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  1. Fighting_Temeraire

    Coming Soon: New Features

    I would prefer this line of development to the actual dev blogs ATM.
  2. Fighting_Temeraire

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.11.10

    Why are bot subs appearing in coop and shot gunning 2-3 ships whilst bot dds just run at each other and suicidal ram?
  3. Fighting_Temeraire

    I want your in-depth thoughts on Submarines

    Yep, so in an arcade game? "Fun and engaging" submarine warfare is not, games I played and loved with subs, all are single player, lone stalker, plan carefully, if out of position, disengage, not ram 6 torps into your charging hunters face.
  4. Fighting_Temeraire

    I want your in-depth thoughts on Submarines

    The shotgunning has to be fixed. That's simple, 2km activation range on torps. Hydro / sonar should have a negating effect on homing of torpedoes. If a dd gets into 2km of a sub the sub should really guaranteed die. Damage to subs being equal amongst many classes and not strongly favouring DD shows the absolute poor state of the SS game. I'm really struggling to log in and want to play at all now, some will say, so what, the so what it I was a daily player who was happy to invest dollars into the game, now I find I'm just limiting my games to avoid subs as much as possible.
  5. Fighting_Temeraire

    Wolfpack Ops

    Having studied the Battle of the Atlantic as part of a history degree, no there is no historical accuracy in this scenario. The first thing I saw was a Omaha and Dallas get exploded then targets on rails kept going towards the obvious danger thoughtlessly, pretty crude design. I tried it once, just not fun for me, if fun for you that's great.
  6. Fighting_Temeraire

    1v1 Tier 6 BRAWL

    Anshan is the winner, most DD players seem to think they're safe from the torps that are not actually deep water.
  7. Fighting_Temeraire

    Anniversary Treasure Map Codes

    the videos aren't out yet, the timing is on the Anniversary update.
  8. Fighting_Temeraire

    Submarine Feedback

    The vast majority don't likee nor want the subs, the shills are sounding sillier and wargaming sees a cash cow. I will not spend a cent on a submarine in this game, and I would have spent usually $30-40 per line of early access. I'm fine with subs being in the game, but I think they should have their own mode or an opt out for the other players.
  9. I'm not sure that the subs are the drawcard Wargaming thinks they are, I've done everything possible to avoid playing against them.
  10. Fighting_Temeraire

    Ping since update.

    Exactly what is happening for me, close to making the game unplayable, brawls, operations ranked, coop, I haven't played randoms though.
  11. Fighting_Temeraire

    Ping since update.

    My ping seems to have blown out across all game modes from 30-40 to ~150-300. Anyone else having this issue?
  12. Fighting_Temeraire

    Brawls are a complete joke.

    How do you take a fun game mode, brawls, then turn it into a contest that lets a clan play together against random players and just steamroll game, after game AFTER GAME. 8-9 person divs on discord vs random players, in what corner of the world is that balanced or fun? Fix the mode quickly.
  13. Fighting_Temeraire

    Cannot enter a battle

    It will run in safe mode for me, but WOWS without mods is pretty bland
  14. Fighting_Temeraire

    Cannot enter a battle

    Tried that. Its not working.
  15. Fighting_Temeraire

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.11.1

    11.1.1 has now completely broken the game. I am stuck on a loading screen every time I try to enter a battle.