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  1. frognastie

    File Management

    Technical Question - When installing the game, how do you change Drive location, as it defaults to (C) Drive?
  2. frognastie

    Is server down

    yep, after the update
  3. Poor connection last night during CW

  4. frognastie

    Server Connectivity

    Hi All, I am trying work out why my there is such a high ping rate, that goes suddenly up and increasingly makes the my games lag or disconnects? I have NBN, My speed tests run very well (test Constantly), not d/l anything else? Some games are ok, others are pure shit. Tried, rebooting, reconnecting etc? Other online games run no problems?
  5. frognastie

    Brits. dd spoils of war

    That’s a no for the Cossack??? Lol
  6. frognastie

    No British DD's

  7. frognastie

    No British DD's

    I brought my Cossack, and well worth it IMO. cant wit for the rest of the line to come out.
  8. frognastie

    Camouflage not showing

  9. frognastie

    Unable to start WoWs launcher

    having the same issue
  10. frognastie

    Bismarck: Full Secondary build still worth it?

    i silly question, sorry in advance. how do you manually aim your secondary guns?
  11. Agree with the op. Game play and team play is wanting, most people going alone. i had the 2 accounts with WOT, one on the SEA server, but migrated over to the US server.
  12. frognastie

    Torp Ranges v BB

    cheers guys, Iam sort of on the right track. The Crusier escorts are a good idea
  13. frognastie

    Torp Ranges v BB

    I am hoping for a little help. I get cleaned up occasionally by carrier torps (Tier VI <) that are planted in very close to my broadside, that there is no opportunity to evade at all. Does anyone have any tips that may help? I acknowledge that these players are very skilled, and I am currently trying to turn into the planes prior, but in a BB, I just accept that I am going to take 2-3 hits?
  14. frognastie


    This is funny stuff. Does it matter how takes the kill, just win the match.