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  1. UnknowedGenius

    1 Shot killed by torp?

    I used to kill a Colorado with 1 toperdo dealed 50k damage.
  2. UnknowedGenius

    AA mounts and AA guns ?

    I was confused between AA mounts and AA guns. My CV Lexington has the figure for AA mounts 53 and AA is 91 (after upgrading hull). Why my AA mounts reduce from 73 to 53 after upgrading hull but the AA increase from 74 to 91. The question is what is the difference ? Does the AA modification 2 (+20% firing range of AA mounts) actually increase the range of my AA guns ?
  3. UnknowedGenius

    Let's make the game fairer and more fun

    I have 2 fighters and 1 dive bomber. Just tell me if i used their potential. I don't think u can do better then look at the exp, can't even get 1k. It's always lower than IJN CV and that is the fact that you have to admit.
  4. UnknowedGenius

    Let's make the game fairer and more fun

    yes, i am using Fighter config so i have no Toperdo Bombers, but if i use the default config (1/1/1), i am more useless for team. I think u know what i mean
  5. UnknowedGenius

    Let's make the game fairer and more fun

    xD, i thought that was pretty sweet
  6. UnknowedGenius

    Let's make the game fairer and more fun

    And u think i am lying about what i said, have u read what i wrote ? This is the truth, i have no point telling lie and this problem is acknowledged by many players especially US CV players. Let's see if i say right or wrong, i bet you have never played US CV.
  7. As you know, US CVs are earing fewer exps each match compared to IJN CVs. Look at the statistic after this match, [content removed] Meanwhile i got only 824 exps for what i contributed to my team. This problem had been mentioning time to time but WG seem ingnore it. WG should realize and make changes ASAP to make the game more fun and fairer, so people feel be happy to pay credits. Naming and Shaming. Content edited. User Warned. ~Noppers
  8. UnknowedGenius

    Buff tier 6 and 7 U.S. CV

    Totally agree. WG should make changes especially the exp gained from each battle of US CV that much fewer compared with IJN CV. Increasing exp for each aircraft taken down by fighters is a good idea. That's all i need
  9. UnknowedGenius

    Which line should i go for ?

    Cleverland is awesome, CVs tend to avoid them for their powerful AA guns, also protect allies very well.
  10. UnknowedGenius

    I wanted to cry for enemy CV

    Cause i was using antiair setup, i only feel happy when there are many enemy aircrafts
  11. UnknowedGenius

    I wanted to cry for enemy CV

    The MM is [Redacted] bad, WG should fix it ASAP Profanity. Post edited. User warned. ~Syanda
  12. UnknowedGenius

    Dive bomber need to be fixed.

    I made forward approach but the accuracy is bad, automatically dropped 6 bombs but usually 2-3 boms hit the target. Moveover, enemies are smarter than you though, they can wait until you drop all those bombs at them then use the damage control and if you try to conceal your dive bomber near that area to make him unnoticeable about your plan, there will be enough time for enemies CV fighters react and come and sweep out your fleets. Conclusively, it still hard to play dive bomber effectively.
  13. UnknowedGenius

    Dive bomber need to be fixed.

    As the title, it's hard to play Dive bomber effectively. It's automatically drop also terrible, so people trying to make it manually. When i make a nice manual drop, damage hover around 5k-6k but it is not easy to make a dream drop line if not to say it's too easy for enemies to dodge, just simply turn left or right with key Q or E when dive bomber come close. I think WG should make changes such as increasing drop radius or improve the damage. This should lead to changes with the carrier also. According to those changes, IJN CVs are probably -1 dive bomber fleet or they will become too powerful (we could think about a small buff to compensate). This change to IJN CVs also make US CVs become more useful when there is no enemy CV.
  14. UnknowedGenius

    The game is "so balance"

    the tier 5 battleship Kongo drained half of my hp in 1 shooting turn and u think i can take someone down
  15. UnknowedGenius

    The game is "so balance"

    I am the Kawachi tier III with 9.8km maximum shooting range (upgraded) and got in this battle