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  1. Blitz_Krieg_13

    no connection to server

    having the cannot connect to server box appearing and im having good internet... any idea why this is happening? also not sure if this post is placed here correctly
  2. Blitz_Krieg_13

    Training room

    Any Idea how to enable training room?
  3. every time my clock reaches 7pm my ping goes from -35 to a large amount currently 4k plus ping hate this and ruins the game and others any coincidence here? I mean how would you know if this will be your ping?
  4. Blitz_Krieg_13

    Contest Suggestions

    An all out war with premium ships!
  5. Blitz_Krieg_13

    What would you guys do if you get mad while playing WOWS

    I don't get mad or pissed when playing wows only getting mad and pissed at my family for watching vids while I do ranked battles... worse experience ever
  6. Blitz_Krieg_13

    Add more ships!

    i know that but what i meant is... the idea and also i'm not making them rush things... just some ideas
  7. Blitz_Krieg_13

    Add more ships!

    I think they should add more ships: like the Graf Zeppelin aircraftcarrier for Germany also the admiral graf spee pocket battleship/cruiser... Ise class for Japan... I kept forgetting others but yeah this ships could be good to be added... I think THIS IS FOR SUGGESTIONS ONLY!
  8. I have like Iona and Gunzo commanders and was wondering when to use them also I wish they could do the previous arp challenges again.
  9. Blitz_Krieg_13

    premium shop not listing items?

    mol is okay now but wasted some cash on doubloons... i hate my life... on the bright side i have lots of free exp
  10. Blitz_Krieg_13

    premium shop not listing items?

    it doesn't work it in other internet and it kept saying parameter amount submitted by merchant is invalid but when i try buying large amount of doubloons it show the confirmation screen I think they cant read the amount when its over 1000!
  11. Blitz_Krieg_13

    premium shop not listing items?

    i tried buying the Indianapolis ship on the premium shop with molpoints but it doesnt show up on mol and when i try buying aurora it shows up also note this screen shot is when i try buying Indianapolis