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  1. HeroOfWind

    Petition to change Drakon233's forum title to "Drakonation".

    I second this as well
  2. Unless they want someone from EU side to apologize? Since the whole fiasco was on EU after all. Edit: I'll let someone else explain who exactly is Spotter in WG since its 1am here.
  3. This was apparently sent to the Chinese Embassy in Britain.
  4. HeroOfWind

    DD captain Mains may have a valid Complaint

    i think these screenshots are self-explanatory about the AP-HE switch in general. (and how bs it is currently)
  5. what i'm trying to say is that if you think you're having a bad streak, take a break (for a few hours or so, or just do something else) and come back later. No good will come out of it if you just keep playing with that streak with no expected changes.
  6. how about taking a break instead?
  7. HeroOfWind

    LOL MM

    Did someone said Match Making?
  8. HeroOfWind

    What is the point of playing?

    Keep trying, you might end up with this if you're persistent enough
  9. HeroOfWind

    The fun and the unfun - some advice

    Hopefully, the upcoming new PVE mode should allow most players to enjoy themselves casually, especially with more than 3+ players.
  10. HeroOfWind

    Melon senpoi as the mascot of warsheeps Asia :3

    We havent seen him for awhile now, so now we need another mascot to chew at
  11. HeroOfWind

    Leaked - Game development

    someone's snapped.
  12. HeroOfWind

    ASIA Q&A, round 1

    Glad to have dev's attention in here. I have several questions: Will Akizuki be given Defensive Fire AA in the near future? Since on paper, she was designed as an AA Destroyer escort, and rightfully deserves it. Will IJN DD ever get back its old HE alpha? This is because dev buffed the RU HE on DD from 1600 back to its 1900 original alpha. Will there be any future similar events (currently, the clash of elements), but with another premium ship as the ultimate reward? Do you like the event on its current state?
  13. HeroOfWind

    World of coward

  14. HeroOfWind

    Radar on Edinburgh.

    if you think its worthwhile, then try it i guess, nothing wrong with trying, right? And you could always go back to smoke if you're uncomfortable with the radar gameplay