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  1. Interesting fact's, Though to clarrify the first fact. The I-400 I wouldnt call a quick dive. It's dive time was almost double that of US fleet submarines of the time thus allowing plenty of time for an aerial target to destroy it if spotted and the planes took time to launch, 15 minutes without the pontoons fitted, 45 minutes with the pontoons.
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    HMAS HOBART lll launch today

    Being ex RAN.. Im Assuming you have both been in the Submarine service then as to date that is the only true way for any member of the navy to have had any serious dealings with the ASC. As to over time, over budget. There are factors that come into play that cause such issues. Over time. Well on one hand the initial delivery schedule as grossly optimistic with people in the ship building field telling the government it would be impossible to get a new class if ship built in that time in a ship yard that had never built a ship before. Even an experienced ship yard would have issues meeting the time frame with a new design. Other issues involved poor workmanship on a single block by BAE, But having to train up raw recruits that is to be expected. Navantia provided poor plans, The Rudd government ordered the work be slowed down 18 months to spread it out, A poorly set up AWD alliance having all the companies and organisations thrown in together but no actual entity in charge and only just coming out of another valley of death with no programs worth mentioning since the Anzac class frigate. On the Collin's class none of the actual fault's on them can be attributed to the ASC. The only instance of crappy welds, That block cam from Sweden. Cavitation due to hull shape and the prop shape, Government/Naval brass having it changed after design had been tested then not paying for a new test. Crappy engines, Not even Australian and have had issues changing due to IP right's and law's. In fact ASC had to make a lot of the fixes them selves, They took a crappy submarine and made it great. With the time frame, Well they made one mistake.. They built the first one, And before that was even launched the 2nd and 3rd submarines were well on the way to being complete along with pieces of the remaining 3. Having to fix up parts also meant having to strip down the nearly complete 2 other and all the other pieces, Takes a lot more time to fix a fault if you have gone and built a number of plat forms already. As to maintenance well if people even bothered to read other sources beyond your every day news paper then you would see that the have reduced the refit times down to global standards and more and more boat's are being operational at a given time. Over Budget. True, This stuff does happen and in fact it even happened to the Spanish on the frigate Álvaro de Bazán. For any navy and ship yard not to go over budget when starting a new project is almost unheard of, Happens to every one at one point or another because not everything on a plan can be accounted for and fixing it real world is the only way. What 99% of people don't take into account is with the budget it is in Australian dollar's, A lot of systems, material's and so on we have to acquire from over seas thus we are in the predicament of being tied to exchange rates. With the AUD falling against the Euro and USD costs will rise for us. They also don't take into account the $8b (know $9.2b) AWD project wasnt just for 3 ships. It was for upgrades to ship yards around Australia, To build a dedicated ship yard for it in SA, To buy all the weapon systems and all the munitions/missiles. Once you actually start taking those costs out of the factor (No other country includes them in the costs, Only we do) and account for the exchange rate we are actually doing pretty bloody good, People also seem to think the end cost is $9b divide by 3, When in fact the second ship is on its way to coming in 30% less then that of the Hobart.
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    HMAS HOBART lll launch today

    I know it's meant in humor but people really need to stop blaming ASC for everything wrong with the Collins class and the AWD project. When one actually looks into the factors surrounding each project ASC has actually done better then many others in similar situations.