亞服次等玩家是吧? 一直以來WG被人罵的事情我覺得有合理解釋的都會幫忙解釋 釐清誤會,這次我怒了