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  1. Cantoris

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    #valuetm... Seems somewhat bittersweet to me.
  2. Cantoris

    Most Difficult Cruiser

    But German AP?...
  3. Cantoris

    BB North Caroliner

    You teach those DDs!
  4. Cantoris

    how did WG make such a mess of cruisers

    Kamikaze says no...
  5. Cantoris

    Should I buy Kamikaze?

    Pretty worthwhile as others are saying. Lots of fun.
  6. You earn both from pretty much everything, except for distance travelled and damage taken.
  7. Cantoris

    Independence Strike Airwing - Struggle

    Really good is a small understatement, I'd say somewhat painful.
  8. Cantoris


    There must be too many ADD carrier players...
  9. Cantoris

    Love Secret Santa

    The flags are still useful though. You're only playing $3 or $5 for them, so not too much to complain about.
  10. Cantoris

    Weekend salt is real

    Yeah I've noticed that. Pretty satisfying to get a few easy kills.
  11. Cantoris

    BB North Caroliner

    Yeah, the issues you listed in the OP, if you don't like them perhaps you should stop playing this line. Nothing is going to change.
  12. Cantoris

    how did WG make such a mess of cruisers

    Complain loud enough and someone will listen right???
  13. You know the thing we really need, more supercontainer threads.
  14. Cantoris

    Most Difficult Cruiser

    Pensacola is pretty sad... Citadels for days. The rest of it is pretty uninspiring as well.